Oscarpalooza! With a Side of Cream Puffs

Wednesday, February 28th

Dave and Hannah are giving their Oscar predictions and sharing fun facts about the nominees. More beer gets tasted and they give a recipe for homemade cream puffs! Fill out your ballot here and send it in to [email protected] 


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Warning there maybe some swear words. Enjoy. Hello and welcome to another episode of dish with Dave your post and of course I am joined by Hannah. The mother of my cats yes cats because. We got another kitten yeah. Dale. Drag. The best. Of our famine now that made it is happening. Minority investments. They play all time Miami Indian it. As. So he says here he's gray and black. I can talk at all day lock this guy out pictures predate Ulysses epic it and you can check him out on my if demand. Is at mix producer Dave check out on my FaceBook is the account slash producer didn't radio. Question is there anything better and now. But this podcast about kittens. It's about. The Oscars the after the coming up this weekend stay in ninety. Date is already an idea I ask that is eating will be. Well now. Never will they ever be done with the Oscars because it's tradition you know you don't mess with tradition. You can feel a lot of ballot and I and I have eased about a ballot. On the bio for this episode there's a link. To print out about it if you want to send a ballot and to dish with Dave at Gmail account. And I tally up the winners and the winner will get it. Policy and we're gonna go through the hole on that as a gonna go to the mainland about the best picture best actor best actress supporting actor best supporting actress. Best director. We're also gonna have another beer tasting because these Beers adjustments and they picked up that's what. I picked it out with help from the guy and the league is all right let him suggested so there's a completely unbiased opinion all is not on biased opinion. Equals. And we're gonna give you a recipe for. A delicious delicious does it. Because pastors prize and Oscar parties and we always an Oscar party. A lot of delicious food and a regular rest receiver. Desserts. Which history buffs it's a finger oil alert it's cream puffs you gotta love a dessert would be yeah. Yeah. Yeah now that crack down. Now aides. Fascinating break. So let's start with. Let's talk about before and go to the awards and a question. Are you upset that Wonder Woman wasn't nominated for anything. It's. Are you upset do you think the snubbed. You know you not mention I think about them because first of all. Yeah while it. Could do that and get out. Yeah that really has only eight. I mean I mean like visual effects given sound mixing something like that an awful it is I mean superior DeLeon I'm sure and many low aren't here. The first time ever for Logan been adapted for adapted screenplay and it's been claim yes that's the first time ever that that was a great movie. Anyway it's about one of the great movie when it was great I enjoyed it art and Alex is. It is where the guardian again accident. It. See that's something like that as you can't do that. It was Brill and I didn't say that the movie. It's luster movie. I Gail. Got out shooting night Gail get dot Larry's saying that not edited I mean casting comes some and whatever amount they gotta I just thought I'd ask you that because. I feel like a lot of people are upset about I mean how do you mention. So our group Clinton and buttons I think Aaron and dimensional to me meant the man had mentioned that you saw. Or just. Go right in the best actor. But that is the good award nominee. Government. Gary Oldman is second nomination. The darkest hour activity shall I met the twenty loses first nomination for a call by name. In a Day-Lewis. Phantom threat is sixth nomination. He's already got three wins. In Libya from my and get out the first nomination. And then I'll sneak it in Everett and eight nomination can't. And you'd think. Roman Esquire and not a lot of people but he's got a cool wrote a movie I think he's got way. I don't think it's very interesting to watch it did we it's actually have enough capital and we only I'd get out out of the category. That's true but second I can about what I think is a nine dollar following the you know we added we did better in there we didn't. But on that about that though this the first time. He's been nominated her back to back. Pastors and a lesser offenses and the first time a black man as an act native back to back. Best actor nominations. That's awesome that's. Great that mark on back in another category that are gonna get to. Octavia Spencer. That same feet. Back to back. In figures last year shape water this year for electing him to be nominated by back to back. Which is great. Yeah. Anyways but I mean that's crazy exit Philly before knowing there are so like. Actors. It. Problem economy. The array a guy anyways not that one. Eight I had it. Much about him is in the Alitalia. Gail is gonna win. At that's what I'm saying Gayle my choice because let me tell you he's playing with Churchill yeah. Big year for. Churchill Churchill Albert and British gently go one I mean we're playing Churchill. Gale it is amazing reservation. At it for every early in the chameleon Alley and he's not a guy I never memorable. If you British or American. Never remember that Brit he could. Not everything he did. He address it. He fifth element crazy Leon. Crazy. An eighth crazy. Mantra that you crazy. He's away and he's never won before he also a fun fact about this movie off on that everywhere. He smoked 20000. Dollars worth of cigarettes. In this production process as it met its hooker. And got nicotine poisoning and we'd better win the Oscar. Honestly most. Of the game they Lewis you know he's normally. Is nominee wins in the final roll these days advertisement