How Many Times Do I Need To Tell You... - Part 1

Wednesday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talked with a caller who is tired of explaining her birthmark to people.


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What are you tired of explaining it. So this all came about because yesterday we were talking on the show about how all the pulp has a black right and wanted to talk to people that have black guys and Heidi get your black guy. Well this alleged that Whitney calling into our shelves explaining that she doesn't. Have a black guy but she has a birth mark by her eye that every one asks. Do you have a black guy and here's her story. Okay and they go look on me and it always thinking what happened near the birthmark. Colleen and there. You know as if they're explained my current market. And every single human being at least means it is a right now has now one thing that they are tired of explain. I've valuable life can take. It is your top one what happened last McCain. The pirates are thrown out there. Talked about a month FaceBook he'll answer all your questions on number two of the will be beefing you know I get asked a lot about the baby thing of one and I haven't baby. I've been very open about my struggles to get pregnant and had a miscarriage and I get the whole talk of have you tried idea of go to my doctor had made an acupuncture had you drink your greens. Have you done these vitamins don't think about it do you think about it take your temperature caddie and I mean I can go on and on an. But I want to put on my shirt. Like I love that everyone is concerned. It. I'm focusing on what I do have a mileage an apple personally don't have these days but yet to explain I have to explain to people like Pristina the advice. I've tried at all by the way not idea that charges about everything so tactics that got that. They do have a thing he read all of that thing so what does it for you what he's tired of explaining on why am so sure like amateurs do in the family. My brother island hotel you not buy it six issue. This is bash this okay so evil and they ask you. Why why he's so should I mean there aren't so start but no thanks to an X and mom who's a little bit short of the media all pay you money you got from her again from I am I'm brother's like sixty dollars Lego dude. How did you get the high heat. Let's go and I'm here but I just explained that. So what I'm short so why did little to really say I don't know ask god. Mode when numb and on to beat the doctor when I was three years old he said to make Mittal put shortening onion and that's what happened I don't know Simpson's stupid Internet trying to muffle it okay that DNC should totally do dumb stuff so there's a kennel like Nevada line right now join join the club we're all venting here 4147991099.