The Oscars - the good, the bad and the giant bow!

Monday, March 5th

Was Nicole Kidman's giant bow the worst idea ever?! Fashion stylist and blogger Jordan Dechambre is back with good friend and ScottFree Salon owner Scott Yance to talk with Elizabeth Kay about the highs and lows when it came to fashion and hair at last night's Academy Awards.

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So who else is a little exhausted from the Oscars last night but still excited nonetheless because Hollywood. Literally rolled all the red carpet and looks amazing when it Oscar night. It's your host Elizabeth Kaye with fifty shades of cage I would to guess this morning so my favorite. Fashionable stylist people we just got Yancy who is returning on the podcast promised Godfrey salon. And Jordan shot prayed and fashion stylist and blogger who's always here to talk about fashion and the best and worst dressed that's right sort do we wanna start with with the worst we like jump into that. I have a worst dressed jordin would you say you it's wrong you know I don't mean to seem like I in this lake horrid person but I have to tell you there's something about identifying in the worst stress three like tough claw. This is the you know there the arts and I have to tell you lakes some high act term mean that was just that I could not. The fact that that was created for her. I Gucci. Personalize stress exactly would she want and it was a train rack so many sequence so many rhinestones so much going on the rhinestones that was a lot going on with her cleavage it wasn't lean well it was almost collapsing and her cleavage in the right. Correct that's not supposed to announce -- to happen yeah you know and when you think about like always take one thing away but she taken fifteen things away and it fielded about how I felt like with the weighed too much I love Osama kayaking it was just really disappointed he didn't know I have that they like that was my worst hair so her where he snatched the draft I mean with what happened there. And I mean is somebody getting fired today what happened that that was so bad what what was she trying to goal forty I think you know 12 things happens when that something really terrible on the red carpet walks out. Either the star did at themselves and did not listen to a stylist. Or they hired a bad stat list and they really don't know you know it's really it's one of those two things. I don't know which way to as the Salma Hayek I would consider since she's married to the chairman of one of the biggest fashion companies in the world that she probably has an amazing he's adamantly arguing bank but email in it's also I think she spends a lot of track time trying to show off her cleavage and I get that I would too if I had that cleavage. Keep the rest of the look. Simple right by her hair was done by somebody clearly young by somebody it was like a bat like. It doubt look left my salon on prom day yeah I would be so angry like I wouldn't letter leave my salaam looking like and we have moments like every year like hey we need to redo at times like I work right by the stairs three common and out of the downtown salon. And I watch and if there's something that's not right I will definitely stop them and pull them back I don't feel like it's good and stat you just sat out BC don't like Selma hair but was she your pick for worst Shannon woods might pick her and Mira Sorvino this year. Or I did and I. And in light she does comb it when it was wet and have the dry and then Jimmy who really was now that's a good CeBIT from my question was hampered you about hair I noticed a lot less rates here there was from you had let's see musical Kidman understandable. You know out. Now what did you think about that quick revolts to affiliate with each appropriate it was definitely ninety's under part hard generate here. But I didn't feel like it was badly there was show much other all the all styles all the up to sites called up don't yet we're. All that I didn't even mind in like typically I would've liked them like well that's rather boring it's been done so much and you really should of stepped it up for the I didn't. But I think it looked good with the meego and and the clothing you know they weren't that bad I thought they were they can all work together to gather you and there was not a style that we can look at those that. I say one of my worst contrast that I did notice I'll that I think back and it it was Whoopi Goldberg. Oh we've been over. Maybe that's why I thought it was so bad that is because to see aren't as big floral. Dry that was off the shoulder. All of that wasn't what you're used to seem with won't be that it's almost as if someone said hey do this because it's the Oscars she doesn't look comfortable because it wasn't used to see her that makes Steele think that is the dress that she might have sworn in like that early ninety's when she was nominated for ago life like I feel like that would have been appropriate then like it out totally and now it's litigated it was a big celebration of Oscars throughout the year and and through the years and you had Rita Moreno. Wearing the same dress she wore in all exceeds do you view would excel amazingly to do that. But she looks amazing seeing you looked me in her eighties and wearing that dress yeah I started her that just give props to all of the women who were a little bit more makes her who were completely rocking it Jane Fonda looked amazingly great talent out here in yeah. Talent out and say don't hit all these women Laurie Metcalf you know Allison Gianni. Called in to sing it because I'm forty now but I feel like the you're really you know coming in to yourself from a fashion and beauty brought back brides and yes you wanna look sexy beast a bottle of age appropriate also wanna push the humble to say he while look at me right and then you have someone like Nicole Kidman who had. The most controversial drafts of the night hands down our producer loves the giant boulder he had to each I don't know why he'd go in it's he knew it was sad sad to debate. That I actually didn't integrate impossible about it because they wanted to see here and it ended up being 5050. Yeah she only has hearings on doesn't seem to her. Well she winners arts yeah because she has known the only body types in the world. That can win air art secrecy is tall and still hurt me and no she's tall and she's then. And these mean could you make so I should