How Close Is Too Close?

Wednesday, December 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about how Kris Jenner moved in across the street from Kim and Kanye.


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How would you like your mother a lot of across the street or maybe you're not look across the street can't. The gender card ash in damages got a little bit closer because Chris Jenner bought a house right across the street from him crashing economy last. Now that three of them and the kids all live together at one point when humankind you were working on their house. And Christian I just said in an interview I miss living with them. I don't really miss it now she's across the street but Chris I don't think they miss you don't think these and indeed there's a reason. Now moved out. Our family had a situation happen in the via my sister and brother in law they bought the duplex across street from my parents. And live their firm. Years. Yeah I mean I mean up and offered to reply to my sister bought our childhood home really. And they moved out yeah. And it wasn't like oh come over to help and make food in all of that type thing it was just really was convenient I mean they they it was great to have across the street he cut the apron strings and get out on your own. I couldn't do that they need a little bit of little little space. You know it's in city understand okay same block right next door right across the street it's come on let's all all boundaries of the people just respect them. That's great while my duplex I'm not register me upstairs and that was three years. And it was fantastic she's very independent she does her own thing fulltime job travels and had barely czar you guys elect. You know that's a sit down right there Everybody Loves Raymond Taylor coming and put it but I don't have that kind of mom that is. Hungary in all our. Let me just some food that's not what my not my mom's very independent so I guess it depends on that. And I agree with your your people I know with with. Parents and analog it would just be in your business all the time you be too close notice you're doing last night. But pretty darn good about. I window and I site you name your lines caused you and Greg can you imagine how redecorating the living room there. No let's be real houses that. Jenner Kardashian group have probably on the house's that we had grown up the video it's probably right across the street it's probably like five acres away still she's right there. Finally take watching you dig a golf cart right over across the street guy. There are some top picks it's our job and I don't discount that we have in the mouth to. Maybe the senate carrier pigeons back and forth to get messages. And that's an idea either they're gonna have like inter comes at a going rate of -- and forth so yeah she's up across the street from Kim Kardashian and Kanye last.