Learn To Speak Polish!

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave learn a little bit of Polish in honor of Fat Tuesday.


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But he can participate in Fat Tuesday. Why not I mean whether you're Catholic or not producer Damon Jewish friends that Tuesday just elaborate today I mean that's something great out there for me inside that raiders John. There in fact you relief and do they met Wednesday spent Thursday in a matter of days well we have some excuse shall appear the radio station. And may have their soul good. Good summer Bavarian cream summer apple cream consummate the red Larry my question gonna phase of Gretna also if you if your fan who uniting gone FaceBook accounts less mixed Milwaukee and I'm I'm curious as to why. They're called huge keys because they're not there's no and anywhere or you didn't it work all day. And always my mother would tell you that it's a story about CC case is and and and polish yes yes actually my mother's maiden name was nasty bitch and there's like one bowel and it's. Just what it is seriously there was a CK and that that's just a way to is so having been to Poland at my best friend is polish is a 100% her parents are polish immigrant. We took a trip there everything in Poland when they talked. Sounds very James. That's what it's out and. Iconic polish to me and I'll take it you'd like to buy a volatility. I don't tolerable yes Jean Dominique. All I know you don't Jindal bring it you don't intelligent program again though remains good day take your door you money and miss and over is very good. I wanna say wanna say yes yes is tock. You had to deal with your search is cost you. Post your cell phone is Kumble cup. You a lot of low yeah you people get when I don't have to now you wanna say thank you that's in Korea policy AI. Thank you very much do we about result. Tick marks and if you want to save thinks it's junkies which I think is the cutest word of G he's like Scooby Doo let G. When use link when I will learn these words. I'd never wanted to see them spelled because like you were seen producer David would throw me off it totally will but so might my name and polish Elizabeth is an SPF and a as well clearly they're bound manager Alan LBS how do you spell it must. Oh. No easy can she sound echoes the beat. Hi YE KA yet really correct it's via is ER OC BI ETJ. He knows he's beat the night T if you wanna talk to your aunt aunt Charlotte shot. Uncle is we may get to know panel besides this has been learned polish with. And skipped Affleck is highest in India back yet as we get us back.