Ladies, want to be satisfied in less than 60 seconds? (ADULT CONTENT)

Monday, February 12th


Time for another sexy podcast with America’s pleasure coach, Dr. Sadie Allison, who’s back on “50 Shades of Kay.” She’ll talk about what toy will give ladies what they want in less than 60 seconds and how to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Hey everyone it's Elizabeth K it's time for another sexy podcast amputee shades of cake. A return guest. Who happens to be one of the most talked about gas I've had on this podcast America's pleasure college doctors see Allison is back thanks so much for coming on the putt just again. Hey you're welcome thanks for haven't near only not it. Well I love talking about sex and we're very knowledgeable and you have a great website tickled Katie dot com. But I also want to introduce my good friend Hannah who's in studio we were talking about sex toys. And also and I say you know why in a couple days I'm talking to doctor CD Alison so you just come on his podcast with me and I say yes please hit. Exactly now in the podcast today are gonna talk about how to bring greater sexual pleasure indeed your badger room I don't Hanna has a couple questions. Amber at talked about a Valentine's Day special that you were off three right now tickle TV dot com. So first doll. I wanna say that when you are last on the podcast. You talked about the womanizer which you do and sell it tickle cutie dot com. And I have had so many friends message me and say that this thing is a game changer. Toll one hat if it means that like your friend about it only that the revolutionary or it means. Like been around rapper and woman I came out. This new technology that we have it force but basically a woman toy it got to circular the look and hit that coat ready actor right where it matters. And I learned. That matters and it got an air apps and technology really ample. But basically it almost like would it feel like firm and Malaysia. Tell you got a blender button it. That migration around the circle on the edges but that the central air and we got 8000 they're ending two right there on the ledger but now. It works like a charm and half the women that right. Not that they go and pick the second. Cannot this might be what you're looking for because you aren't actually sit doctors say he would you were talking about your relationship that went what you're looking for yes so my boyfriend and I have been together for five years it's been a great five years and completely satisfied. But you know sometimes things get a little routine. In the bedroom. What's a good. Quick way to spiced everything up and improve it I mean I'm not saying I'm dissatisfied. I'm just saying there's always room for improvement. That I it's. I area I'm at the seven earmark was mine yes. Without Manny at your back everything you would let your product is technically in the center. Sold. Yeah yes and no like we use. Say for instance I have a back massager. How is getting a guy and each other's backs you know we aren't like you have fully gone and like to add an analyst section up or something like that. I finally. Little intimidating against you to pay it right which I thought he would be great person to bring him because she's interested but she doesn't really know where to start and your website is field with toys which is fantastic the what do you recommend for someone beginner. Exactly I haven't been on the site for newcomers college Avalon. Has and that type that impact it. And one of the ointment it is that tiny you know bunny. If he and something like that it. Perfect for newcomers because that's not intimidating at the mall like hit and Aamir. Says it is topic. Let me on your but they can get on an ample leaking is an honor let your button and feel good on men as well so this kind of began her play. That the perfect kind of things can just start off with. And I also recommend. Here in the toys. I had something bad something for him as well because they're that aren't actually meant to happen people and Mike Cutler on ankle and he got honor men. Yes can you send in your gift box decides it's nineties as Bonnie which. Is fantastic. Let me tell you because revenues brightness Andy's toys I thought OK any choice some of this out and I did try that and it was quite like he said it's not anything that's too adequacy invasive but if you're new to the toy world. I mean you like yourself is that helping hands out right exactly but you also has sent the weighted last so rain. Which I opened that in my eyes got Billy bid price. Okay this is definitely a toy firm here but for meat too little. It actually. Collect our men and he wears it around and boys and at the weighted lap early actually or count there. Got a little bit awake Hewitt and what if and that her quiet and you've been patient for him and enhance the thing for him when he and I thought at the end of it. There is came below. Column called that. That island and and I try something new in here the other thing that whenever you get to bring into the bedroom is not a period. Position could be finding me giggle and laugh and it and you can even might try apple and I like it I think about that topic. It's a matter of like what you like and act exploring and having a new adventure and that how you shake it up otherwise. You know things can get stale over time people have that at bat that it and they that that. And even ridden relationship later and let you make a priority. To try something new at all you have to do is try it different being and it didn't end until it. You can grab him bite it hard and bring him in the living on