#MeToo...It's time for Change

Wednesday, December 6th

My body. My rules. Today is a big day! Time Magazine got it right! So glad to see the "Silence Breakers" of the #MeToo movement were chosen as their Person of the Year on the cover. In this podcast I sit down with my good friend and radio colleague Alley Faith to talk about these issues. As someone that has been a victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault at the work place at a past employer and I wasn't believed - it's awesome to see that change is finally happening and that people are being held accountable. Enough with the abuse of power, enough of the silencing of victims. The day of reckoning is here. I hope this podcast encourages more conversation. Thanks for listening! -Elizabeth


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Our podcast listeners thanks so much soliciting a fifty shades of K it's Elizabeth K but I first wanna mention that this upcoming podcasts are about to here with my good friend Alli fate. Was recorded the date before time magazine revealed that the silence breakers of the hash take me to movement were chosen as their person of the year on the cover. Today is a big day hoping enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening. All right I just tear LE fate is back. Sure any documents for our sister station at one other point seven kiss at bat you don't you're one of the most listened to podcasts gas that had. A lot of my fifth error MI is there anything to overt our anti. I don't really use you really worked well alleys to act because we're talking about all this nonsense that's going on right on the world with sexual assault sexual harassing. That has been going on but is now. People are more aware of it up because there's just so much happening and I can Karachi that you know secular acts pretty ear or. Bush and I talked to about this I want it to a contest about it in and you keep in mind is always willing to give your opinion about every guy you know me and we work with guys and we've been talking about on our show is like how one and a woman to woman talk about this. With all man for the most part like you now in our business and so. What happens is when it's all when you look at a male dominated business it either goes won it two ways. You either are you its actually read a lot of times or you're one of the guy he's and if it makes you uncomfortable when they do guy stuff. Didn't hear the fruit right 100 per cent and yes can't win and this is what nobody understands what we did what they think you're just complaining. When energized. It's yet only these things we have to like. Men birds you're completely right because you know me and when this podcast is going to Aron. I'll be honest missing at right now I don't know what the next headlines and yeah could be anybody because tomorrow could be something different but when recently Waller recording that. It's you know Harvey Weinstein it's that the whole ally hours originally and Josh crazed Kevin Spacey means sole many people to talk about Louis CK there's so many a bomb on our presidents day just. Soledad out there fifteen accusers they mean c'mon which. We went big sarcastic when it went all of this first came out with Harvey Weinstein now and then the meat to movement happen which you are not aware but the meat to movement is. Anyone that had experienced any kind of sexual harassment. Or sexual assault was to put meat to rule on their status on social media with a B Twitter instant grammar FaceBook. And there were still many need to his. I'm on the me too much valley oh my god yeah I mean over the years for sure giving it 25 and call that's where I was uncomfortable because something happened with a guy like it. I don't know made me uncomfortable they just have no clip they're oblivious and so there was a co worker here a guy that came up to me and said do you think some of these. Women are just saying this for attention. And I said to land. It's sad that you would think that five yeah I Dag I told them that I said but. Is there one person might be light shirt yeah but deer was an article that was put out there's a lot of people now are saying it will. Why are people coming out now with these stories happening 2000 channel I hate that argument. It's such a week art an issue that we have my icing is a bit about another crime let's say a murder happened in 2001 app should you still not find out who the person I killed that. It's 2001 viral. It would try it differently exactly but the one thing I was gonna say the point I was gonna make is. There's an article that talks about why a lot of these victims are believed and police reports shell that of women or men that come forward and sexual assault. Only five to 7% of those comeback is natural and I'll think about again how he takes someone like trump that has what fifteen people GAAP. Could one of them feel my age her statistically navy what do you think the rest of them all got together and say he. Let's all Judas. Because this is gonna be really fun for us a scary thing was all the women in Hollywood who were coming out saying I had to sleep with someone to get a roller I felt like I had to sleep with someone to get a role. Mike or went into a room indeed tried to have sex BMI Heil. There was there was a situation and my story is I wasn't believed and has happened to me they were the radio station angry I never you posted on FaceBook I wanna hear this again all I got what again what story you want an. Right out truthfully