JJ Watt Deserves This!

Wednesday, December 6th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave discuss JJ Watt being named Sports Illustratred's "Sportsperson of the Year"


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99 point one the next Elizabeth and radar and oh yeah we have here Taylor Swift tickets for 8:25. This morning replace swift clip. We're gonna go and that's what the song around it played reverse CD configured out of began you know seem tailor down Chicago at Soldier Field June 2. That's a huge shell and you can win tickets Agassi tennis had the and that's coming up and eat 25 with Elizabeth and radar. And big congratulations to Wisconsin's dairy known and JJ watts named the 2017 Sports Illustrated or an apple. I think partly because of all that money that he raised after hurricane Harvey over 37 million. It's dollars and somebody listening likely were part of that I know I donated to it yes army went to be watching high school he donated. Food or water Carolina whatever it was that they were looking for ways they just looking for a little bit of money managers can grow every day use updating on Twitter yeah and exactly he put on Twitter yesterday you humbled and honored. Houston this is for you in this for the hundreds of thousands of people who joining us from all over the world and it's been doing a really awesome job of following up. With every want to. With tweets social media videos of people that he's going to help and help them rebuild their communities after her can hardly the end user awesome dude is there when the trucks pulled up do you have. Yeah on the rest did you all the chops at the donations duffel love is right there he's. He's just been a really good example feelings Russell career but especially this year is like using your celebrity star power play some and that's a really good place yeah yeah. Ever really try to draw attention to himself like this is BJ July ideology residents benefit other Cuba I think ever since he started his career. Yeah and it's awesome to see people do then and you know I hope we can lead by example all the people got to follow and the old prison for years. That would you'd take. An average person I think you put them in the spotlight almost overnight and get them all this money come likely average age genre you know he built up to a college but the money in everything came. Drafting right in an instant. What does it just magnifies who you really are a person of URJ when you report and get bigger red shirt drags you are rich talent you know if you are great caring person and you didn't have money going to be an even bigger philanthropists when you don't. And he's proof of that so all definitely try to JJ watt I love saying those companies of our people always go. Johnny you had a radar lucky I did. What's he caught his views very close really worried it was at that vaccines and as Zack brown band concert this summer just couple years ago and he's sitting near the sunglasses on like. Look in his eyes the look on his face was don't talk to me but I thought. And get a chance to go and talk GGY again as I went there and he's like I'm an analyst at a picture did you hear it figured out I was a picture of. Him with a needle in the beer so what congratulatory call lives very good news good news for him good news for Houston good news may have felt good news or was.