How's My Driving?

Wednesday, June 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk about how Radar called the number on the back of a truck to report bad driving.

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Ever been behind a vehicle that has that how's my driving sign and have you called. That number that's right underneath a little side. I'll 99 point one the mix is Elizabeth and raid on producer Damon did you do this and I did yesterday again I was behind a vehicle. Net effect even posted on FaceBook and let everybody know we're asked everybody. The only call the complaint is that why the numbers on the back of these vehicles that that's basically what I did yes it's truck cut these people off and on my own way site. Call the number 800 number that's a fair and eighty eating at it was 888 how's my driving call. Cycle. And I talked a lady and she's like it's at a national call center well these are real personality speculative get a row right. Well thank you very call and that how much driving and mine nobody wins when I call because the first and I've ever done this. I see signs all time in the back vehicles for the first of a lot verse T personal life but I don't know depends. And she's like okay. What stadium and so right away I'm like OK this is a national thinks that out there Wisconsin get away with what city and you know throw out west Dallas and a she's tell me ask me the cross streets and in all this stuff than what happened. Okay well I will lessen it along to their dispatch in them let them know thank you. That's it you're not gonna like say how I can't believe and our drivers don't do that. Yeah what do way she should negated and you hope actually actually G markets and the siege. Got three call Hillary today it's OCS knew that the number was on on the vehicle too because it always has like they deserve a company John markets is not this drivers' names that they don't take an interim it. Well on average artist as seriously as it was gas liquids you given all the lists and so this seems like. I just wages and that she pushed a button and the car just froze just locked up the wheels I thought she'd have been about a a but it's gonna at least I think a peaking and a second and then here in the background on OK yeah gains in Wisconsin game and doctor driver and now she's just like okay up as a lot. Finally know she's gonna ask that now they never call them they they probably didn't I'll probably see candidates were of different people I'm gonna call again and can you rate margins could. The other game my driver and same numbers and everything in my speech on I've posted on FaceBook and an ask the question though because I can't well I didn't feel bad that I thought. These people aggregates. Like compliments like. Man I saw the sign in back of the trucker of the car whatever delivering. And they were really courteous they let me go through this and that use their signals you recall his name is within their right turn and just he's so perfect I see story from them yet. Steady golf usually do and he called that number and complained or do you give complementing go to FaceBook dot com slash next Markey and during the conversation there.