How to stop negative thoughts, TODAY!

Wednesday, January 10th

Anyone else tired of all the negativity and bashing that goes on in the world and on social media? Me too! That's why I asked leadership keynote speaker, Jim Love to be a guest on my podcast. He's all about promoting self-confidence, self-love and positivity.

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I challenge you to be a positive voice in the world and like Jim says, "do YOU, unapologetically!"

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New year new Yale how many times have you heard somebody say that probably one too many but maybe you're actually looking at 2018 as. A year to do something better for yourself. Well it's Elizabeth K your host of fifty shades of Cain and I suggest here that I met on Twitter. GM love thanks to be your jab year lock on thank you for having me Jim Izzy leadership keynote speaker for high school students in Milwaukee he has a website go authentic to you dot com. I deem and I'm not in high school I may be some of you listening are not in high school. I feel like there's still a lot of aspects of what Jim talks about that each of us can take away to maybe have. Better look at yourself have a more positive outlook. And that's how you and I connected when you reached out on Twitter gently because that like all the Joseph about positively I am chill site has started cyber Stuckey yelled. And then we connected and here we are today. Net yet typically that's vice Versa as a fan Asia cyber stocks that have been her rights are. I appreciate it out on the opposite way that's cool yeah Ole sow us a little bit of all what you're doing at local high schools here in the watch key area I came up with about a 45 minute to one point 21 hour keynote talk can ever do all right Jeremy yes just look like a lot and get ready guy and now on this came after life experience is really which is what most speakers contributed you know our licensed Hubert I want to some stuff some good stuff some bad stuff in the last years and just kind of wrote down a ton thoughts with the help of of a mentor who does this Saturday and then the goal is if you're a student you know listen to me. Is I want to go leaves. Doing more confident in that you matter. There are so many different aspects. Of being a high school students and what they can go through with the highs and the lows in the peer pressure in the changes and and and Heathrow. Unexpected light events mean high school I lost my cousin who's my best friends to a drunk driver when we were seventeen years old and it's like. That was my first took a glimpse of okay life isn't fair that things can happen and try to come back from all of that how do you focused Yorke talks though. So breach so many students that may be going through a broad range of. Issue is that it utterly individualized focused and so part of the talkers like I asked him what the term vocation means to an inch steam Communist sickle like calm like right now I'm Mike you know as a seventeen year old kid an unexpected you know we're counting notes on rival dismiss little oversold trying to figure out this stop frank put. I challenged him to make their locations here except himself and allow himself back to it. Which is not that hard if you think about it if you're Michael Taylor I'm gonna make a decision today that who I am as a second La called beat. And then I become more effective leader because like you can't start leading people on being effective in tow your comfortable with you if you can get that when you're sixteen. If I'm at my age I sex like it's a breeze in LA I know people right now they're so. Yeah I mean for adults are listening to this are possibly still struggling with that I know I mean I feel that way sometimes to you may have a day where you're feeling down about what ever may be you know what happened at work or how you look there may be days like that and then you go on social media. And you look at everyone's life through rose colored glasses that a couple filters at. Vacations here because no one's posted the picture of them fighting with their spouse it's only them smiling at their spouse. And I can't even imagine. What it would be like to be a teenager. With social media do you touch and any of that. All right a little bit and so what's cool Bob Mears and I can euros flexible and so I listened to a school what they actually need I had one school year ago saying that social media as an issue and so there's a part of my talk right talk about what your voices likes hear voices put passion about what you stand up for. In mocha chip up in the morning what you think about when you go to bed in the morning are at right now in the morning. My voice is like energetic enthusiastic empowering and I've known that since I was like little kids so I challenge them to make their voice their thing and so I give an example. My example is when I let the student section topics like that's how I use my voice which is there really weird like specifically and let the studio acts like I would like yeah a lot chance and 5000 students would like that's what I did is our GM wish dementia like so Marquez there are people multiply that you know no Marquette Marquette. Grass so you slip you a deal yeah yes I kind of solace mama where I was you know they they didn't have that when I was there and I was like I think I can do that segment of this in high school and so. I started camping out for games this many market alumni and ought to and its first come first serve inside average just go down. Yell stuff out people are repeated that we have execs friends that came with the in my back became I think that's so yeah it's kind of