New Star On The Walk of Fame!

Wednesday, December 6th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about The Rock's Hollywood Star of Fame.


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Tiger popular support and can grads took a rock Dwayne Johnson and get in his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now Chris today's semi this text yesterday and my response was yeah. How does he not already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame I mean not only easy to watch movies and I mean we all know what you do is rustling. And wrestling is real folks let me tell you ranked I was real honest I was at the Bradley Center Roth think it was. Eight years 2001. In January. When the rock was there all wealthy. I owned the place on. That's ready that actually gonna start a high quality athletic as he's done so much of a star on the Hollywood logged into my head the opposite. In response to you guys. Does a lot of Atlantic weren't you know I mean he does what and why you're you don't think he should get a start I mean what was done and introduce your day right. Mommy yeah the original money franchise use in the chest and Darius will this people like Angelina Jolie you don't even hand national championship. Idols all day watch that while some Microsoft. So keep basically wrote a check for like fifty grand did you just aren't as it does cost money gonna. Philosophy and yet they say that it's harder to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame then this be nominated for an academy war. Really yeah. What do you say I don't really know nothing I. Lot of space on the sidewalks and happy very relaxed and. Showed it week that we get more people are gonna happen knock down a building it marks one pill gonna have to go look for more wrestlers get in here. I'm more arrests liar I don't know how he does he's he's right and he's also the hardest angle in Hollywood he started enough. Already this morning and it's got to the gym three times radar what have you done blood that you just aren't Hollywood Huckabee then I'm not here coming. It's gonna take another day off gives his sexiest man alive. Yeah he's an action superstar radar leaving action movies you think of the Iraq now he has definitely embody that or Ricky dry heat.