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Monday, February 5th


You finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, now what? How about watching some Passionflix or picking up another sexy book! My sister Rachel, who is a librarian, is back on "50 Shades of Kay" with her hot and steamy recommendations. You can thank me later ;)

Have fun!!!!

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It's gonna get sexy here and fifty shades of K I'm your host Elizabeth K we Donna sexy podcast in a while this is a lifestyle podcast we talk about all kinds of things from paring eighteen to beauty to reality TV tube this sexy stuff like fifty shades of grain. The movie out this week the third movie in the series fifty shades freed and my sister Rachel is back to talk about it you might fifty shades of gray. What theory now Rachel welcome back screen TV here this is my favorite thing to talk about I love talking about Bucs are alleged assailant talking about sacks well that she and I. I like that parts of original one of the first guest on my podcast when it launched hard to believe a year ago this week. That's crazy in the Mac crazy I know and thanks everyone that subscribed and listens to the podcast the numbers have grown I appreciate it if you haven't shared with your friends do it. Please share with your friends lever review. This thing is. Really got a fun for me and I enjoy it because we can talk about whatever happened wanna talk about like fifty shades of gray. So what we're gonna do first though is that for re jumping into the books you can read. After fifty shades of gray which Rachel is a librarian has Lund notes and all this stopped. She's the book reader in the family it's not early to really meet Henri the dirty books now that's why this works for united do podcast together. We're gonna talk about something that you mention a few minutes ago before we started recording. Called. Passion flicks yes I never heard about this what is that I just heard about this recent. Lee it. Is apparently. This brand new launch like Netflix. But for romance so it's an on demand service its streaming. On you purchase a subscription for 599. You'll find this at passion flicks dot com smell like Appel IC KS FL I acts just like Netflix. Love got it and this is our regional contact. And it's also licensed films so you're going to see new stuff things you love. You're going to see traditional romance you're going to see contemporary romance so it's not. Like hardcore porn it's more the romantic side of it well. Yes and yaks. It has this greets sort of scale of nobody noticed was some aim for someone like me it doesn't really NASA wanna read all the bucks but I wanna watch some of this most definitely so if your reader. You're gonna love this because some of your favorite authors are having their books adapted for the screen like tool. Oh there's some really good lines that there is Brenda Jackson there's still shall list there's Alessandra Torre Sylvia DA. Really these are original movie so on you're gonna see actors in them that media haven't seen before but it's women it's a women my accompanied. It's directed by women so this is all about the female gate it's so this isn't your traditional rom com where. Two guys are gonna fight over a woman because she's just an object to be desired. This is about. Women's needs what women are looking for in a relationship. You're going to see not just. The falling in love park at the building of their relationship. So I am so excited YL product is gonna be out in the market as yeah this is really a feeling can change things up for women a little bit to give us more options and when it comes to the books that people can read it now that there into may be this sexy series like a fifty shades of gray. Rachel also mentioned to me when we were planning for this podcast. Powell there has been and a shift in what women want when it comes to romance or these sexy books. In light of what's going now with the you know hash takes me to movement and we will increase seen more awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment because complaints that people had a fifty shades of grade. Besides some of the complaining about the writing style was kind of the character of anesthesia post she just. Didn't have a backbone and actually know what she wanted yeah so wishy washy I am a Christian Tenet dictate what she ate and what she wore what they did an hour and now all of that maybe isn't what people are looking for early he said so what what do you think about the shift of what women now winds to re. Well the beauty of romances that no matter what you like to read all of these authors are strong. Strong voices and strong female attic yeah well. Gone are the days where a big British man is gonna throw a woman over his shoulder and kidnap Kurtz and his castle and then she'll have the in Stockholm syndrome and found love with him those aren't their romance novels that people are into right now. So authors are really taking care to make sure that relationships are. Two sided that consents with in a romance novel is. Vocal and enthusiastic. Yeah yeah a couple of authors that I really like Jennifer Weiner who. Who wrote big