How to stop a bad moment from ruining your day! (Explicit)

Wednesday, August 22nd

You're running late, you spilled your coffee, now you're stuck in traffic and you're currently in a fight with your spouse. Sound like your morning? It's happened to me too and then I feel like I'm crabby the rest of the day.

But it doesn't have to be that way! In this podcast, I'm talking about an article I read online in the The Huffington Post about how to stop a bad moment from destroying your entire day. It gave me some good perscective and hopefully it'll do the same for you!

To read the full article from The Huffington Post, click here.

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Are you happiness at crappy day maybe it's not today maybe it was yesterday well we've all done and that was me last week. And it was as if the universe knew I needed a little pick me and I saw an article on the Internet from the Huffington Post it was called how to stop a bad moment from destroying your whole day experts share tips that work. If you know like. It actually helps my mood that's it we're talking about in today's podcast let's get started. You're listening to the fifty states and tape podcast with host Elisabeth OK a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Game but not always saying this is fifty shades of K. Crappy days. Are the worst. So last week it started with I woke up late. Super fun yeah I know you've done there. And then it went downstairs when my docs have thrown up which maybe even later so I already had my mindset that today was just gonna be a complete (%expletive) day. And I got to work and the printer wasn't working and the Internet was slow and you know what any kind of piles on. So like I mentioned before I was on the Internet and for the morning show we're always clicking around looking at articles and all of a sudden an article showed up from the Huffington Post. It's by page CNET. And I laughed at the title how to stop a bad moment from destroy your whole day. I was about two hours of my day and nothing had seemed to be going my wages yet. These aren't even things that I should of gotten that mad about it nobody died not like I was pulled over by the cops in the morning but a gentleman by the name of Josh clap now a clinical psychologist said that negative thinking can have a domino effect. Are you nodding your head yes you know exactly what he's talking about any said the next event or situation that has a greater chance of being interpreted through this filter that one bad thing leads to another bad thing and then you start to feelings I eighty or sadness or guilt or anger and it's like this spiral effect and even though we can't always control feeling bad about something. We can absolutely control how long we feel bad and how we interpret the situation so hot he bounced back. They see number one observe your emotions. Now let's them say I'm pissed I'm angry I'm frustrated. That they say keep curious about why you are feeling this way talk yourself through the experience number two. Remind yourself that you might be interpreting the situation incorrectly. I'm guilty of that. Yup and it chief psychologist by the name of Simon read Al said that everybody has a tendency to distort mutual situations into negative experiences. Why do we do so from reading this part of the article might take away is try to put yourself in that person's shoes gives someone the benefit of the doubt think about what else could be going time. Or think about what could be the best case scenario. In these types of questions can kind of help you get out of your own head number three concentrate on the facts when you feel overwhelmed. This simple exercise can put things into perspective in this article they even suggested go as far as to fold a piece of paper that write down all the facts of the situation. Things that you know for sure put that on the left side and on the right side right dot all your worries assumptions and fears. And direct your attention back to the facts that sort of helps you teacher controlled act instead of letting the situation could chilly today. Number four traded positive he practice Oprah said that if you put together our gratitude list. That really helps you put things in perspective I'm trying to do more of that as I can get caught up in my own thoughts I can get anxious to go. I stress about things that may not even happen and gratitude journal. Kind of brings you back to your center is no matter what you have going on in your like you have at least one thing you can be grateful for number five is not always easy. To get out of your head in my husband's listening to this he's laughing because he'll tell me sometimes I do in my own way. You do that's the best way I can get out of my head. Is listen to music. I put together some playlist lot of upbeat signs and I'll listen to that and it usually help change my mood maybe go for a run call a friend to ditch your nails done go for a walk doing something else to get out of your head or get out of your Hollis organ out of your office that can help diminish those negative thoughts and number six. The last point checked in with yourself maybe what you're dealing with is really a bigger issue maybe it's time to talk to a professional maybe it's time to speak up to your family and friends or your workplace and say I'm taking on too much I need help. Delegate there are plenty of resources out there were gonna link them up and 991 enix dot com some of these resources the Huffington Post mentioned like web sites for the anxiety and depression association of America and the association for behavioral and cognitive therapies you are not alone. We've all had crap days and my hope is that this article maybe we'll help turn your crappy game into a better one thanks so much for listening. This is then that the shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth technique if you enjoyed this episode chair up and make sure to subscribe I chants and even revealed. Thanks for listening.