Konversations with Kareem

Saturday, September 8th

Dave interviews NBA Hall of Famer, all time leading scorer, and all around amazing human Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

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Wish we could. Oh welcome to another episode that dish with name I am your host Dave and this is the quick hitter. It's a special because I was given the opportunity to interview. The one of the only Kareem Abdul Jabbar. That he is in Milwaukee for his becoming Korean boat tour. So as a quick interview I had with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Earlier this year you know against the dancing away and Dancing With The Stars in the huge fan what that experience like you did you. Anything out of that you were really expecting. What I didn't expect we'll. Kinda difficult it is to memorize choreography right having read on things like four minute and a half to me like. The lead. Through all this hope was great turnaround with little. It's really challenged. And I I do expect that both of you and you see people like dancing and performance right spontaneous feelings. Miller did you think about like just vast wealth plays on the court you know I got that he knows he's dance. I don't know like Miller and don't have to. Take effect. At every step you're correct time. And and I think with the music. Absolutely so it's it's the real challenging them on the the line. So also you you know you lived in Milwaukee. You visit them block Eli coming are allowed to speak what is the one thing that you like it's a constant here that every time in Milwaukee you wanna try to make sure you do that or go to that place. Well I think it's just that good people hero. Willing to. To listen general. Absolutely. When I first came here in I just become a slow ball I was finding stuff out about myself. I think that this stuff proposed adult life you know and just got to college and stuff. And your people here were basically agreed and villagers were retirement and the fans were incredible. I'll and so you see it. The new arena now we got yeah I ask seems really got counted up and up nom lucky do you think that the finals are reality for the Bucs are you think got the season's gonna go for them. Well I think you know they're only involved a player away. Being able to really contender for eastern conference's championship and Nokia that. I don't think that forward or there may be a player away. You know an injury took it to the Celtics or you know the other front running team could could make the difference. I'm former Qwest Field I would like to have debates on there Tom dumb debates producer gave one of the things we do we like infidel and so cheesecake you can cheesecake. Room how hot dodger fan I thought it how about you think they're sandwich and a sandwich. It doesn't that hurt. It's either good or isn't get a categorize. What would you say. Them. USA isn't an art and science understandable things are taken into photography extreme and for a kid. I don't think of the senate but hey it's another thing you like small things and you. The word that Palin is all buying your stomach anyways right right exactly a better time for him really appreciate it good to me cheering bullet. You. So I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it you can go subscribe to dish with David's really go to your podcast. Search dish with gay. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at least a mile a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in place they currently sit next time.