Live Life Like Britney!

Thursday, April 26th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about Britney Spears new Lifesyle line. 


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Time for your pop report. And when you think fashion accessories hair fitness technology. Of course you think of Britney Spears all yeah first on top mindless but now she's excited to alliance. Aid a whole new lifestyle collection. Scoring 2019. She's teamed with Abbott writes and it's going to be all of those items we talked about so really close to here to work out here. Technology. All of it you don't get those new Britney Spears earbuds father grade will now when you think of Britney Spears. I guess want to be thought of more than just her music that's why she's starting to brand this because you. Don't act going to be. And I mean forever and I like to Carrie Underwood thing don't go in this and clothing isn't like them and that celebrities are few record tying up that they need to do to keep themselves relevant they have to adapt and the lifestyle blockers are very very successful and what Britney Spears think about it. She wears a top and someone says main topics that. Well why have it be your tops its skin you know make more money it's a Britney Spears and. You got only think of her as a senior can I think of her as an actor as well that you guys not seek crossroads it's a one of the best movies out there. Britney Spears' fantastic I am doing around her own right around this time as a producer Dave let's throw the bums out there that just. They just don't work you're gonna last night and don't watcher as an actress. You know how is anathema because when I also hiring an additional pressure right now it has bananas all excuse you to me that Q today that. I feel like my share weeks dial by Dave is style by David Britney Spears and crossroad was not going to be an Oscar fine offense should not have bulldogs and harmony crossroads in my head.