An Interview With Darci Lynne

Tuesday, January 30th

Dave and Hannah are joined by the Season 12 winner of "America's Got Talent" Darci Lynne for an exclusive interview. 


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Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I and your host Dave and of course I'm joined by Hannah. I mean we are here with this special guest via telephone. The youngest. Contestant to ever win. America's Got Talent this season twelve champion Darcy laying on the phone and Darcy is also in the middle of her tour right now. She's a stop in Milwaukee at the Riverside theater. On February 10 we got our tickets are right away and you can get yours at Darcy in dot com as well as the other cities and dates to her. Darcy thanks for joining and that's how you doing today. Are doing great accurately because I'll let you know on the first ever episode of dish would Dave. I actually predicted. That Darcy lane would be winning America's Got Talent announced today very adamant about it and here you are months later the winner of America's Got Talent so what. What was that I like windy announce your name as the winner. I need that I am. Really now knowing why. And how. Okay I mean they send me. Away and I mean. And then I would like bragging about my. Yes I mean how are an awesome and all that and was amazing I guess I don't ask you because you know Mel B gave you the gold and buzzer but Ku. Who the judges were you most intimidated by then. I'd been probably yeah. Little intimidating and sad. It. You know being there and hiring an active hybrid. He is. Nice. Wonder from. So I know that you're a Jim Nantz. In your past. Rates. And then. All aside and you. Our ventriloquist how did you make that leap where it all begins. Al am I don't can't explain. Or. I am Bonnie and would be beat them. And Ed and OK. Of the big giving pat. But they're not like UD let me. And real. Stuff yeah and and I did this on. My mom and I mean. You. Be a little more on the island area and then pretty adamantly. Never guess you're such a natural onstage. And you and. And this what had dead and gone and earnings of at the particle. And you eighteen years on. And play. So. There's my diet for eight. At Iowa why won't he let her and I about it. Outlook add. And alum I would archer and narrowed it felt. Like little money in the hands or. And found out it is no man's right. At what he did not something click. About the workers and out. Due. And so I am. A couple of pointers on how aren't. And he and deep in me and well I. Can't deny the yeah. Yeah you can read there sounds easy. So how does your family feel about it now are they super excited for you and yours is so weird for than. Aren't there they're buried by it all I had an elderly and I. Yet that I'm. Didn't your parents as is that. In specialty. I guess Allen asked you about it 'cause bowl and I also come from that performance field. And you know eventually quit in the so much going on your scene you're tearing years doing comedy and what's the hardest part that you. I. Come very hard are. Almost saying in. It's a lot of moving pieces yeah I am allowed to keep street your head I ain't it. I am tiny people comment on my arm or meant it like eager. Right Ian. That you wouldn't see performing because there's so many different things like you're like I'm living. They're dry. Night. In my mouth closed and they long. Claim. My. Hanging out. At a great maintain their current one. App and. And with what they're comedy I guess is also you know amazing to me how you come up with all these hilarious jokes and scenarios and Hilliard. You're not very old filly had experiences you drought is comedy Fran had you elect and reelect experiences are you making them up. I. Like at our. Boat. I am I. Collaborate. Why. Went in and night interpret our hand we have got them. Company. I am very little line. Here. Ray Arab I'm an election he has performance on the finale doesn't awesome performance than we. Did you know. Unlike any other ventriloquist unsanitary theater before you really get into it. Adam. And a lot. I. Mary when he won. Add this. End I. Allies. And Mary and act. Let it handled and out there like Eric. I'm Annie yeah. I. While you are. Amazing as amazing as any other in to a conspiracy and possibly more elements. You know you are so young and there are so many different parts happening we are so so excited to when you come to unlocking your ready to buy tickets to. I've ever in Iraq he says it. Well we are land of food we are food e.'s huge duties is talk about the podcast. And I got to ask. Like pizza it was crazy tap they. How you gotta god eons when you're here in Milwaukee. If you look at some pizza it's gonna be right down the street from new jury found the reverse side. We're not going to be there after the show its tradition of you is get people amateur and he showed out there. You gotta get the Mac and cheese pizza is that investing in him Mac and cheese on their pizza I mean my little brat and a whole. It's an experience for a share. What about cut your custard ice cream then. Our. Panel but we also got a political cops and it's like some of the best custard you ever gonna eat it's our. Anson. Me I am I. The band at me and all of that and against it and can't tell you and we love it out. Every. My a good spot to go outside I guess with your show current year will anything without given away too much. Can we X but can we expect is there any new characters are you gonna be introducing any thing that we should be surprised RE NC. Ask your entity union against still ahead now again be around. One. Do I am. And get your check yet but hopefully. I had. Am in new loans and pan. Am. Where you are so excited I tell you how old are easing measures seem without the topic is saying. He doesn't amount to review any singing without the puppets and clearly you're going to this awesome. And as going to be a special treat. We cannot wait. And the band there. That I knew. That. Beckoning to him in. Yeah I didn't expect it ain't so on and it. They are against Iraq does get your tickets now could they are selling fast you can get the lead and it Darcy Lynn that Tom. Darcy thanks so much for taking the time audio data. To chat with hand and I were super excel and steal. Or end yeah best of luck with everything and we're looking forward to seeing you when you get here in February. I am planning that and then yeah. I think you Darcy have a great rest your day or so thank you and all of that. Welcomes and why would he get area. Of the world but RC may.