Maybe Next Time, Don't Say "I Love You"

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with The Bachelor Super Fan, Andrew, about last nights episode. 


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Had never told someone you love them and you didn't get the response you want it. 99 point one the mix it's Elizabeth and radar good morning that we're talking about a bachelor super fan Andrew who is on the phone to talk about last night's episode we talked on every Tuesday morning he says just Fannie and a bachelor fantasy week. Okay so Andrew. There's nothing worse than telling someone you love them and then all of a sudden they just like walk away and that's why are you did last night. On the aggregate would Lauren she's just gonna love with him when he left the table so your guy when you told your wife that you loved. And that she loved you make you can just get up and walk away. No I screams of excitement and then responded with something similar. All. It's it's awfully the producers like pulled him aside like Alexander you do you like I'm so excited like a big of a mean right now shortsighted I am. The act it was normal awkward Arian. He had to go back and ask the producers should I say and lobby your what should you guys in their like just sit down. Called outcome not our kids operate with where we told you about the that was are getting excited that was that was him actually showing a little bit of excitement when she's that I love you had to walk away get advice from other people what to deal. And you dig it dumps last night she was fearful of that but it happened. And I would fuel. That's a super fan Andrew I like regular messages sent us when in doubt make out. Holds patents in this is so hilarious it was like. Like make L job warned NATO chug word repeat three times. My heart not in this I gotta go I don't do little Scottsdale. The whole scene it was like OK can be with you but let's make out it was making outlined in tears exactly and bachelor's super fan. Before we let you go the Ari like county always good for I European attention to it also how many times you say last night. I think one of the producers were in the Milwaukee area and listen to our program because it was only three last night huh huh it's on the touchdown and the only what happened and it just he the TS where count how much was that only to look again there aren't what they are on us to put the best line of the night was when Lauren who again doesn't have a whole lot of personalities said it's Italy. It's so very Italian. Desperately. Great observation tanger outlet. That could political guys mergers just desperate for content. She is hot and I feel like that's why are you keep her on the shelves a little about avid listener feedback on his assists may keynote capabilities mean. Honestly when we watch him to kind of like golf. Okay burden what you did there would have put into the ocean like what you're saying. It's so Andrew I gotta tell you when the sorry was on family season I was hot for Ari I thought his make up scenes we're great. His personality seemed to really shell on that season but again he wasn't delete and it was all very edited up. Now what I see him kiss. I completely cringe because I just seemed awkwardness it seems forced. And I his hands are all weird places and his lips Sergio weird things it's like he forgot how to kiss. So I I have to look away and I like it could make out session I'll watch a make out session any day now that on now. This or you know what I'm I'm actually quite quite excited for the final one in the hometown. I was actually happy that he does that got you for an all or she can you know find that I'm not a Google what abroad has its good for everyone's. Yes Rizzo from Greece was sent home but by. She was sent home hometowns or next week we'll talk to you next week then that's a super fan Andrew thanks so much for the feedback thanks sticker.