girls don't cry. She has come out and and she's a pop culture junkie she used to be a huge fan of the bachelor. And then this feminist side of her started to take over and sort of thinking about. Island romance. I grew up reading these spotted strippers I learned all about sex from romance novels. But what she started to think about is that what she liked about it was that in a romance novel. A woman gets to decide she decides if she likes to hero or not she gets to seek her own. Pleasure and fulfillment within the relationship that this isn't just. I need to find a Manning get married and fallen in love so that I can have a sexual relationship within. Marriage this is amber and firm relationship and fulfillment. So when she shifted that plan is now she's looking at the language within the book gives people. A chance to see how they ask for what they want how they see notre what they don't want. And romance can really informed that so. Even though it's a fantasy. And you have to do everything that happens in a romance you get to explore what it would you like to have that give and take. With a willing partner rather than someone. Kind of wasting their their thoughts and beliefs on you sort of what Christian grey does in fifty shades of grain rate I think it's easy it's just to see Christian grade and think. That's kind of an icky boy different. And that all eyes are a lot of money and he's got a lot of things he has to offer but I do appreciate what you're saying. And that's where at the shift has kind of happened. That's agreed to shift into kind of this disease ansari story where. There are so many great areas in his story you we talk about a comedian that's and a accused of sexual misconduct a young woman. Came forward and said hey I had this really awful. Awful day and I think many women read that story and probably. Felt something in their heart going eyes had this experience too so maybe not in to a clear. Criminal or sexual assault behavior but these feelings of I'm not kidding when I want out of this are I didn't ask for this to take this pass on this detour in this relationship. Feeling comfortable but I also don't know how to vocalize. My discomfort. So thank you so a lot of women can relate to that castle one and another author that I really like Ian DG Christopher. Had a great article in Cosmo. Saying I'm a romance writer. And I and having bad sacks I'm not good at negotiating in my personal life what I warrants. And and my putting out there this false illusion of what people can get Agassi I should be conflicted as someone that's writing about this and then what's going on a personal academic center and she's a single professional woman she's young she's beautiful she's out on the and she's stealing light. Maybe my own expectations are unrealistic. But then she kind of flipped this conversation and and and says that. These books manner it matters that she puts this out there. We are setting the bar too low in our expectations. And she's sort of making the case that romance novels. Our aspiration all the that's for the bar should be we should expect that are partners care about hiring needs we should expect. That is all actual and it's and both people's needs are being mad. It'll say evil when it comes to romance novels when it comes to TV or movies. We really didn't watch it no lean it's it's fantasy and it's fictional it's over the top. And we did almost a married a show of ten things you can see in a movie that's not gonna happen in real life like one as a guy and a barge through the airport and goal on a plane and see you. You immediate aid it's just against the world cannot play with me legally they can even happen because of security and TSA so there you're gonna get tackled if he runs. Actually I'm in late Christmas a look at it happened pretty dumb and dumber he ran on the plane wasn't even there. And that's where we know it's the icy sleet like that to happen a little bit and I think that's. That's the part of romance that people who love romance and her. Die hard romance readers. What they love about it is the view assurance that I happily ever after or happily for now ending will be at the end of the book. Since guarantee handles the guarantee and no matter what happens so. And that's where the best romance writers make these twists rethink. Oh my gosh maybe this isn't gonna work out but. And you check yourself when you go but this is a romance not and that is why I read out because there's always a happy ending but yeah it it's okay to be aspiration I mean I read a ton. A romance novels and there are things in a romance novel that I eight. As a cynic myself. Concerted roll my eyes and snicker and goalie wall Nolan would ever seen this or Nolan went averaging just right. But you get swept away in the story of two people falling in love. And think about that you read a book and you get to experience people falling in love over and over and over again which is such a beautiful thing that we get to experience in life and I that part I've been married for sixteen years I've band is my husband. Constant high school we've we've met as fourteen your world. I love him dearly. But when I read a romance novel idea to experience the thrill of