My House is Haunted! - Part 2

Friday, October 20th

Listeners call in to let Elizabeth & Radar know about the ghosts living in their houses.


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Cooper is here. I'm for fear. Scare you silly to. All right take a deep breath. Free is scary stories Gary's mom in the air it's Halloween time. So we want and. Haunted house. Sherri what is your house likes. Gosh I had little kid's spirit from my college he had. I am not hitting my needs I felt bond within my hope that he was under way I would any bad anyway did you guys have good. Those kids and how can you relate what you're talking about you don't look at them but they were little children can't bring all over the inside of our window in winter. And we were freaked out about it we're like oh my actually took pictures that he and great. And one of my friends who is ironically a psychic she says 00 gosh let me show you though. Fifty enlarges the little kid can't print and there's children's aid center. Where are the fingerprints are there. Oh yeah. So theory has and that and at least that we're telling the story that somebody it was so Lamar rec room completely aware how. You know not get to know how but I knew to live PR and all the sudden we hear school bells ringing off areas in the kitchen and I said oh my god. Did I hit with every Conan might bow because it was really loud and it got louder you know so I started going up air. And I realized I don't have a school bell ringing ringing college but like apple the capitals fear totally scared. In my friends like I'm getting the hell out here it she went running not just here. And then that somehow went to the big Macs well we just were. All I. OK all right you just whose real story you just gave me goose bumps right now in case you're really hurt enough trust. Think you are always pick as they go from buckeye. One last goal line you're on the houses Jennifer berg UN goes living with you. Yes we didn't hit rock gave. I'll match my daughter was told he had to rebook them. In the corner of our family room that they would get very angry. And dark view of hotel bed angry very easy for eight. Am I and at one point eight feet made my daughter how father prophetic when she was three years old and threw her on the lower wage how do you know they did that. I'm EU is screaming their man pick me of the man he's a good journey. All. And so you move I had. She hasn't been OK at that Bennett aren't we being in your own room. Yeah and at one point I told them to leave my house because they're not welcome Iranian hard my feet in a day of prayer by each entry of the doors and they picked me up by my eighth. Messy bun. And first CE QB very angry with me and I felt a deep taunting us. To go around like a giant snow now you move then I got out of them. Yeah everyday OK no game we know that your local all right we really got scary stories is yeah you think it's Jennifer. You're welcome I can die eight.