there are so many stories that happen and wasn't just when I was working there it's been throughout my life this has happened. And the one that really really frustrates me and bothers me that happening Green Bay. I was in a Rome with our production manager. And he was talking to me I was kind of leaning back and it does sort of like my hands kind of behind me Anna and one of the sales guys came in him and touch my left breast and said hey my radio name was holly Jordan. Hi Kelly Sharon a story he touched by breast and said hey that tactics when a four point nine sure makes a boost a really nice and clearly touched my left breast had so when appropriate. And I was like numb yeah here like to disguise really touched I was 22 years old and this guy's body was hot shot sales person on his head due teenage daughter yet it happened right in front of the production manager. So old that night I went home. And I told my boyfriend went out and he's like you need to see some not for sure so I went in the next day to our general manager booted it believe me. And called in the production manager who witnessed it. He sat there is sad I didn't see any thing it's everyone lied or so I look twisted it to keep the guy who exactly more money exactly Albert and classic and today oh god and then and then I was told this guy has two daughters she wouldn't do that. Decent today you absolutely I'll tell you what pits and you don't really messed up thing out of the three people that story. The GM passed away he at a terminal brain tumor he's casting Lleyton the production managers passed away because his kidneys failed and it really got diabetes all the silk purse is still around core so I really feel a graphic way so what's gonna happen if I was to even mention his name. And everybody else that situation is. Passed away besides him wow it was so focused because Olazabal. Well that's the thing if you're not if you're not in a position of power that's why most women don't for work I mean or for coming forward to live like you say it was. Got more important to you in the day then you're in the building at that moment you now feel like you said it viewed and speak up. You've become approved idiot that everybody hates you because there was another inch MR I was dating my lunch on the refrigerator and I bent over and that I'm the guy I was almost almost and his name highlighted and try. Donor but he was promotions manager he came in and said he does your broad match a pig trying to my underwear was like hanging out I was. There aren't any Dover I. It's public eye here click do you TD I remember one guy who. Went up to one of the women in the office to another place I worked and sad. If UN IA if you are married we Selby to gather. I thought and she's like no I thought what a weird thing to say to somebody because like. She's married to how you want to first of all these things she wants you say that to her that sexual harassment to a T like where you can go there what do you say stuff like Miley. She was shot she said in court for her very auditory and that I think it's true you're made out if they don't believe you you were put in a corner and then nobody likes junior isolated if you know yeah and that's kind of that was sort. And our rotation that happened up an angry man because I became really good friends one of the night Jackson let them living in my apartment complex. Still a very different mine today which is partly why have a job here at the Mecca business frat Brothers with the producer of the morning show blah blah blah. Anyways we restarted hang out and he said he one eye he's like you know your actually pretty cool I said. Think it's not like these they don't really everywhere to sister such a bitch and that I should Mike's daily from. And they say oh why oh why because I'm calling out the good old Barack club because you're actually following the rule but that's what I was how. Classic stuff out I was called and so that is kind of what happens and yet here at at work. So Riggs who works at the unborn child. He asked me he said so do women not want compliment than are we not apples to compliment you and he'd truthfully asked. He said do you think like had I ever said anything that was wrong and I just didn't know it's the act in my my explanation Hamm was best. If it's not something that you would want said to your wife. Or daughter or whoever close woman in your life then don't say it to someone else gave editors about mis physically. If you're just speaking about sexual things. As a whole okay now later CNET about doing it to me that's a lie. Yeah the first. But guys like they can't give compliments to women I think that and I told another man as I said you have to understand we you can compliment us on our work. Our performance on how we do our job just like we would compliment you. But coming up in being like well we are hot today or whenever you know you look nice today yeah I mean I did you look niceties really offensive but I think if you're only complementing the woman on her looks and not acknowledging anything else that's why I think women find it so insulting it's like. What does that have to do with my job you know maybe we don't always. Why you're here associating with people is because your job. Now my friend Mitterrand who writes a local blind and she was out in Washington DC for the woman's march she just in a post about this and she's saying that there's a silver lining in trump. Did in an office took because this has sort of started. This kind of trickle