fun and I mean it was one that's cool yeah our in my life but denting set like that was breasts on my voice kind of take shape you don't turn and something put. I told students like you know that might not be years I get that example is really specific and if we have a common that's great we should sparkly. But if we don't whenever your voice as you should go after that so. That goes into it may be your voice is being a positive agent of change in social media if your immediate voice caring voice. Directive voice but if you see stuff happening. In your sick of it why not make that you're saying if that's what you're passionate. Are you with that is promoting in that you know go for it and take these chances and find your voice and all of that. What out for you know it's him shoot a momentary. You have a fear or in securities what do you do because following you on Twitter being your positive. All the timing your tweaked and that did not say that's not how you really Arctic that's a tweet you can send that out you put them positively in the world and I law that was I'm talking usually if one of those days that you are just feeling like this is a crappy day what do you do. Oh yeah that's gonna happen like that you know that's okay that's ten days or make up the morning and I might say you know I'm just not Fiona are trying to make up and I think like happiness and positive it is a choice you can decide. That data link that's going to be your day if I wake up and Mike today I'm gonna be a morning person it's on attitude thing there really is at what I think people let's say that they are not morning debug because he decides to. You change your mindset here is there anything that you do specifically is there a certain song that you listen to do you work out in the morning I think caffeine image there you know it's funny I I never had coffee before a tonic my dad aren't content had never tried that didn't kind of like me I don't drink coffee in the morning share these morning Soledad people are shocked I used to many many years ago. And I started getting myself off but I still enjoy coffee but I really really haven't may be on the weekends that's dead because I certify that became a crutch. And there was a morning where the coffeemaker. Didn't work this was years ago and I was shaky I was nauseous I get a headache. I think it could do my job and that's when I realized our. I need to back off on this a little better because it clearly taking too much coffee but what yeah I think our Olympic card in this town simple but it's hard as he had to take place a seriously and I think a lot of people do that too often you know it's like. Small things I don't see of that is out AIG I do in under nevermind myself like you know like these small things are are really knock in a ruined everything you know like if you. Think about like traffic role at that like in just there's just not that many things in a slight battered should be taken. To the utmost sincerity is initially yourself light on her death yeah my humor is really soft agreement if you don't watch if you go on my website and a boxer clip. Half the time American from a sub because like that's I know what I'm going out when I'm not that match up like I decide to focus on things I am to that end. Poke fun at the things I'm not an apple and that's because I'm that's because I decided a while ago that like that's OK I cannot you know let he says attitude you know on a decision on what are some suggestions you have for people. Who want to be more positive if you feel like you're in a lol you have controlled your schedule so like planned stuffy you're excited you're the one that can do that. And I think a lot of people don't do this and often not just practice gratitude and I'm if that's calling someone or if that's like sending a letter or whenever that comfort zone is for you think about like a mentor. Or like someone who's really had an impact in your life and you know they're not with us anymore than you may be just think about when you attend them and if they are. Utilized the time they are with you because I don't think people realize that when you think someone like fatter or call someone you haven't talked in a long time. Scientifically. That helps both of you out like this is actually proven my studies entity called on. And what's the questions I am right amen I resign my yeah exactly and it takes so if you call that person you know of course they're gonna feel great because they're being thanked for somebody and it by don't realize that they did. And then for you you're going to be like I stated that it does is create a NASCAR stuff lifts you up and you know what if it's may be given five boxes of a gift card to someone like two small things that you'll be surprised how often lifts you out that's I might lock in that idea if you can I had a speaker onetime apps like the crowd raise your hand if if you know remember the exact question but like the most impact of thing you've ever said to someone. And he was like that's not up to. You don't know the enemy Nicky did a story about someone out like I've said this really impact for the music high school and he's forty now he's a tech has no idea that he's had that. But I think about it every day in Zoellick if you tell someone that had a net do you. I would say 99 point 9% handled it like no way I didn't know that you know and it isn't I. Love yes I love that you said that because that was a complete light bulb moment is I immediately thought about some Ellis said to me in theater camp when I was a junior in high school and that a young girl said. Did part of the whole group that I still think about it. Did she really has no idea