Milwaukee Wants "The People's Flag"

Friday, July 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the possible new flag of Milwaukee. 

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Well yesterday. We thought we were gonna find out into people's flag would become the official flag national hockey and now it's delayed again. That's coming up your second 994 when the next Elizabeth and radar. And going to be rainy today high of 76 but what remember Elena matter worry gallons he's gonna feel like April except that the temperature but I'll man and a jump start everybody at fast this weekend. That's going to be about maybe dodge and ranged up so bring ring bring color via an umbrella. But it looks like last night our yesterday afternoon rather the people's Blake initiative. We're talking about changing the cities Blake now Milwaukee's leg have you seen it. It's ugly it's from 1954 that's and it was designed it is right yet but I love Milwaukee a group of debut at my home city. But it's public the blue one the people on antley no I got here. There's like a gear on those guns and let them thinking of them yet you think it was not have like this is the molecule and has the gear on the boat membership never seen it before so now they're trying to change the play. To be you've seen on other people's house is actually the the brewers have I have another hat it's like yellow on top it has blue on the bottom and it looks almost like assignment. With a couple like light blue lines on it's a really pretty polite because it is Chicago's leg though want the stars on it it's awesome it's really cool yet. So he's been cool here time out so a couple of years ago the close slightly cooler design now this has designed a couple years ago this this new flag. But not bundles phones. Why it's yeah there it push it back to the end of the year yet it is not as cool as the old flag. We're in a retro post it reminder now everyone's going back to the retro jerseys like we're trying to get some new modern flag. The because you don't like the yellow and blue flag. Is eaten when you look at the Milwaukee when you bring up the old one delegate is the Oakland. Now what that our. This guy like a lot like here like it too busy I stimulus Lion King looks like the subsidy from the. And it also looks at it is it's a circle of life it also looks like that redirected the Reno Nevada. New flag that they have the kind of created the mountain on it and it's got the sun and looks like it's setting. So that's why why do you know obviously flags because I'd. I'm kind of sewer this is is fun stuff I wanna see this flag flying all over the place and be adopted as our Milwaukee like the people slow. Thank you like the new one I like the new line. Electricity or does look like the one an arena again. We lease a nationalized. Now except the path to that but once you know hasn't mountainous and ours does not exactly a circle.