down effect of because I'm people because someone at the top. Was able to. Didn't these situations and become president I mean there's audiotape of what happened with Billy bush although he sane it's not him. Go to tape with come. And Billy bush who like to say that what I am always prepared to get ready came out of to stoop so she's totally heal our line you may be that to have someone in president that has had these accusations. Has now causes trickle down effect for all not to say hey enough enough. Do you think that's sure. And you don't really makes me angry that when I'm reading some of these news stories about these victims like but the Roy Moore and Alabama oh yeah when appeal that. What I read about his victims to working underage when he was in his thirties and all the stuff. Eight and I think it myself the woman's sudden she's getting all this hate mail. Death threats because he's calling her a lot or some issue victim. Being called a liar by Roy marred by the president by all these people right. And I thought how awful that these women come forward. And now she has to deal with hate mail and death threats like no women stepped down honored when it come forward half the time or they don't have power they have so many years back all by Heyward you don't see anything because it's like they realize that putting themselves out there. Comes with that. Hundreds died and these because I can't put people wanna harass victims like that blows my mind yeah I do hope. All of that this like. Revolution this day of reckoning is really happening now I was in a holiday parade just the other weekend and I was you know hang out of the truck waving everybody and there was a guy that wave he said I mean even elected stadium now fall with all these news headline. God that's the dumbest thing I've ever her and it looked at him and so things are not exactly luck I don't know but I I looked and I sit on you could say Merry Christmas. It's it's a holiday for is your only that you can say is Demi is to your comments and that it was pretty you know and that's just blaming it back on the victims again I wanna configure anymore how easy and appropriate. How do you not know what to say. May need to reevaluate yourself and NB got the mind is that sexual thought get a grip you know money mean exactly like learn to control yourself. Because hero for people that were are really just taken aback by this need to move now. I'm ice except their inside. Are you are you really that shocked. Not to talk to any Arnold the women in in your life you know they don't and women don't talk about it either Elizabeth that's the thing when talking amid about it. Going oh I feel so sexually harassed. I ate with told I'd sleep with a guy did anti lock who knows you know I just. The point is is that there's all this is is it's a big dirty math that's got to be cleaned out it's got to be clean up yeah I am up on hearing and I'm looking for Olivia mind. She. Put out its need tweet she. NIC thanks of the NSA leaves such a good guy we knew he was flirting and plea for Mike. We knew we had relationships you know she does why if you knew it was being inappropriate. What it living here in your mind I don't get you to be with a good guy at all. Talking about I mean now I think it's a status thing I think is because I think she got it should have money payments. Yet he was Matt Lauer of The Today Show Olivea mind when all this came out about Matt Lauer counter data and she said. Here is says for those of you who never knew how bad the abuse of power has banner there's understandable shock and horror with every new story. But for those of us who've had to endure it and been punished or humiliated for speaking out. This day of reckoning is a blessing today we matter and I'm so grateful. Nation called I mean she was just go and not an overt on breakfast entitles you are. Yes yeah yes she was just going on and on about it how we know these Libyan somebody's not like I did. He knowing DNA I didn't Schultz. If you get a clue I am sorry I bow my my Dick you're an idiot idiot and I really don't take men have a clue of what it's like for women in the workplace I really think and that's why I get so an idyllic picture pitching in the hero is complaining women SAU what equal if you have no idea unless you're a woman yeah we deal with the pressures we deal with or the uncomfortable situations were and that may seem normal to you that our normal last year now. And they are just times to even walking down the hall walking down the halls there's so many times. It is my turn around and say I know you're totally looking very well right now. I know you are and there are groups of people that I know of I walked out of the roll things are being sent here I mean it can happen. And then there are women on FaceBook where it shook my head at this till. Wouldn't that said. It's ever happened to me I must be pretty enough. I'm shaking said several people said and I'm shaking my head accident for Annie has been a victim of this it does not nothing you do pass yeah it has nothing to do without. At all whatsoever and it we were talking an eye on our show a couple months back when it was homecoming we were talking about how a local high school here in Wisconsin. They have to send it there are dresses of their daughters and I had a tiny bit of proof. And I sat there and thought. Why not such a young man how to duty behavior of women is if it's just the young girls that are trying to like put this vibe right there man fits her. Yeah