I Forgot My Keys!

Wednesday, December 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about Britney Spears locking herself out of her house.


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And just like politicians do they flip flop. To the right jobs announcing that he is actually considering running for presidency and 22. What the what just got to get that out there and it and the big story also is Britney Spears going out lot whether Dodd with her son. Realizing. She got locked out of her house hoops plot to browse for a funny picture up on social media about it magenta color security team sees she's lucky she is a security team if this happens any of us yet to call relatives him in order to call locksmith you just try breaking in. Producer it is then that I. We're already being so I lived upstairs and a duplex and so my house to get into and out of the side Dillard. And sometimes it blocks from the instantly closed and I want to take the garbage out. Without my phone without any think now that home and the door closed behind me and so when I got back on the north of the lap belt and my girlfriend and a upstairs home but she can't hear me screaming from down there let. They throw and stuff though in trying to get to hear me Jimmy Jimmy Rollins and and one of the kids who lives downstairs and the garlic opens and his give me that they blank face lake. Yeah me. Khalid and locked out think revenue directly come. OK if he allowed a neighborhood saw you in your underwear seller climb well yeah in Mumbai. Actually the notion of let's go over outselling. I'm sure your girlfriend you go upstairs nearly did you not notice I was gone I think it went for a watch Arianna you're watching TV and Internet fighter gone for awhile. None of them is going to happen but do it for a lock in your underwear handy there at that for the baby.