falling in love all over again is that the secret you're successful marriage all these years is that Europe falling in love again with these books that our minds who have fallen in love and Adam I think it doesn't hurt right back at it does take you back to that carefree time where everything was is really innocent and it wasn't. About who did or didn't do the laundry or how much money we did or did you make this month or who is snoring or who left a mess in the kitchen yes right exactly. Well and that's really the point down. It does it for you learn a few tricks along the way when you spend with the same person for a long time out. Now I've read some books and every once in a lineup. Like a really great idea let's see how this works out real hey. Let's talk about that actually we shouldn't because mom listens to this podcast. And the last time that you were on the podcast you're talking about some of these books you're reading in high school and I center attacked us at every get access to these books and she is in high school that is the beauty of a library card my friend you can check out whatever you want it so I just set out on all ask her I guess. But sorry I'm not some of the books and all of that we are gonna talk about here are they. You election last time when you are on that there really is some teens for every one and that. People listening to this I guess specifically women don't be shy to ask. You're local librarian because you're a librarian and it doesn't Shaq you if someone asks you pain I'm looking far. A little bit of us or none at all and and there's nothing wrong with an I mean this is true in real life and in your your book reader life. Ask for what you want to try to find something that matches you're pushing your sex life everywhere pass where it. Well and he's range from sweets I love historical lows but I also read contemporary. You can go into the really dark erotic. Or you can really have to really nice funny charming isn't thing that really makes you feel like you're watching a Meg Ryan Tom Hanks you know just this sparkling wit. You haven't told us last podcast there's like Amish romance absolute do you could find anything there's Christian romance. There's male male romance there's female female romance there's. No not as romance I mean anything that you can imagine. It's in a book someone has created it for you there's dinosaur romance there is stuff okay that she just got really hot I would Garrett I don't know about that I've why. Isn't even a bit icing with people during the dinosaur tying it keeps people in Dallas are okay. Talking about but are now that makes sense that you're seeing any genre any time any part of history there is some kind of romance this is. I suppose in pretty lightning in a certain people because there are friends of mine there really are into the hole fifty shades of gray they just warrant her other friends of mine that want him more they wanted. Darker than that. And that's where you're someone that comes into play because you have suggestions Sierra. Kind of what you should read if you like fifty shades of gray yes and the topics that we've been talking about are really reflected in the authors that I he's been thinking about today. So the first one is Alessandra Torre T gold. Our REU which I should mention will have a PDF linked up at 991 the next act comic we did last time if you're looking for this and Rachel's contact information because you put together book lists for people individually. Most definitely I love to put together personalized book list because alt again you and I are very different. Yeah but this is a great crossover between the things that we do. I'm absolutely so OK I didn't mean to drop which you mentioned the first author yet and she's one that is can you be she's gonna have a film on passion flicks so yeah. Yeah so have the books have the movie so depending on how you like to experience your romance you could pick one or the other or both. And the book that's going to be put into this movie format is called Hollywood dirt. And so this has elements of kind of Hollywood Playboy actor who is kind of a man about talon. He discovers a small town that has this really interesting subculture something real housewives of maybe eagle river. And our people scene out of state that's up north that's northern Wisconsin so it does not sound right it's a small town has the subculture of these so bum my snowmobile secretly wealthy people it happens to take place in the south. So it's sort of this country bumpkin I think I folly yeah it definitely a small town died so this Hollywood actor. Discovers this subculture in the small town and he's he says great ironic movie about test. So he bring his you know his trailer and on his film crew. And he's sort of up and is this talent and the small town small town girl summer Jenkins she just hates this man. And is still upset that he is distracting her life and you know just sort of coming to town and being this really big shot. I'm so they have this. Hate hate hate meanwhile they don't realize that they're actually super hot for each other and their falling in love. And this is gonna be Greek translating to film I think because you're gonna have