How to look your best when you feel your worst

Monday, October 30th

How DO you look your best when you feel your worst?? Is that even possible? It is. Thanks to the book Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer by beauty expert and breast cancer surivor Caitlin M. Kiernan. Host Elizabeth Kay talks with Caitlin about these tips to help you look your best!

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Every want another putt last year fifty shades of K and I am really excited for our next guest its case clinic. Tierney and now she is an author of the new book called pretty sick. The beauty guide for women with cancer. Thanks so much for being now with me first of Russia welcomed to the Celtics Sabena and but I will first heard about that I thought we did the beauty got for women with cancer I didn't really know what to expect from this block a nicer so do and so did dean. And I started cyber stalking you and I was reading about your story that you are very qualified to talk about the news. Your beyond beauty expert editor author producer you also are a breast cancer survivor. Any am and the third I cracked a. That's fantastic and with that being in October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I thought it was a great time to teach she wanted DC decay and talk about your book put. Tell us a little bit about your story and kind of knew what happened and where this idea came about it. Watney it was chip out and well the bite out of I 42 birthday. On me. Was going for it one tiny bulb over and out. You didn't like my arm great regret and I now extinct. In my last night out of the earth and that I felt. What was the key I. Lot and you know I mean at the click on the waiting to upgrade I activate our hero story. Yet and yet right at Whitney and up against a lot a lot did not shop onto main brands. I am and ended up happening it sonogram and I app V neck and burn that I as. 819. To eat that apple cart Sonoma. On in my right and that began electric and half years. I read eat their ill can't picture. Yeah I can't even imagine him and searched it changed her whole life to teach Kelly how you look at everything. And yet I mean it I feel like you're a story on the night. Might I completely changed that strip not the early for the work that I mean I think that the only thing that cancer. And being you know the belly that experience and it it. But I don't buy lot came on that remain in terms of spiritual emotional growth and that kind of those things a certain Taliban. Now crazy I had in a good eye surgery is in total. The final one being at double mastectomy and looked Eric B and you know. It not a low or small journey for me it was two and a half years before. My everything was done with my reconstruction and everything so it a long haul you know I certainly didn't expect it to be that all. Yeah we'll indeed also didn't expect one data be told you have cancer either I mean it just changes it changes everything and your book. What I love about the cover of the book a pretty sick to be guide from and with cancer is due role how to look your best when you feel your worst because you work. I mean is it safe to say going to one of your worst hardest times that how can you feel and look your best when you're going through that. Yeah you know I think things are when and in that. Cancer treatment has come so far. In terms that they see it and then and you know Madison street on the all the things that made it a situation where you have hibernate home during your recovery that how you go without. Work and putting your hand on the and me out brand and it working out on situation though. You know for me I was going to work I'm still working I at their job. Dealing act so I want it and make sure I'm able to care for myself my body and put together kind of he kind of looked. Yeah I mean you I don't do you wanna go to work looking light. In Al I was Od death to wire Sharon that they're. There are many weird conversations for us so you know when I was able but I don't look like myself a little bit we'll gather at apple apartment a little bit. It really powered through and how they. That was kind of why it started to write the book. And what are some of the tips that you can share here on the podcast I love just the chapters alone there's one that says. This stinks there's not one that's called tick tock. Dubbed main event to Maine as in hair mainly thinkable horses Maine to eighty mile beat oral care steam polished. You are in the fashion world I mean you were on. Beautiful people in Hollywood and some of the designers stylists what are some of the tips. Yellen in the spotlight brought. We outnumbered because you know I I started to go online buying which. In Bernie has navigate the aipac I was young eclectic kind of like mean in my own personal. I and that ELE. And I eight wasn't finding that information on liner in any kind of book there was no one expert at it out. I really caught all the important like that that I interviewed for the magazine and all the act. We're making contact with an eight. Really need some great at you know start that ball. By regulating chronological order like what happened share body in the water of the treatment out. Yeah I am all is all about now and it's like now like Nolan thinking about out when they're going in new cancer treated. So I mean your finding