not shut up with because these hips don't lie. Over here so I should not have the well with these tips and that's but there's no. Iraq in a go at it she can do it so she can actually translate art for the runway. Which I think if I did previously heard straight hair were echoed the right places symbol on top of it very simple yeah. And you chocolate that jordin when it comes to dressing and styling and having kind of that balance. One of my favorites I thought Jennifer Garner looked amazing. I think she's not someone I'd pick as like a best dressed because she's always just really cute and she's the go to the store. She looked bang and she looks soul Hyde act cobalt blue cash to Sheila asks to be and stunning I mean I kind of felt like. You know she's the new single lady. Yeah exit she's ushered out on the prowl. You know where that could do you think they are not in a -- to me and I thought the hair is fun her. Yes and that was the view that have been us frantically there was a couple people that have been that that hard side part and in those waves and he has gonna ask you look at is that a thing now Mary nice it's very nice that little of it for me it was a little bit safe but I ran well liked it worked because the booked. Beautiful with yet she was wearing. I'm trying to think wealth at a with a few people who had that Laura adjournment Laura turned down load I'm going up my notes here Scott because Al I had my I was noticing all of these all of the site parts I was kind of attention that. If that was gonna now sort of be a thing actually study had asked me to Marshal Rodney CO Stahl on those are the notes that I had here for the side part I've really low belly kind of almost like wanting this inspired feel to it you know I don't write it I thought it would drain a putt that although I had in it like it was either an extreme side part or in extreme center parts which leg not to go back and NB a solid hire more. Yeah and even straight. You can make crazy like CDs sell your drunken golf hall yeah I did point out. Celebrities they understandably Esteban on the red carpet that every one is criticizing everything they're doing so they know what they're getting themselves into now how does this translate to us regular folks that's why you guys are here what are what are you seeing with trends when it comes colors and styles in front fashion perspective I think that you know some of the big trends the night were already seeing for spring so we receive obviously passed sells for spring what do novel idea but lavender. What in it was popping up on the runway and that you know it with an ultraviolet -- the Pentagon color of the year. The later lavender tone has really emerged as kind of deep pass fell. And they were seen that we're still seem a bit about millennium pink lake stars Iran ends dress how you access the money in pink. And and tons of white which you know Canada and to thesis to the black that we were seen at the Golden Globes. We're seeing so much white we're going to be seeing a ton of weight for spring white jeans are back in huge huge way white pumps the white handbags. So that is all you're a white Letterman. Say hello guys if she so good other part of it on the flip side is that we're also seeing kind of like a lot of like extra wrong looks for women so. Old red or like rock and roll like you know kind of warrior princess like that the gilded look that Jennifer Lawrence was wearing. Or gal get dot likely you know that kind of strong strunk and I think that translated into the here with those late kind of blue line to. Not via and I was in the short or lacks would you agree staff I would fully agree I think last night really showed off the bobs and love a lot in late you said with the hard part I think. Hard part for both men and women yet seen a lot which is kinda cool and like fashion and hair. It's kind of fun because it's kind of becoming a semi automatic now you know and really taking operation from. You know certain merits there's certain things and and really make it quite liberal which yeah which we haven't done for so long it's like kind of fun to do yeah. Had no absolutely and that's what's kind of fun about the Oscars because we're here in the midwest ready to come out of hibernation. We're ready to sees a bright colors I think the Oscars can get as excited for the out of what's to come and what's trending for spring and into some absolutely and I think that the so many actors and actresses that did such a great job last night of kind of wearing their movies few so yeah they cast of the black panther. Lake they were all trails rolling out this late hour right that you're looking gal get gotten you think of the warrior outfits from the super from Wonder Woman yes and how that translated even Margot Robbie with her gorgeous Chanel. But just have a little bit of a figure skater field who have rivalry that little bit of beating on top LL let Medina meat cutter minor little ninety's version of like decorating and she was promoting the ninety's and the right person in history is selling this like that's the kind of the that -- get action now old version of what an ice capades dress would be for the Oscars keynote I mean so I think people are really think about that. And when they're getting dressed yeah out now and with her hair. How it's relating to the movies up there in in the movies that are are kind of the big blockbusters right now as well. Yeah and this is a great stop I know you're still continue to talk of this on social media so anyone want to follow Jordan of everything linked OpenId and I won the mixed dot com and always great at it to Graham and your blinding Q and can really and I'm ever going now there's times I'm like wait what did you learn in post laughter. What are married and got from Scot free salons. You're here last time I asked are you accepting new clients and you are always. Right in downtown the launches attack him not only came up that I 99 won the mixed dot com thank you so much for joining me if you enjoyed this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure you subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of K. Make sure your on your iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than I should be a little button where you hit subscribe. There's also a little button or you can hit review I'd love it if you left review. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of Cain thanks so much for listening.