this of course gorgeous male actor. And this cute Georgia and gal southern boundary right so I just feel like this is going to be funny there's gonna be so much drama but because it's going to be on passion flex. It's going to be a whole lot sexier. And what you make a seat in a movie theater writes OK I love it Saddam the next author that I brought to the table today is the leash or ride. And that's spelled RAI. Unleash a rye is an author that I recently discovered. She has such a great rating style her characters are really complex and deep. She has a good sense of humor on that she kind of rates dark. Emotional. Erotic romance so this is going to be skewing really towards the very very sexy side. But because these characters are so well written you don't feel like you're reading a romance you feel like you're reading. A novel and that is not that shouldn't be. Considered a criticism but these are really deep emotional. Cycle on a lot which is what some people maybe didn't like about fifty shades of gray didn't feel it was it due to make them think as much or that the characters were very one dimensional out I love her character is on in the forbidden heart series. And Anton playbook or books and answers to so far so there isn't a new wish series and there's more to com. And this is kind of sat in again kind of a smaller talent. With a multi generational family drama some sort of has these Romeo and Juliette vibes where families are fighting. There is a wild and he eats sort of up play and the first book in the series is just I mean heart pounding. Just. Your heart's gonna break three times over and you're going to be in for this ride. It has Levy and Nicholas who fell in love as kids and because of the Stanley drama kind of broke apart. But they are they're have a really hurt him staying away from each other cell. Every year they meet once they meet once a year to hook up well that's kind of how and then go their separate ways because they just know that they can't be together. And he's really cool and stoic and reserved and Levy is just this. Creative. Open heart really passionate com and fiery woman and and so dates you have all these conflicts. Even just in their personality styles let alone all this overhanging the only drama. It is hot and sexy because they have all this push pulling their relationship. It's just so well written. It includes people of color so that area is represented if you're looking for something that just isn't. You know to middle class Anglo Saxon white people yeah there is so much more diversity in her books which is just bringing. Wonderful diversity to the genre yeah sure. And like I said this is this is hot and sexy and I love that these are great I love it know it sounds great its outlook for someone that really. Is more of we are bad either regulate this hard enough sometimes you just wanna like Rita and the next author that I bright is still shall vest she writes much more. Of the funny contemporaries that are light hearted they still have. I would definitely say and stealing a little bit more to the sexy side but she has such a great sense of humor I was recently reading about that chance. It is a brand new book I was able to get an advance copy it is one of the best perks of being a librarian sure as I'm reading this that night and I engines tackling. And my husband keeps sort of wacky movie is that what are you reading did you read it to him man. I do actually does kill half. Q acid he's like you're making me feel weird it's weird when you stand out loud. But right because he's not reading it in the context that you are in the bunker and I by acted out as a whole that hey saying. But he was seeing what are you reading and I say meaning a romance novel and he's civil why you laughing so hard. And I said it this author just has such a great sense of humor so if you love to laugh along while falling in love Jill shall this is for yo. And the book that I rad is about Kylie anngelle and and this whole series is called heartbreaker base here is concerts is group of friends that live in San Francisco. And Kylie and show kind of had a hot and heavy tests after a friend's impeachment party. And when the kiss broke the kind of freaked out and relate we're just friends but that was a really great catch one of those kisses that makes youth. Rethink all your life decisions. And so they never talk about it again they just sort of freak out and don't deal with that. So dear remaining in the circle of friends and they keep having to cross has that now more and more time has passed they haven't said anything about it. So it feels even more and more awkward. So I love when there is normal human awkwardness and romance because it makes it makes it feel like you're really watching real people yeah and a little bit of sexual tension I think is what makes these books really attractive sill and that's the best part of this book is they have this whole Leary is sexual tension and highly finds herself that she has this little mystery to solve. And Joe's job is that he's kind of a fixer like I read Donovan fixer a pack and so she has to ask for his help. But she feels awkward because of this passionate kiss that they had to answer that kind of