out you're probably at your breath cutting into my good thinking OM EK and commitment but now. But it does that you know how are you now you and and why how your body lotion on your end and it yet and on and it changed me cope outlining can actually even. Increase the amount and then memory and that and linking those. Product surely your treatment like the very. I don't want like I always made everybody shelled all your Icrc on from there as you can. In that journey because I let you use your pop elect than memory or how high note that the product you. Either your first state you know are you going for your surgery or like create the little things like app you know every chapter is. Build with. Different tech on how to shop our way had it had to choose the Writely for you there's so many different kind of way out in the attic. Combo will air it overwhelming. You know I thought about actual Hulk because it. 90% of women will have on board factual the function after cancer treatment and nobody talks out. Week one that's actually say that down again why isn't. Ninety per cent on every one that experiences cancer treatment in the air and or radiation. While at some form the actual the function whether it. You know I don't know how my house. You're right people don't talk about that. Yet they keep. And I and nobody in the and I would volleying you know what I would that the best. Cancer and that is unique because I was feeling ancient and on I had all of my surgery. And now I'm not I live with even the medical team and you know they're up and getting you healthy or not. Really focus on your hair or you're at night a true you know at eight Arab Arab they've got other things. But it just wasn't really information that was getting me at the page and though when I I'd write the book I all know that I need to include that information because there are little things that can be done and do all that. Many of the side back that you're dealing with and why not have that information really company. They went changed. In my recovery and I'd like a. What a gift that you've really given people to put a book together like this because page by page as I'm just yelled scrolling through it. There's no trustee for your post cancer body because your body has changed. Had scars and Indiana as you also brought up if you're someone listening to this podcast that isn't struggling with some kind of it. Illness but someone in your life is and you try to wanna do something for them median. It in your book music just gifts for people that they can really soft Kashmir. No blankets are really nice roll over a two JAMA is or zip up hoodie sweatshirt things like that that can be company. We all this is such useful information Keylon. Thank you. And I knew a lot Angela yeah I went to get the in New York Jets to be able and you have a the sort of like it and hit a really. Turn me away to pay it forward. So all the women that would come after me you know it such a really hard time for so many women and it'll if they get their act at. Occurred and though in the at like if there's a more well of information act and how apple one and get rid ion with a little bit more are. Control over her locks and dignity and an IE you know and then I didn't really get an at bat. Yeah absolutely and it's a book that's gonna really help people and open up a lot of eyes. I mean again it's called pretty sick the beauty guide for women with cancer it could be given as a gift to someone and perhaps of your loved what is going through this like you said. Almost read it's a final Q what are they experiencing what could be going down with them. You can understand a little bit more of what some of the struggles are Hubert is sane a million times it means you work in the world of beauty. When you look good you feel good and yet you act that I know it's our proper grammar. There's a lot to be said about that if you're going to something like cancer your whole world's been flipped upside down. You still want to try his best as you can't appeal like yourself even tell you dealing with so much on the inside. Well yeah I mean how much of it is really get out like just having the control like. When I would buy insurance and I had no I'll like you know my I don't know. I mean what was going to be Connie at and I certainly didn't know what if I made it through what went out and at her all was that done. Certainly like you can control. You yet. A little bit about your body and feel like you're out it it it it's there and how you can go in the world like if it is. On app and that I would end up going to a magazine where in on around it I actually in beauty he'd ball. Talking alacrity it then and not even look like my out like that well I mean you know that for me this book isn't. I'm not out on how to look pretty as it is hot crowding and how being in Howard. On the journey. Yeah I'm feeling like you said like you had your control. Back that year and have a little to control what's going on in your life now key let life. And shirt you know before cancer when you found out the only light was one way and then you had a diagnosis and now light after he talked a little bit about that like. How is your like different now that your thank goodness you are cancer survivor. Everything that there and I mean you know on eight. Emotional standpoint I feel like I. Really try not be