An Interview with Ben Schwartz and Noel Wells!

Thursday, March 29th

Ben Schwartz from "Parks and Rec" & "House of Lies" and Noel Wells from "Master of None" called in to talk about their newest Netflix Movie, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY


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Hello and welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I'm your host David today is a very special episode because I'm joined by Ben Schwartz and allow wells you may know Ben from parks and rec or house of lies and Noel wells was in. Master of none. And how they started a new Netflix original movie happy anniversary out march 30. And. And I had Dario. Don't think so you think you can give me a little bit about a rundown. This new movie happy anniversary. Jack comes out tomorrow and the movie kind of follows. A relationship with a three year anniversary and on the three year anniversary note characters suddenly feel like maybe she shouldn't be in this and maybe they should be breaking up. And over the course the next 24 hours we kind of go through the relationship you flash back to the good and the bad. And at the end they try to figure out if it's worth it if you've gone on or maybe it call it quit. Morales good to have you guys had any bad anniversaries and in real life stood to draw experience from an inspiration from. But I heard it and at a university Aaron. Now let out. Apart and construct a kind. Of you that sort of like back here yet. You know and I have no particular outlet as really like our clinched the deal. Iowa bode you both come from like this sketch in writing background but Eli you're used CD right and then you're writing for all living comedy show you that you even an Emmy winner then aren't you. Yeah I got an enemy just I think it would be wherever I go also in my car right now holding company booties into the parking and night and stuff like that. We're acting scenes bad about it between. Apple could have been out and let the party and whether that bill was just CDO the end it will. Exactly so do you do you guys feel that you guys let's get back on and writing background helps you. When year when you're acting in in films now. Think that thing that I think I think that helped us. A little bit on this I think there is from book that's coming from that sort of comedy background are great citizens brigade I think there's like I shared mine type idea that we cannot. If you look all of the other person and so what I was getting into these is really pretty as some of the scenes are pretty. Like he would die like it was so easy brought the jump between being the moment. And trying to like fire back each other so that it did make up jumping in together because we never worked before it made that a little bit easier I think about that but do we think now. Yeah I have it. We're both in the background there's also there's a there's shared comer like an instance or camaraderie is you know that we're not. You'll like am I gonna come app and try and whatnot and it definitely. Shared experience that we we like you you want it yet. I guess car that didn't I come from the world at dean I'm an im proud teacher also and go do that stuff do you feel do you get im proud during this movie aren't news that a lot of lengthy dialogue that are not in prop was allowed during this. In that DG to the short form the long form do you work on that power you're gonna monetize what happened. Good stuff you like to do you do weird wouldn't chaired. I is out of the room gives me in the classroom and teach in a deal out of short form with kids I teach children's am proud. All of these eight. And Superfund site not to just do like easy gains they get in India what are you do mean that kind of stuff. Very cool I think we we have I think that. Trip truly the word that Jack broke he's such incredible writer. They were great so with our problem. Really happened that maybe the beginning of the end. The scenes just like you know you wrap ourselves into it Ehrlich had are kind of sinister off. But whichever is very open to improperly really wasn't needed that much it was because if you really put together these great. Ben I guess we could you you know your your very long known for playing Jan Ralf beyond parks and rec which I read the you do a lot in god for that. Do you like working more with him Robert you like having more like a script in you know a basis to go lack. I mean what I'm doing film and stuff like that I like that it I didn't write it especially I loved reading someone else's words in trying to. Trying to do try to try to do that I think acted as their writing them. I do I do like improvising with that and I think there's moment that you can find there is incredible Gary and Lee documentary. That just came out that if I mean look like the wrong thing but. Enough of them. And it's talk about how I can really keep you don't give them. Right that's all time and then. After the can communicate great the first time in decades not just say yeah if you don't really dictating your own words the Canada. I think there is something to that every now and then but I think he's got dictate that like some scripts like OK good not done it. And some cryptic I don't know that pullback so I'm I'm down for whatever the director appealed to have a couple fortunes their vision. And then figuring it out together with the coast aren't something that. And I love you know look at it as you you're also a master numbers in the county Joseph you're great and that and does their lot and prime and that. That a little bit different became. We I can recruit the together that we and we did that I I think app and that the rate that document that trip. You think you're about it I illegally coming at that wears their districts the that I like now forget the strip entirely at. You write that ego. And I like acting and I think the difference had they they think. When you're really having characters. It's very easy to improper you know where some of you know where the person that you know that he's going out. Eat you can actually say lie but it doesn't really fueling giving anything you're just sort of being in the moments. And equipping our district like it but it was Britain and a very specific way that really are. Too late court and then getting to and I act like it usually only happen and you really wanted to. And a lot of it is I know my favorite things a lot of the last. Could be worth and that we get that we did and provide us that it only Weaver and got it completely. Make sense so I question for you guys then we're just talking about the on the radio actually earlier today that. When you got in a relationship that possibly in this movie could and would you still called. Your ex in laws in laws after the fact. I bet I think it matters how long you've been in the relationship or. How much you like them good. This could be your best friend right. Yeah I have you know like. Do you like your your boyfriend's mom more than your your boyfriend partly I think in the desert island. Should it. So another thing is different about this this that Netflix right as the Netflix original movies. Yet we didn't before the purpose that god. Ethics it was a late in the shop there was like this does that we will let up on Netflix but make it and. It didn't make the make the process different knowing that it wasn't going to be. This big budget in the feeders massive release. They know well will be better answering that if she did she just finished film which did incredible with the festival. Let us out if you take until its US parent or but I think there's when you do I got a bunch of independent movies and there's that feeling that dirt when you're governor independent movies like life hope anybody watching this I hope we get distribution for it and stuff like that. And I think for me at least when you're going to be doing this film that I do that there were there was absolutely no matter what going to be distribution all these people have the opportunity to watch it. I'll just go to the press truck was pretty exciting but no well have you know it just directed and wrote a featured so should know more about it and it. Yeah there is a lot of you need to be it like at. She television shows the parity in the eerie that there's a doctor EQ. And against the media there's more. He even bit a little bit more he went like that edit it and keep our aren't all that it never count them and how well. And and back and that the other don't know if it's anybody's guess a lot of watching it and so you can add up a lot wanna watch it and I think that's really an. I'm really looking forward to this coming out and I'll I'll be watching it once it comes out at midnight march 30 on Netflix is called happy anniversary. Ban and allow thank you so much for joining me let me ask you a question before you as leader is there really deep thinker. Is water wet. Moon right. And watching wet yes. It is. It's of course I've been told that water can't be way because the way it is an adjective and water itself can't be wet I don't understand I think to make when we got a hold the bay and I just need your guy's magical not a must come to the conclusion there. There is that the water the incidents at water's wet as. There you know. Eight. Rated you touch water you become wet so therefore that. And it is out right. Ways. I had that the water is a wet and it didn't. It is an IQ and any water on it and as Cuba's west crack if you take a defeat and I think you're right it is trick you want. If you look up and a lot aren't you or other water on it are you make that water letter. It's and myriad. I agree that the point that out and it's I quite agree at all. Good. News well. Banks are out think the plan would mean things to chat with you guys and looking forward to the movie happy anniversary on Netflix march 30 averaging a check about these two are amazing actors are great talents but thanks for joining us.