have to go on these little stake out its and figure out this mystery and this really has a nice emotional. Emotional story behind it. But they get to know each other in this way as friends so they kind of have this antagonistic. Because they know that they have this connection and but they're trying to be friends but they also are you know uncomfortable articulating how they feel about each other. And it just cracked me up so some of Jill shout this is movie is will be in the passion flex round. But you are really sunny out his passion flex thing because five dollars and 99 cent it is a war with a cocky gets her groove and isn't worth that don't you have so many notes there and I don't want and bring a brush over anything that you brought specifically for today but would you put all of that. On the PDF file that we'll have upn nine and I won the next dot com absolutely I'll have it ready for you any last books or anything you want mentioning last point two wanted to bring up a couple more of the contemporary authors that people might wanna try if they really like modern romance. Kendall Ryan the alpha is on done series that kind of tells a whole lot more into the military an alpha male rounds so if you like a strong man. Those are great books for you. Christen pro beam. Falls into that sweet romance category. And her fusion series is about all of our restaurant that has agreed to wine selection in great menu. You feel like you're in the moment hanging out with these girls who run this restaurant together and so it's funny but also a lot of good sexy times. And then I would be remiss if I didn't mention your friend in mind. Ian Murray Walker he's not Emery locker from Elena why she has the wild wedding series if you are starting to think about royal wedding fever. Yeah. We're getting to a wedding season we're getting to Valentine's Day Omar getting into mega mark Alan prince Harry's body and I have the calendar may nineteenth now Murray Walker who like Rachel mentioned is a friend of mine who I met when I met the author of fifty shades of gray EL James an event in Chicago. Amorim a local writer got up and spoke and she's been on fifty shades of cable for. She got the idea for this last book that she wrote because. Prince hairy it was here in the states for what I mean for one of his friends and nobody knew he kind of went undercover. And she thought OK if Harry can do at the my tears in my book can do it and that's for this idea came from it she's been out to England she loves the royal family just like I do. And I love that you mention her because her series is really fun to when she funny writer OSHA has agreed sense of humor and when I had read the first book in the wild wedding series. I was like this is brilliant and especially for people who I mean what woman hasn't banned in ten letting us. Has it you know has had to be brides and bridesmaids had to be the Volcker and we all have that firsthand experience of a wedding so what a great topic to delve into for romance because. Whether you're in love and your friend is getting married or you're not quite in love when your friend is getting married. We all can relates emotions run high every aspect of it. This is my sick people can all relate to the backs on the bachelorette because we've all been in the situation be like someone they don't like us. We want the personal like us we wanna get married we don't wanna get married and all of that have been Don we dump someone I mean there some aspect you can just relate to and that's kind of like with these blocks. Let the moral of the story as there is something you know for every one. I appreciate you do we miss because there are so many people that read fifty she aids. Of grade. And they say in their sex lives it changed their sex life. It just made them. Open up their eyes to it's a can talk about the stop persecuted try new things whether or not he went all lead on the road what and a station Christian dead it really started more of this. A sort of public movement of talking about sex because all of these suburban moms are reading this block matching they had been before but now it was almost more acceptable to talk about it gives you. A language and a framework that you can express yourself and you can use your imagination I mean. What therapists won't tell you that. The biggest sex organ in your body is your brain yeah. You need a brain to being gauged in order to be receiving in getting pleasure. So books are the faster way that you can start the wheels turning about what can I do what do I enjoy we're doing not enjoy hideaway ask. For what I want yep exactly and that's why you need to go to nine and I want to mix dot com and check out the PD apparatus has everything on there. That she talked about today in our podcast including some other options again 99 won the mixed dot com. Jerry meaning because they're really gonna enjoy it thanks so much Rachel my pleasure if you liked this pat can you want to hear more make sure you subscribe. Go to your podcast app on your apple product or go to Google play and surged fifty shades of K that's by 050 shades of K. Then when you find it selected he subscribe and make sure to leave a review. Thanks for listening.