positive during the journey to find the Oprah lining that the RPI think that added is it. Help me get through it but it all coached sort of changed my brain a little bit because I really emerged in being grateful for everything that is in my life. But I know I just need to hear it changes like I I I quit the job as a working at the beauty director because lately I don't want an. It very happy no ball I was at the time I I welcome it we are in the nine years who was it like. Stalling on getting Mary I like I literally like. Like you know what you gonna make radical change. And read. Let me get happy I think for me it all in Al. In Chile in that time on earth that we whatever how however long that is I really want it may get quality time in the and I just. Sort of approach like that way I. Dreamed that I had given up on what I never know what if authentic it ever written a book as a writer that the leader. Dreamed could be at offer one day I would like I'm just been at it why wouldn't I want it get cute at. And I eight think that changed my old are active on the age of now let the little things they are saying yeah the important thing happened to look at and the rest of Olga. Everything you're saying it I mean I had sort of an eye opening moment when you're talking about this because it sadly it shouldn't take it cancer diagnosis for all of us to realize you have this one shot to do exactly what it is that you wanna do with your life. And you mention in the UN SA relationship with your boyfriend of a nine years in me. Taylor the holder from podcast so we could talk about because my doctor we. And we all know people are better in a situation similar to that whether it be professionally or personally. Where it's like you know as saying (%expletive) or get off the pot type thing. You've turned your life completely in a different direction you were forced to you're forced to have to make you turning your life because of what half pound. I think when you sit and you know when I was sitting there you know me. There was the question. Nagging knee are out I you know when I was that and it went by now out of the pack in. Now that the cancer is that you turn on the path happening you're stealing you know and all the current stop by now have a chance what he'll do it. How are you going to emerge a more core rate all. Appreciate is. One and who goes after what she wants and get by how are you that it did and I really you know. I'm not happy in my job and not in my relationship and not not and I'm not happy in a lot of way here and take a lot kind of make that change like I be here at that point because if nothing else. Pollute the tee now he needs that he. Is a light I eventually one day look back and I am proud to lit. You are given me goosebumps. That is powerful stuff because there are many many people that listen this podcast firm several reasons. And we talked a lot about you know making it changing your life and don't try to be fearless about it and be honest about what you really winded. It isn't easy at all I mean my personal experience and went through a divorce I was married for seven years aren't thinking this is going to be hard and what are the gonna say it. Can I do this and is just the right thing it's all of that stop and then when you look back you're like yeah I went with my gut that was the right thing and you had a second chance. And you are run in with that and you're kill and it. This does is fantastic any deciding the total us and and Kathie Lee. I mean at some. If I had bought like forty years now whenever and that this would be the end result but I do believe. The universe rewards you for your bravery and it rewards you for your gracious. Right and pat you know if there's any let and I know at on the court that it that would be lit up rape like. Yeah how lit a gracious wife and find your happy because it's not in heat and we don't have a lot of I didn't. Is it that the journey toward the outfield at learning on the Arctic cold and molest and. And MI thing to add on that's you is don't settle life is too short they are not happy there's something else out there for you and do whatever it takes to find it. Q and I we just admit you now just through the fall and I follow you on social media and everything which by the way we have blinked up at 99 won the mixed dot com if you want to connect with Caitlin. I love everything that you're sane and what you stand for so thanks for being on the book again is called pretty sick. The beauty guide for women with cancer how to look your vast when you feel your worst I keep an am cured and big hug you threw the phone thanks so much for being at fifty shades of cant love to have you back sometime. I would love to come back the great thank you so much for having me. If you enjoy this podcast and you want your more make sure to subscribes you can be updated when there's a new episode so to subscribe just podcasts on your Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or you lose your Google play app in the search backs tight end at fifty shades of K. Now the fifties spelled out so it's 50. Shades of Kate once the podcast comes up click on it and then hit the subscribe button and as always give any comments or suggestions for the podcast. Feel pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at That's Elizabeth K a Y radio at Thanks for listening.