A New Pill For Men?!?!

Tuesday, March 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the prospect of a male birth control pill.


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So I suppose we should say adult conversation maybe just a plan have to answer questions right now on the carbon nothing early inappropriate it's gonna be said is I have no clue what we're juries in their because. So it has now been confirmed in the talks for a while US news and world report rented a story here. That that male birth control pill may be on the market sooner than later because his new pill. DME fuel has been tested it very well in every trial and it's proving to be seen. And effective so they're looking to put on it could just dries is not birds only detective bill. Well yeah it dries things out okay basically. I don't know assigned would do as I can't remember my pants half the times I don't know how and remember to take a pill every day. Producer Dave. Because I'm not opposed to it I think it's why not. Women everything happens to women realistically and like the cycle of life right. The other thing birth control pills then let things happen then had to deal with that men don't deal with. One thing that a man has a deal it taken until it's not that bad are you kidding me. And I love. Where producer David where were your head's at lake your heart all that's in the right place they did that but I with radar exams rhyme like. My husband cannot remember where he's he's our sometime right I'm gonna put will we only get pregnant pressure. I'm someone else I would take that action and myself visiting you know what's gonna happen they're gonna now Agassi even more before you over the. Did you did you go did you think about and yeah. I don't understand is you we have given them no. No faith in many years that I think until correct me that personally I had no idea that did it Saudi time. Doctor guy. Just like from everybody knew is that you wanna being controlling it on player man to do it. How wanna dig and drove it also got to make sure that my hero friend is taking the pill are. That is fair but I just feel it when it comes to that everyone should just take care of their own self image that regard because you just don't know hole. You just don't know and I feel like women. In most cases are a little more proactive to making sure that they take this pill because like you said more happens to us physically when it comes to renting the baby. Well and you're not gonna have them both take the pill RU because you know what's gonna happen the guy's gonna screw that might have taken the girls and then everything's gonna how many are there just seems story out. And boom and everything else does Seattle got sick of becoming a pharmacy near you.