The Mystery Holiday Card!

Thursday, December 14th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about a holiday card Elizabeth received, but she doesn't know who the people are...


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What do you do you receive holiday card from a family that you don't know. It's. Like dissent in random guards out but it's addressed to you know okay. And bizarre it is really desire I need to be wondering here the holiday cards or start a shot at the Hollis and I love it and I have this little. Cute little like. Boxing had put him in NC can exit by the fire and go to the cards and everything I am so what are the holiday cards. And also had a really nice card showed up now mind you there was no return address on them. Some people don't do that is easier to one address on the stamp and send it out share addressed. To me not to my husband Tony. Youth not to anybody else wasn't and it's. Rich Jaffe their dog rainy and there signing Xavier and I don't know who the hell these people are I'm glad he didn't say it was radar. Tom Ricks and cast the NC near end and their dot Grammy brandy yup at a couple pictures of that in front of it looks like a holiday display rich can't be Grammy you're listening on the does the dog 4147991099. Are. Are you even let him be you know I went to FaceBook and I there's no the thing is the last name because there was no return address it's easy people's first name. The really nice Merry Christmas so look it up I mean up Richard on Facebook. Can't match the face and looking up at it's Kathy so as Catherine and Kathleen. Look they're up no idea who's there in the postage stamp on there than yes was lucky that it's. Who are these people can't help there's probably a lot of riches in Milwaukee cannot sit there on the line with someone a holiday card yet I don't know whatever. You sit there and study them for like twenty minutes in just stare at them and see if it would kind of bring back a memory in your mind set a screen shot to my husband I said who are these people. Who's up who's this doc I don't know what these people are a buzzword an holiday cheer but I just don't know vice somehow ends up on the wrong list I don't know. So right list I feel bad because they're not in a cart and return to I don't know who. I thought tis the season.