Name Your Baby...With An App?

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave talk about a new baby naming app. 

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Well. You look into you name your baby. May not have to get a book there's a new app that's out there that can help you out and pressure now. There was always look in the name of baby and one time or another my niece just had a baby she kind of went through this too but. We at this new app or gonna tell you about ten healthy 99 point one mixes Elizabeth and radar I'm producing data and it seems that there's an app that. For everything there does seem like there's an app for everything and this is called can either. Is naming a baby isn't a lot of our way yeah it is it's it is. It just it's like yell at you throughout names you to join his family name into the this is like easier this isn't at its called candor you can download it. He's going to two player of the App Store and value to do is tight and boy or girl or don't know yet and they culpable whole bunch of names. Four yet whether it's you know the US swipe left. And say yeah like that on our known he's like right it's just like Tinder to this called candor so it. Do you put it Liggett a disk encryption of what you're baby looks like this -- and you have the kids yet this before you the four unions literally what is do is take you a list of names that you could get humbled. And giving you option by op plummet as opposed to just having a list in front and it also with the news put in a last year last name. I'll see how it gringos see hollering is that the name also so you can put that I could just you know sail out ode. Jonathan and Justin Stein that sounds all right we'll keep that in the bank did it but the app due to fiasco just enough just into the zone work. The that's gonna do all the work let the up do all the work man it's called candor jump on it right away he said my niece's baby. Like the couple months ago named Tyler Anthony now. Did they use the up. They did not easy but I believe they took the middle name after their favorite uncle who's on the radio at the next that the app would've never known. The outlook never known or think that the maybe maybe the what does that radar as an Anthony exactly the apple to pick radar go to you know on you Anthony that's our cities and I had a holder said that this is this done he should use the app and app would have been much better on looks like when I have kids. They're name will be picked by an app all uncle radar gonna help the out your pick the app it's called hinder not Tinder hinder. I'm telling you be put to use this and it's gonna be awesome.