I mean optimistic that's only a week after week yeah with our brains and it just what the girls whereas as opposed to let that just how the boys act towards the lamb and I agree yes and that's Kelly to happen and for you're raising two men in an item you know yeah helping raise my stepson. These are definitely conversations and my son's owner of the realized my son's going to be thirteen at. He sees these news headlines and we're constantly talking like London when it comes to people their body their rolls out its very. In touch and exactly that Spacey yeah that you have to try to raise these young men to understand that for all sexual beings but Tyler plays for thinks I should sure all the my six and four year old. What drawn around naked I think it's hysterical now like you. It's stupid little boy thought. I'm like. I'm like you know it woman really what you see you shaking your TV or out in the they stop and look at me. And it damaged like I talked to our jurisdiction yeah you now because I wish might get a third do you manage your boy but I like legal right. That illegally gets a woman that well. In some cases yeah turner. Nation should when you're twenty by now. It's a right yeah many many years from now so that's sort of what I read are talking about today M and high you tie ball on this because it's all every day changing how would start my point I guess what does that start their little. How you teach him and a little beyond kind of like all of those things like what is appropriate what is NT and now. Yeah maybe it's our trainer I don't know I just maybe it's just our culture and we need to be fixed I just feel like there's bad a good old boys club for. Sell many years because. I also all. I don't believe that a lot of these men I don't believe that they have close friends that aren't. Aware of this car shoppers because. You know locker room talk out is a thing that happens I mean women talk to girlfriends about Anna did you talk to your closest friends we like and yes. Exactly so that's where I feel like people close to them aren't gonna be that surprising that shaft it's not like Matt Lauer he announced that he did wrong it's like he got fired and Medicaid on that I did wrong you know what I think if somebody wants to help themselves or an isn't that convenient how they are so many people getting help after they've gotten caught how convenient for year yeah instead of -- that jury which I in the world of celebrity is I 100%. Think that they do that because it gets them out of the limelight because paparazzi can't shall there act the faster and yet that's why it's there with just be like taking a fallen. Take my email and giving adhere to outlaw the dust settles and they pound weight for the next in headline in one. Lights right because Imus and expect headline and they're able to say well I mean I'm scared to know who's going to be next. It's like about how it was like Kool Aid right now are is because you know. I told my mom she's like I was so sad about Charlie Rose in the sky and the mom I though. Don't be surprised this is a lot of men in power this is the poultry this is egos. Get ready a lot of people you think are great are about to get fired yeah wait just the way it's got another into it. What political side Iran who who their parents are how it's gotten I've been doing that I'm telling you know initially there's so many people and victims and aren't coming forward now and now that our penal may be sitting back and okay this is the time to do it now. That's kind of why like I mentioned earlier when his podcasts finally there's I don't know and I know it's going to be fun. So that's RT and it would fix the problem okay we don't have our tuition and. I know I mean I did speaking up and saying you're making him comfortable what do we do well LHR again I went to management in Italy via. Which so sabaya. Thought is you know other certain names that are just infamous and think about Dahmer and dusty the whole Penn State thanks. If someone says something nice feel like if you look at him and say okay thanks a lot Harvey Weinstein I feel like back the kind of costs rise that doesn't solve. Problem but yeah I'm going HR gold your manager I mean it still needs to be said he's willing to speak up but for. People like you and I that are raising young managed to get Julian points also remind them and what's appropriate what's not respectful and how you act exactly apps lately but now the ones that have banned the problem I think our. Sit marry get a little nervous I haven't gotten good called out I hope they are. I don't these men that it beauty of victimize women over the years I hope there's an energy use their power I hope they're shaking in their brutal as bad. Yeah I think some remark that I think it's all gonna come full circle you just wait. I hope so yeah Ari that's our take on sexual harassment and sexual assault thanks so much Sally app. If you enjoy this part cats and wanna hear more make sure to subscribes to can be updated when there's an episode so to subscribe to the podcast on your Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or YouTube Google play app in the search box type in fifty shades of Kate that's spelled out that's 50. Shea decade. Once a podcast comes up. Click on it and then hit the subscribe button can't give any comments or suggestions for this podcast or did you podcast pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at gmail.com. That's Elizabeth K eight YE radio at gmail.com. Thanks for listening.