No More Homework????

Tuesday, August 1st

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave discuss a school in a Florida that is eliminating homework.


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How would you feel if you found out that your child's school district. Got rid of hallmark. Think I would be happy about it the dateline. My. Home workers not just punishment for the kid it's punishment for the parents. It's it's like I get yes when I went through this what's mile and I don't wanna have to sit here and much of a former cabinet. So USANA make it two or three hours of homework because that is an even smarter sucks for my life so please don't do that to me secondly. We walked away from here at the end of the day and tonight at 5 PM you have to sit down write a review your bosses everything you did would you like. I was network for eight hours as wanna go home and not have to think about I think about it homer or doesn't make you smile that's a kid's job they are working great school for eight hours they don't make him go home to more. But they do say that homework is more about. Making sure that it's a review of the know what they're doing for the rich are talking about is because. Elementary school students in Marion County Florida off. Florida art and more free time this year because they are getting rid of homework instead though they're gonna have to do some more daily reading. And actually james' court was talking about last night on the late late show. High school district in Florida is eliminating homework. For all the schools students this year. Yet not on what it sold part of Florida's Mike sort of throw harder again come back. How did your. Students are already read in effect that unfortunate. Students intense right. All of wrote in his own.