list. Op. He's got an Allen side so it and his career with three wins. And six nominations who he thinks now going to use. Again adding any date nickel and get out. Mean while out of every I think he did the best. Aiding and they dated and that it had the good but the more I think about it I didn't as much in the attic the app. I think I mean I think. I needed it out and it is. Now. In the page and aliens. You into movies Susan lady bird as well in encode a name yeah. Actually solid bird you. He was that did not affect just dug up it let up multiple movies Michael Bloomberg who's not noted for anything. But he's in he's the first actor since my favorite possible actor of all time. Possible favorite. What are caused John C. Reilly. Within three movies nominated when Chicago gains in New York in the hour we're nominated economical schooler. Isn't shape the water the post. And call it by their name which are nominated for best picture fun facts on facts fun facts. Larry Altman pilot Michael Schubert you grand Fargo go watch that show. I think Gelman. You say in you know Coolio. RD butting heads out of the next. Best actress. Nominees are Hannah taken away. That Hopkins. Shape of war second nominee. From that McDougal and three double. Nomination. Month. High and finished nomination. The pressure and needed it. That nomination and she's only 23 years. Merrill Streep the east. When he fires happening O I I are you kidding the most ever. Well honey bears navigation but she won three times think about that at. I get an accurate and unannounced. House. Yeah well also the supplemental reports about college did you win for toddlers product which is crazy. She won where. Kramer Kramer. It. If you do not have to diet does it matter immune to it because she's into its own she actually she. It's crazy she's really isn't an entity inherently pizza from it isn't in there and she. 80 I am DD credits. OK eighty UniCredit as an actress. Some other TV shows. And at the detention in rafters and she's been nominated 21 times. So at 25%. Of the things that she ever made professionally. She's been nominated for an award for. Ridiculous for an Oscar got our our portfolio and everything he's ridiculous. Ridiculous. So. I think who's gonna win this one. Deborah and now this. And certainly not even have to talk about it there's going to be your second to their second lynch you want for Fargo also. Yeah. I'm and it sounds dumb but that was a. It's a whirlwind of Oprah got great just like you could. You couldn't stop looking at it I mean stop watching it you're just so intense that she's I mean all speech is you get all the award Saturday given that you're so intense I can't. It he says Hewitt Islam she seems like she is. Though. And Mildred Mildred. She's like it's her she's like that's like Ross southern accent is like yeah I'll see she. All the pre billboard is the movie every orange needs to see it so. And in fact about it regular grip on that back conflict. She's one of sixteen women to win an Emmy a Tony and an Oscar which is awesome to see that as Sony. Cross platform yeah. You know that's Atlantis. On man well we almost saw herb. And help where do it came here we've waited till it it's apparent and this this area it. Haj Condit and men hold of the story because have been seen and anyway Stan grant movie that's I think she's gonna win. When you're social fund backed out if you look at this bundling and and this is the first. Time enough agents in violation a lot of other top students and and the last time a new character. She sings the song spoiler. It's weird. She. Last time a mute character. Was not ever Oscar and a and a sound movie. Was Holly Hunter. And she won. So Beck could beat. Good scientists are. When he talks and talks an artist but doubt about the salad similar sound and seen and they want also so maybe being silenced the way ago. I don't know sat out this week and this one out there like Sally Hawkins I'm really into everything it's seen and I yeah she is getting it she's the best part of that movie. Yeah true. Adding there like I'm glad I did enjoy the movie. Yeah that would island area but yeah that's my back better off the short doron and Irish I don't know that you born in New York. And then moved to Ireland used three. They came back. And you've been on it for three Oscars she's 23 at all what we do that Hughes an atonement. The creepy. Is amber heard that. Lady bird the great movie also. So we're on the same page there France's diamond. Are rowdy issue related and I went and another really five great perform. We're assemblies wars where are sitting on the post. Announced yet you good news now I like a world where like. Meryl Streep doesn't. Right well I mean clearly she won three of the twenty wants a husband Jesus wanted. It but it's just my. I feel I pray for contact with the help. If they lose it yeah I was in the Q what he won three out of his music which means you ask the question now I because. Where is that now going to be around. So we ask you. Who's the better welcome I'll do it can be you do that retire in. That is just jump in here do you glanced media you get some alone time away from daily Lebanon. Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep who's gonna put out of the better actor of all time the book at three us here's to their name but Melvin made 21 times. It. I mean she's she's. I think she's already down and ministers yeah that's as you do as a gondola activities. It's too much for me sometimes be honest. And governor thinking I don't think that it's. Gotten so quiet you Sosa and she and I'm not ashamed at a couple things. Think gain New York. Also partially again. I 12 Ellington and I saw there'll be bluntly our out of the five dollars a movie light again too low. On phantom threats like a three hour movie. Like I messages dresses. Like a little weird to me. Anyways moving on to part inactive. Again another green category. Man these are Sam Rockwell. Offers nomination but bout time. And I believe it and I am a player and I and a favorite to win ugly wins O for three billboards yep. Also nominated for a period of lord your way Woody Harrelson. Third nomination. Or wouldn't get three comes to the reason being and you know it's huge honor to yeah. Well wait opens what are your elephant suit and you're dug up. Also nominated. Richard Jenkins chaebol water. Rejecting you know that. Is your second step brother. Ruckus. Is over. That's not that great movie that'll go watch that Brothers you know the death via their. The second nomination. Willem Dafoe. Low global play Milwaukee with. Appleton. But he graduated from UW. Third nomination for him well. I'll let alone to vote. And below a wide smile. On his greatest allies. Saints. Awesome stuff and then. Christopher Plummer which. There right now if you win this award is hardly any any person out there and act advocated that movie where. What was the movie called all the money in the war. All but I think that's why I guess that nine days he had ninety's the work. And it's not at Astor and he's the oldest ever to win an Oscar already. But I think it's not like it we're gonna win people be it well obviously that's why he if I had taken over roll with nine days. Moved it. I wouldn't want to Sackett plumbing are now waiting Sam Rockwell Atlanta yeah. Not a good mood for Sam Rockwell if you don't really know who it is. You can galaxy quest. Sentence like a pass was another environment of the movie who wrote three Dillard's he's great Nat but. Confessions of a dangerous mind. Hitting jab. General and Angelo and. Confessions of a dangerous mind is George Clooney's directorial debut. It's about Chuck Berry who invented the TV game show some real story supposedly had this secret life. And a dangerous mind it's wild go watch it it's like FB IA. Crazy stuff. Anyways Sam Rockwell also and three billboards his character is like. Biggest dish that. All my it'll word I love my girls like that would likely be the. Vaults like England. That fleet will be placed so far off yeah you as a human being our people know you dads that's how you win let's just like yeah. It's just committing to being the villains brightly great movement and that's a great transition and his according matches because. Allison Janney. Play is the biggest jerk of human dean or on the honorable daughter. But she's drink yeah he's he's probably gonna win you can't look away it's like a train wreck. But it somewhat agreed on rock well last race for supporting act well yeah it's going to be hammer early Austin so good movement on. I actually Allison Janney it is her first nomination surprisingly. But. She's been nominated for thirteen Emmys and once evidently I'm predicting her first win. I also nominated Laurie Metcalf in lady bird. Which all semi name that order yeah. Better intentions via the way better and then and I tiny tablet although blood Laurie Metcalf spurs nomination but she's got. Three and he wins and like eleven Emmy nominations as the battle as the battle between any winners. On the difference between them though is that lake out and anyone bond for the west wing and now she went from job. And I Metcalf want her aunt is really different shows it is guest spots. Different anxiety grows and you want a couple for a Mary. Nominated for mud down some Netflix movie. About you also the first person to ever be nominated for acting. And some rain. Madonna seriously Netflix. All the time and it's been nominated for an Oscar yeah that's awesome. At all over Netflix. And realize they came out. Which is in other stuff and up into the flag as actually brown. Next nominee but ESR and who she is in the phantom threat to Daniel Day-Lewis and who issues and she's Gary Coleman's ex wife. How crazy is that new. She's not gonna end I. And I'll also look at that earlier Octavia Spencer it's her third nomination. We're just out of Viola Davis for most nominations. For black female. And back to back. Just like Denzel. She has great should water honestly. Again I didn't really got back to back though but what did she skipped a year and she skipped a couple of years you. Are 14 or seven years ago urged. You. The. And create an issue that the best part of that movie as there are good parsley don't accuse the act of eight I just with the movie. Break it really is it was a confusing journey. And we agree done. Thousand. At that epic that offers them first and. I mean and they like this has produced what happened and all the awards shows does dealer I don't think that any real exports this year. It's because everyone was really good but there's just who the one that was better. Whenever I talk about wrecked so we'll to the big one the big picture. This picture on a late we got directors. Rendered. Right. I pray we get Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk which also feels like forever ago but what the long time ago read any good late thirty words. Yeah looking Jordan PL get out Greta girl went differently bird both fifth time nominees for. Fifth black men in fifth woman. The year fifth column fund fund a fund bought Paul Thomas Anderson for Clinton thread really that's a piece in the movie and item he closed news. And he atom. And why aren't. Let me tell you won an Emmy. And Golden Globe rate and in this in this. Well who you think willingness. So I think it's gonna be and it. I think it should be ago it I think I agree with you there I think labored to really get it. Should be should be. The thing you think you're only way you like it. It should be. No I'm saying that you know. That. It was strange means she's cool and that's my pick to also a big believer in really good and it. It was just like a coming of age movie that there's