The Naked Robbery

Tuesday, August 1st

Another round of "Real or Fake Headlines"


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Producer and studio time for real or cab lines how far would you go for fame and fortune what you knew how far would you go who you. This story real or fake. I don't know I don't know yet is it Florida bank robber strips naked and run down street tossing money to launch. He's comedian's career. Real. Only because he's a Florida and Israel. Could. Well place. And that Israel. Yes that is true you toy five year old Alexander unions fervor of this murderers are there or watered mail charges. Read Ford Mustang. Near Irving went and rob did the teller in 4700 dollars. And his plan all along was like stripped on a school just throwing money industry deaf people hackable as the cash chemicals red dye packs and it. Sony ran out exploded. That anybody could see that's a robber right there that got this ink dial them so we dropped just fully and faster. He was arrested though guys and he said he was trying to begin his careers comedian and launch his career okay he is charged with one count of bank robbery that does that idea. As they get that they'll hold running UR Della street's naked drug money is that would be like oh boy okay disguised in music to start up your career with a felony is usually not. And the and I was gonna give the money back it was just part of doesn't matter they still committed the crime was just a felony grade morons can't do it covered in red. The next real or fake headline do you remember years ago. The cubs fans Steve Barton and dad that interfered with that ball and forget the cubs lost that game not interfere with it and I know it really catchy I now. People are saying he did and it was probably need to act for him in 2003 because no engineer around reject cubs at such a horrible horrible hundred years of baseball and so here's how to why we're talking about Steve Martin today is this real perfect. Cops do you and Steve Hartman a World Series for Israel. Really a middle. I real real real elite and there's been thirteen years between that October 2003 night and the cubs have released a statement. In behalf of the entire organization they presented him a 2060 World Series championship ring. Because they hope that provides closure to a unfortunate chapter of the story that has perpetuated throughout our quest to a long awaited World Series I was watching subtle for the cubs for doing that. I was gonna say I was watching this yesterday and ESP and it's his apartment on the centering and everything and I was like for once my -- hate the cubs and I think that the worst organization and sport that being said that was once Imus like I give them credit is it that man lived I've watched specials on him on ESPN I mean that dude lived through hell when he had almost yes actually do what. Yes it going Heidi people made his level being held as planned act every Gleason right and it won't call that I from candidate in there talking about it right made his life a living hell that I was like good for the cubs that was that's like super cool me any guy that's going to be listening to the game while watching the game you want to I don't even want to look like that big of a deal.