I Need A Doctor!!!

Friday, January 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about how Dr. Oz helped with some doctor duties on an airplane.


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Time for your power players report and it can be scary when you're on a flight in all of a sudden someone comes on the intercom and says is there a doctor on board now folks is your doctor or birds. For that when you don't wanna here as it was happening yield we'll have thirty year old man collapsed on a flight from New York to Las Vegas and thankfully. Doctor I was on the fly all again they. Are completely mugged I favored it. Some like a makeshift ET GE's bottom and Eddie cotton because after emanate not from doctor Oz are now leading news that can use the electorate pads it. For the planes. They EDE. He used that but I guess that the guy who is okay did survive. He's remaining unnamed he was taken to a local emergency room once they landed he had the flu at a high fever which a caused caused him to collapse I have a friend that's a doctor. Whenever he gets on a plane he does quietly tell the flight attendant I just like you know I am and a doctor in case there's some kind of emergency. Because he was on a flight one time when that was the page. And he stood up and assisted but it causes such mass panic among everybody we. Each goes off that he just goes. In front of the don't go out of his way at a terrorist say I am a doctors wanted to be sitting in case something goes on let's go it's not always like a life or death emergency when it happens but the page just. It's a real not cern yesterday. Yeah and my guess if there's not an. Is the bad thing that I mean just an it was a good thing but I want to say I have never been in this situation residents of over someone's called a doctor I don't think but I do like. That'd be a cool experience to have. They Whitney is seen some person who nobody knew the doctor also and coming out and saving this person you know I think that you really you should have been at my house isn't it. Adding to meet. I'll hesitancy in the audience still saying cool may be a powerful and Arlington maybe like inspire you the borrowers person you know is trained to do this guy he's able can't let you. Even minute miles and as a kid what my grandma was choking on. Like chicken or something like that my mom's sprung into action she's awesome she's got behind her little pop it out and ones like. Yeah. C and that happened some fourth of July my dad choked on a piece of state were all sitting around the table eating. My dad talks a lot. I was sitting next to him and I noticed he was eerily quiet I looked over his face is turning blue when he was rubbing his neck in the mail on his gentle or my mom who was an all martek. Same like you like your rally can't sprung up she told me get on the phone call Lima once she got behind and she's doing the Heimlich and a softball size piece of steak club my dad involved it's. Blake and I'm sure you're just need to cut your first car for no escaping the fact got a little smaller.