No More Texting While Walking!

Monday, July 17th

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave go through another round of "Real or Fake Headlines"


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Time for real or fake headlines. It lasts. It yeah now everybody listening who's an outside. On the sidewalk across the street on their cellphone we've all them that's right. So is this real or fake. New Wisconsin law makes it illegal to the end cell phone while crossing the street and at the Israel as Israel to. It's fake. Fake fake fake in Wisconsin for now. But more more places are actually turning this and the line that believes in new York and Chicago and eleven the latest now Honolulu city the city the City Council this week voted 720. Defiant residents got Eckstein are using their mobile devices while crossing the street connect to my husband works hard WIs and twelve of my Marquette. There's times I'll meet him for lines Charlotte to switch cars to drive over there. And dental schools over there and I think that's what these students are as Rollins scrubs. Almost a dozen times I've almost hit someone but not my fault because these students are on him Collins. Just trusting Wisconsin avenue and an attention to the street lights not to attach and traffic snapping into and across. Crops and you know I noticed that there clustered in the bikers there for game. People thought there yeah they do that Rwanda I'm in trouble. Of course you would I have in trouble I was to hit them it's walking when they allowed law which wouldn't be surprised. This really be a thing because people are so distract especially a broken angle was a things. Still thing than ever almost like an anti now anymore and I think anymore. To play in people do. And more than did you of course that. Of course I did you understand that wants the country thinks that no one of the stupidest people around right now Ali yeah there you go reluctant deadline. It's wrong with you did.