idea that that impacted me on the couple meant that she had given me how she kind of thanked me for inviting her to eat lunch with our group and whatnot. So not thinking about that too and I MI it hurts like Yahoo! some that I could reach out your right now and just say he thinks are being you this is what you've done. How that would make them feel how to make me feel a whole lot. That is nice so I think those few things and an I mean everyone has kind of our own thing is your last name's Jim love that's that's six down that's star announced a consumer dot com. I'm that's that's my 100% Scots Irish centimeters where loved him about but I saw decisive resting your address your tips for final one arm you know there's a lot of things in life that are positive and negative and acting people. Understandably focus on the negatives. Yes especially right now that's what's not in the in the world peace it's like it's the the cool thing to do is to just pylon and fashion and social media asked all of that and it would mean we here at the station deal with Internet trolls. And it's really hard to sometimes stay positive. When there's so much negativity seem or. Early if you can be amend your mind to focus on whether it's like. Under new CD you know only focus umpire whatever might keep an eye on FaceBook I you'll admit I don't even go to the speed and whether it's on following people are need to do but. Keep yourself up to date you know I'm not saying I don't you know might know what's going on in the old are hermit tab but legs and we don't allow it to really you know dictate. Your life and what to do it yourself and we talked about like so you know maybe being in a wall and focusing and you know like what's so bad about yourself I think a lot of people do focus some weaknesses too much and I have like a quote that sums up how I feel about things or maybe you're not that connect your imperfections are marks of authenticity. And that is the beauty of view said the things you really bad at your imperfections those remarks have of who you are as a as a person I can as authentic leader. And that's the beauty of view so now they're really kind of day that does have 36 of 18936. Cent a comrade back catch and although 180 view add. And imperfections and I did it the first time I heard that a relief. Canada cycle level has and that makes sense that I get that I'm a starter probably hasn't come out a ton in this particular conversation because I am not terrorists and I appreciate to nominate a good. That but I've I went to speech circuit for about eight years drawing happen. That's kind of been a thing or face satellites and it's kind of ironic but it became you know like it's me dictator and and whatever adversity you're facing and and everyone that's listening right now we're facing something. It should be a part of you like that's cool like that Sony or from but it will never dictate. Right that's why some. Jim I'm so glad that your reach out to me because you are one of the positive people in this world that seems to be completely negative. I mean it to seventh on you on Twitter I think for over years. Alex here and I was a golf I'm currently liking your tweets and everything like that because we need we need more of that. So for people listening if you are interested in booking in jam. High schools is yeah I think what you George you'd Tyler do colleges to do you do anything of middle schools and I got a request for milk yes. I can't I think and the main thing for me you know I do have this one keynote that idea but I'm also just a speaker in general and I are right talks to sell. I'm an on that note too like I do faith based I thought I answered them I'm a Catholic and amber Lee part of that and in so. You know people are Nike and don't minister groups I've done during the faith which is in the archdiocese here at the elegiac tab that's 5% okay I'm high school as my bread and butter but certainly there's messages that middle school conceding here there's messages a college students who do yourself. The main thing about me is like I won't just commenting gives Iran and talking leaflet. I work with Jim and I make sure you know that this is this is what they need to hear what your biggest problem and school is right now is when I'm gonna find what you're dry. Success in high school days sometimes DT here from other people's cultures are at our teachers are important parents absolutely important. But sometimes that's in one ear out the other because there's here in those voices and yes your new voice ride number early you know like the difference between me and other speakers I've seen in this was what I wanted to do after seeing speakers as I'm real that's the whole point like I gave stories about like an ex girlfriend about an old box set like. I want to emotionally abusive things and and like this is Warrick got me 20 yeah sharing that summation of people another there is a way out. Of that type of thing and I read a whole different conversation but I wanna connect of people. Good for you this is so great Jim I love you reach die that we're talking. And if you want to get ahold of Jim Morgan are linked everything up at 99 won the mixed dot com thank you summary general I appreciate it if you enjoyed this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure you subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of cake. Make sure your on your iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than it should be a little button where you hit subscribe there's also a little button or you can hit every deal I'd love it if you left to review. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of Cain thanks so much for listening.