How Many Is Too Many?

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about how many cats they have.


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You're talking to Chris just a couple of minutes ago and we called her the crazy Kelly she got a laugh about it because she told us she has forecast put her mother in law has a lead in the cats July in my house. Died so many do ads but can people are passionate. I've learned on the show not to say anything bad about cat people because they won't come after you. They also their claws. I'm telling me even if they're declined they'll show their club even mild sister were three cats shall sunny attacks since they don't respond can't people are cities saw DL some with a lot of chaos fallen for. 791999. How many cats test do you know someone that they have. About idol aren't weighed about five that sounds like that number to change. RA was evident in our what are different. Collison there's more than I hold her own. Do you like cats are. So yeah that's a thing I can remember I was dating a guy who had a cat once and I woke up and the cat was layover in my neck and I was convinced she was trying to kill me like you get off insides. A problem. Are you committed this guy long term UK with a five cats and everything that comes with it. As. Reggie your mouse sensitivity setting it up there at the Alter how I do yeah how. Aren't you read your paper get. Hit a test that thank you for calling we have five Elena could be they'll be eleven that we had from chris' mom. Christopher first. So you know someone that had a how many cats herded cardboard. 35. We yeah if you're a copper mine and you would wipe out every week. He had 35 Barnes can't he defeat holy cow bleeds he didn't have those six that obviously like Bob Barker would be really upset about this. There a probably you are well while in Britain. He is a walking billboard for wide Bob Barker does that habitats they neuter all I got 35 so really Clinton's. This becomes the keys were the can actually take over the farm if there's 35 barn cats. You're them. Minority they can take over the farmers do it's like it's a horror movie anything right for pretty much while Christopher ROK we really didn't expect but 35. That takes the cake. With that I can't district of your best bet much. I. I got through the beard here pretty it's been operating talk bodily. Did you get any better than that they are biggest ever true it would but by hype bird.