JT Doesn't Want You To Miss Soccer!

Wednesday, July 11th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about Justin Timberlake saying he will show the England soccer game at his concert before he performs.

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Justin Timberlake even his fans in London what they really want that it's not really him publicly is to finish al-Qaeda for the pop news is a resident there radar and come in up on Monday it's back the thousand dollar cash call. He just listen to the code word in and you get to camp starting Monday only zoos text in China when that thousand dollars starts at 710 and then every hour at ten after. Starting Monday you'll have a chance at a thousand dollars or maybe put a bullet backyard in. Yeah that also when you may be enough money to digital London which is where Justin Timberlake is Anna's family just appeals there as well with the little one. And JT put out this video that you're not only gonna get a GT concert you're also gonna get to watch a World Cup soccer game not peace. The sixth. This in from Croatia match. Helped form my big screens. To come here. We'll watch it together I'm not wanna see it you wanna see. We're gonna watch this together and no way. Now do you think it JT that really cares about soccer pretty think that locally these. Hey if you want people to get to your bank you know. I'm for your shell you better show these soccer but again I yelling that's what I. And I think they have not what I heard it and just a fan of sports probably yes I love the World Cup and like for. Letter from the USA that are in the World Cup I think everyone loves the World Cup. Mean hearted people he was a World Cup are you as even NA you go to bars. Here in locking you could see people watch the game that night in the morning so magic in London. Where the team is actually playing to go to the World Cup final for the first time in a long long time. And JT got a concert like a I escaped do we think that wanna watch a soccer game and ramadi and Cheever team imagine all these people who do I gotta watch this World Cup game. And maybe misses cancers. Which is exactly why he'd probably July until the latter now because he's like people and get any easier to British on the game play experience over the girl and you like that reverend Darby so hyped up for concerts or watch the game I mean if that income I guess he still make that money regardless re he's always make it might yeah. Green is that he makes a lot about what he's a.