Oprah Speaks About Social Media!

Wednesday, June 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about Oprah's recent comments on social media.

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Oprah Winfrey talking about social media and cheaper for really interesting points that is coming up in a moment here at the top news Elizabeth and radar and rely from the Kessler's damage center studios on 99 point one the mix at 610 things I haven't suns' morning well overall pre nup about the Pasadena bowl with Anthony board game and Kate Spade and she has a new series on her own network called love is a blank. And Oprah was talking extra about these recent. Suicides along with the deaths of anyone and she says. It teaches us something in that we all can learn from she said whether it's a famous person or names that we don't know every death this year teaches how to live better. Every death this year remind us of our own life and the value of it I like that put fish Eagles on the talk about social media. And she said the pressures of social media. And just society in general have a lot to do with the way people feel about themselves because she said quote. Everybody is trying to maintain a standard. That cannot be held. Yeah. She's totally right about it there are certain people now that are doing post on social letters sane. You know instead Graham polished reality Collison right Alia Clinton and move the stuff in the background. The delay just right put a filter on it don't let my doggie in the shot because the dogs via money your dirty whatever look at this and I beautiful kitchen handing Gaza. Does it looks like now reality does put pressure on people like totally agree with that. We are so I'm doing a podcast later today with the couples counselor. And I asked listeners I said hey if you could talk to couples counselor ask them any question. Senate byways semi private message no real names will be used we've received a bunch of really great. Questions is no relationship is perfect and we always could improve in some ways. But there are some really really heavy stuff going on people's lives and then ice I'm getting this through FaceBook so I'm seeing their faced a picture. Is all rare since there's our. I'm making hard listeners all this everybody's buying it yeah social media really is your high and only now. Well that's because right there's so much pressure to like you know keep the lights get people to comment on your page makes you get more friends of followers. And people I feel like I think that if you don't. Portrayed this perfect for us out of the life. No I don't want you think back in the game and my mom and dad used to say oh let's look at the vacation pictures and invited neighbors over in dealing noble he Rio won victory after another Italian and I am at night and I thought -- that and I am and now the neighbor can be just sit in on the toilets gone through all year vacation photos number you want in Australia wherever. Where we want to put him. Yeah I totally. Put it it is just interesting that what social media Felix has done our psyches it really doesn't and I think that's why duplicate so anxious now there's anxiety. So many people are doing and anxiety issues. I'm put on social media. Yeah I mean look at many people are trying to social media all the time they're anxious to see this anxiety people assistant bill that the anxiety that you don't even know you have problems and check intends Cody attendance net Genentech and everything or you're out with friends that only wanted a picture wanna posted reenact the feeling and your vast nearly a dollar early line in right efforts are now on social that you do ladies win it now I like the light and try to get try to get try to get what to expect it would be funny though it to look at everyone's phone them all the politics of. Probably aliens rightful and Tyler Moore barrio at FaceBook dot com slash Mason all. I'll gamers own the media.