no. Big. Thrills and frozen. Egg production value two legged ticketed and made them like in. Can't cheap. Camera and you know there's like a story of a grown up in those early interest in in really well acted yeah. And I think it should land adult humans. Yeah yeah tomorrow the thing was able garlic. It's cool it's just so weird like this way to a magical realism at lake. Fantastical scenes yeah I made. Added that production elements that led to regular. Yeah. It just keep it because it was cool. That way doesn't make school movies and that it's cool but I just I don't know I hope I hope it wins leading Baird. Logical watch that movie and they go on to the best picture nominees nine nominees. Nine avenues. And I tell you we see all of them police I am. Six of them violent violent. Good call by name darkest hour Dunkirk get out. Lady bird phantom thread the post the shape of water three billboard outside and in his. Based on the five that we saw. What are you say it's three parents got to be pretty billboards which is crazy. That he was nominated for best director. But what about it and best screenplay because he wrote the screenplay but back about the directors is the first time ever that all I've director nominated had something to do with the writing of the movie. It at that should be. So anyway it's pretty billboards on back I'm back I'm back three billboards. It's just a fascinating movie. Is just acting is great need you laugh you cry. You get all the fields in the movie is yes the story about a mile launched justice for her daughter. And it's a high and that is exactly it it fits well into the data aides though are in right now. And having the other movies are good get out is that I go back and forth on how much elected I love Britney Whitbread. It Rick billion Addison. But labored great. Shape water. One at least they're gonna in the movies I enjoyed Dunkirk. But the movie is so long ago and there are like thirty words and it's also one of those like heady movies that you can't watch and read my favorite part about current military style of the here at. I'll spank it hey hey Arianna and cool talents. So there's our main pigs we ask you as a wrestler posted. On dish would date DEC. With this episode. Send yours and also I wanna see how Ireland does look Valium up in all that fun stuff. But I wanna drink some beer now Anna yeah I'll just talk me thirsty. So the mayor. It's called. Locked down. Scotch jail but spotlight lack legal Loch Ness Monster. From Arcadia ills Arcadia. Brewery or something in Kalamazoo Kalamazoo and it's 8%. 8% alcohol focus up. As far as so I don't know it's there's a Scott jail I don't know what that means. I don't know I don't know like this. It was like a dark feared any thing he just said it was news. Soledad told me as smooth as he sold right away so. There. And a winner for dance. Under. If they laid a rotten. Liquid of some sort of its. If spoiled. Like get. Us. Even in the lake in that it makes our. I like it. So I don't don't drink that's got shelved it like earth hour. Porter it is. Now as successful the last it tasted. But you are finished and I mean it's Oprah is active. Don't like that dollar that case so all of the lion will be during that the cast his vote. We cannot boot. Under that sure everything to make yet. You know we make finger food basket after being masses ET so like quick sliders. People of corn dogs. Shark who records. He's a blanket remitted chocolate salami when you're out of it wrong. The savior image salami was such a lot of it is adequately Kane had a it. General political. Power share it was fun. So art but I digress. So we're gonna get your rest do for cream puffs. Easy. But also technically hard. A shoe pastry is what a creep up is. You'd do rate in the beginning and then he should have no problems later and race like bacon ham and Phil and I and that's not hard that you just have to nature. It's a weird kind of dough because you heat up the Blair and the flower. On the stove first read you and Florida boil and then you add in the flower and beat. Intel makes what literally looks like Plato. Comes apart from the sides of the pan athlete no lights yeah I want to salsa and stuff and you instantly throw it into. A mixer or global rate and down mix yourself lately. Exit sign one at a time so you gotta wait locals that was put in hot. Current hot. Like batter and called eggs. And gets write the Utley got instantly needed to cool it down before it could exit and so it. One couple water. With half couple butter. Witches and stick of butter boil that go to a couple flour 1212112121. Happens. And N with its taste for eggs one at a time. And you gated did go and you type into little. And might seem loud and it's that's it it makes it. Big corporate like twenty minutes 45. Hard. The crisp up. And knew that with. We that if you can sit with treatment and execute those two questions that several cream beat it by hand orbit with a electric mixer that is a day. Best. One make it. It measured partly commendable. It. He does and to show off muscles in its sweat and he got a powder sugar and you got a little bit like an open market as it may make some Vanilla. I think yeah. It's a good idea of the bull party than those at the casket cream pop so they have it. Oscar cast oh with a good this year 9100. You can post back to back years the other back to back. Bad back acting up on. Oh the right. To there's no mistakes name in the winner's. Alone lower birthers are sure. Again in all of this episode. Sent it to dish the day at Gmail back and how the scores. They listen and enjoy it. It's. You. I hope you enjoy it if you didn't enjoy it you could go subscribe. To engage with Dave it's really go to your podcast. Search dish with Dave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at the mile and I would really like the valuable in the next time.