the outs like the lap I needed it let. You know just little things like that that engine up and idol experience. Another thing because Valentine's Day it let her corner I like that the F came back and apparently. It amount and that our little joy riding a partner at me now. Sessions to screen. Height it'll surprise them Allen and it will bring you back Michael Bay yeah. Yeah and I really can't go happened in May get in the meantime you build up. And locality with a lap and you stop and get me out and yeah I mean. That held by the wayside and now I think raining all that that I can buy things back up to. Not doctors say let's talk now and every time here on the show we do bring this up because I know there's a two people are gonna listen as podcasts that are gonna think. Yeah that's fine but how I bring that up to my significant other because there's still seems to be a few people I don't know why that feel like. Who always mean that they are an adequate and that's just not the case. It not mean we can't happen again would that mean at an ad on the net and security. Have been around a long. It out eighteen there that look up culture or is there. Ain't that Netflix and so hill for the call it theater that there. Come over aptly. Eight K and on. Alec days. While many people currently understand that ethnic factory to the bedroom is not completely anybody. Is not tonight. Is something that you can't it was really it is right isn't saying but on the other hand and act all the time I get. Me. It I say we'll let the moment here at U. What are you doing worker that would make the one aspect that you more. And you. Yet and eliminate them there if in mind. That I need him the lowdown. Goat lonely being sold because here's the thing that men don't understand it and wake up. For example the wind blow ready to go. I didn't work. For women. We have to say I'm how our body mind and let an app like foreplay is so important because we need to get heated up even Matt. Where you already. And you got a bit different but. I mean and lesser but I think I understand that on about dumping into the next and then you finish your gun and you just starting to warm up in that are going to hit it. Now if you stop and focus on her lesser. And not think about it help at all because. But they picked guys by the end of experience you're usually get your happy ending. But for the one minute and a lot more than. Being generous Lambert forget about them permit just forget where the pleasure and the time that she need it that when you're gonna get it back and called. Which is why texting is such an amazing thing to nobody's relationships because almost everyone almost every job. You have your phone on you during the day I mean you need to be able to still perform your job but it's not hard to dissent acquittal tax maybe quick little picture whenever. And that can start getting things going to die ease to your lady started going during the days so bike. The time you get home for dinner she's like okay I'm thinking about two nonstop you know what what's gonna happen here accounting has that I'll have to work is done yeah. Yet a little bit goes a long way back say on how they are that learning in the morning to remember if that ward in arbor day. Since that you just spoke with. On what she need it up out of the picture to end. That meant a comeback and that it won't be more relaxed and so it is born give more and all of those things. And then guess what when she's happy you're happy and we don't actually that's a world where in most cases. Let's all of Valentine's Day really quickly though you have your Valentine's Day special tickle cutie -- count. Take a listen to this deal it's my Valentine to yet you get the my Valentine kit today and save 30% not at tickle cutie dot com. This includes five ultra luxury played toys. His 62. Orgasm womanizer and we were talking about plus three illustrated positions guided by doctor CD plus free shipping 30% off this is a fantastic deal doctor city. And it really is thank you for staying at and a lot of times you're rating it. And there is a look I don't act rabbit. That company hit and here's the cool thing it is unethical kitty you have the option of choosing if you want the help prepping wrap it would actually. How movement on the old intern and on it does that where you. Or there at the deep but rocking rabbit actually that the content editor for you it motion you turn it on and in this early in the mechanics of it actually hit the eight or you. Which can I get an amen for that I mean yes and I say I'm better than the real thing. I doctors I didn't know your busy woman and we don't you know have a lot of time with you which I can talk T for hours and hours but website again is tickle kitty dot com. So ahead there did my Valentine kids don't be shy give it a try case public that their brides. Every day knew and loved my I mean it. Just as important as work and everything else you know let them make it a priority and it stuck her style more. Doesn't it why why we're here. Exactly exactly it's our birthright experience like the proof is bad well thanks so much doctor seeking ways to talk to you again and I'll let you rant on and if you enjoyed this podcast. And you wanna hear more make sure you subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of K. Make sure your on iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than I should be a little button. Where you hit subscribe there's also a little button or you can hit review I'd love but if you left to review. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of Cain thanks so much for listening.