Live Like The Brady Bunch!

Friday, July 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the Brady Bunch house being for sold, and then discuss what fictional house they would want to live in. 

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It's amateur partners apart and here's a story. Of a house first say your own and a beautiful song ever in California hey hey again. Saying there are five rooms and altogether and how much is this how fast that at one point nine million. Can live in the fridge and get did not go with Clinton comes Dan can you live in the I had to get that rich allies see Alice Brady Bunch. You don't live out of the brain much house is for sale one point nine million dollars now on radar and I were talking about this morning. I asked him I was younger when the Brady Bunch was on syndication but we've watched him growing up. Today filming inside the house built the outs of how can like the full well it was just the outside shots the end yeah but you had lieutenants think that old that's what this looks like inside because. Like the front door. I don't like faces east but then did you notice when you watch the show that they always seem to come an insider who always a love that show. Syndication which which which girl with your favorite of the crush on Macs and. None are martial arts and I was a Jim guy very Hillary are so I was gonna win and why he would why you GM goes Marcia was always you know up here and she's always you know or utility everyone's body are too young for him. Yes you no I actually Cindy's probably twelve years older than me when it's hopeless but. Aren't there music shows that we seek her up where you look at their house yeah. Do you want that house for yourself in Charlotte I. I want the Brady Bunch palace what was it for you guys out one of the rug rats house and it's an animated house but the road to the so who'll look at you go to the basement you'll excuse workshop down that is right that is right on par for you know that you'd wanna be encouraged him to of course shops that sell property is still vivid in mama are gonna have to the full house. House India us and system that was honestly when Muslims Kelly and they haven't win and I company and perhaps there is an edit cooler room I also like the apartment on three's company analyst at that school. Remember them on in syndicate nobody OK I'll just keep coming really age yourself pops into your house is a great house I don't know. How does it 'cause I if it's a movie because I really want the whole Malone house. On that was a go to my house that helps was yet house will allow it. We'll we'll allow want to appoint one point nine million dollars and really sure if it's. Worth that I don't really know the market out there in California California's very expensive the cost of living is as high put. Is it that much because that was the everybody knows it's easy to. Two bedroom two. You did then it's two bedrooms three bathrooms split level you know even knows what it looks like an indoor there's pictures online there's only two that he doesn't like the show that version of backyard hooked up backyards and how they have a family of six in that house with only two bedroom where Nancy. I laid out and it's.