IKEA Is Open!!!

Wednesday, May 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the IKEA opening.


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Have you been to an IKEA because the motto creek is officially. Opened today and out of three of us general what us has never mind the store and doesn't understand what. The reason is for going to do so far it's Elizabeth and radar Rita Davis here. The person who has not been here is the person that I thought would have been to an audience right presented a Liz I have to come online now Jenin by and somber but my sister Libya and I've never been to IKEA and then I went on their website when I saw that it was coming here I looked online and I thought. I don't know what's the big deal about it and I hear about these meatballs and the sweetest little cake is going online is not the same experience as being in side of that wonderland. They call a key I don't get overwhelmed me there are certain stores overwhelming because their souls being an and I get really like anxious clicked like I wanna buy everything and that's not that fact likely have to pay bills your somebody who has the kind of plan like the day. We knew it IKEA is not like I'm her run their real quick for an hour for Elizabeth I think when you go you need to kind of plan what they. Is it because you watch in to a section and then all of a sudden you realize I'm going to completely redo my gadget or is it because. It's like a target where I didn't think they needed new titles for that I saw how cute these cells are worse after final. This little bit of both I'd say honestly I like the first part though I EU walking ego you're the salute really in the distant look at the living apology due it. And then you have to can be your husband who's gonna say yes probably as you gonna give those puppy dog eyes and say. Can just get this table in this table and I know you still skeptical over there ICI I think to be honest. I still think it's my style stealing that's why I don't I don't like that European modern style I like. You know the iron horse hotel that okay that's my look like that rustic. Alec antiques like that kind of stop us how many and that's why so many people the rest of the things. At about IKEA though also the Swedish meat bills obviously their top of the list but. If you're walking around and you get bored newly I'm really dig in as he did escalate on and one of the that the senate with a full bedroom and take a little map and only wonder why they let you do that. I mean usually been on these beds and we don't just one on the radio I'm Doug Peterson on the radio and said that is that what people do. I thought I'm really asking all of that you're not encouraged or. Elizabeth they have full veggie themselves for you like you walking a root in that you hold top floors you can lock the two day due to the bathroom in the Natalie this is what is definitely it's legal thing out there I want to do. Staged in queen's reign IKEA my my my daughter who wonder redo her room last month on spring break we get it. Because of ideas from IKEA seat that's what happens women go in there and they want to rearrange everything in the house and again I'm Swedish so when the saying you know I think I think the reason I'm afraid to go there is because of freight am gonna love it and then I have. No funny and I would be living on the streets and on Nike is about vikings have forty I hear date night yeah. It. Is the inner meatballs and.