Hot Dogs, Cool Cats, Zoo News & Bacon Jam

Friday, July 6th

Dave and Hannah talk about why July is the best month, whether or not banning straws is discrimination and vacation time in medieval times. Plus, find out which bag of chips is the best bang for your buck. They also drink beer and talk about BACON JAM (recipe below). 

Bacon Jam Recipe:
1 large yellow onion(thinly sliced)
Half of an apple or pear (peeled and thinly sliced)
6 slices of bacon(chopped)
1/4 cup Brown sugar
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1)Cook bacon and remove from pan.
2)Add onions into the bacon grease and cook on low until caramelized.(About 40 minutes) 
3)Add fruit and cook for additional 15 minutes
4)Add bacon, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar. Cook for 5 minutes (until vinegar is cooked out)

Store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks. 

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Wish we didn't. Hello and welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I have your post. Dave and of course I'm joined by. My cohost my best friend. My girlfriend my everything. Yeah we. And those killed us Hannah aria. Also joined by. Our two cats fit isn't dale because. This episode not being recorded from in the box studios and actually in the the Hannah and Dave household because it's right up but studios has spots on yelling and don't tell her about how to honor dealt away from the water. We don't have air conditioning in the studio but in the regular house we do and we're spoiled so. We're inside a mean it is July. There's going to be part of the podcast 'cause we got some fun stuff today we got out. Got a couple articles that Hannah and I each found we got. Your taste in order to do for you as an interesting sour beer. Whatever that means. And our four guys that I love my power again to me Beers Beers left by love beer tastings. We also have a recipe for bacon jam for you because a lot of people are asking me. What bacon jam is because. Since it is July. It since July is national hot dog month. Every week I'm going to be. Making a new hot dog with your god does help a top teams. I gonna do some suggestions you'd let me give me suggestion that the 99 on the mix FaceBook page my producer did pace the page my David Stein FaceBook page it's Graham. At experience today of but for you can find again as all those places but the first thought I had made was. Bacon jam Mac and cheese and ranch dog. And it was fantastic its hands on recipe for bacon jam. I and everyone has been asked me about it that figure that'll give you got a recipe at the end of the episode imagine reveal what the the pick was for the new hot look at this week. It's from what are you guys where can people that just hot dogs and that. Via all my social media and Iraq where you went out give myself my team that I had that I aspire to lower that paktia. You can talk and they're too high suggestions are here's Egypt suggest here's days there and eat. Peanut butter. Penal. Lots of vegetables off he loved and alleges that blue Chea long the worst of the genes make you mention all enough probably not gonna get picked. But it suggestion anyway. But before. We go to that's my talk by July a little bit because July is my birthday month which is so crazy that I didn't know. That July it was national hot dog month and hot that my favorite food. I literally I used to wake up. In the Marty in 1030. Straight ascent to the microwave. Huge she's dogs in the might weigh 45 seconds wrap that up the paper towel. Frozen cheese around it and put it in the bond the last ten seconds no paper towel. After that dogs. Ever. So raw and Boris mentioned that the had to know that national hot dog month also July national ice cream month. Think it is that it cannot play all hall actually no I did not act custard Costa because we're stats and roll countless acts. And also what happened in July is the hot dog eating contest with Joey chestnut. Dominated. I hadn't broken on record 74 this year which. It assailant I love hot dogs I would never give up that kind of I don't think anybody in that contest loves happen now there's nowhere that you enjoy how aftermath. Of that and it just feels that. They're really soft and stuff like had bonds is drenched in water yeah now the last minute I am pretty sure he broke the record in the last 40000. So upon them about July to the great month it's a fantastic month. Again because Robert. Saw before we get started let anything else. It's time. President next. Okay. Did you know the I think that in the long Eagles lose a better. On one wing and they will shed a fatter on the apple isn't one to balance themselves out. Really. Then the craving this past. Clinton. That's. So they have to be a winner click next their flight or something that the back because a lot of Eagles can might fly without flapping their wings very happily sore right they solar and so if you have like dislike and Allen. Neither of us on currency Eagles. Next the politics go back reference that's all references and we'll let that. DL is. There it is the better you only got to meet again I'm afraid of the leader Harry is gonna take. Fans is terrified of an air gun and incidentally. Goodell runs torts and that you get a bullet and then rental. Fascinating stuff just like and a dozen other animal facts for you. Are all the cats are afraid of nerve bullets or younger can. Loved. And you got the articles for Belgium and do let's hear your articles before I tell you my articles how about that. While both minor kind of like. You know depressing. It's that little Google startup depressing and get this an example that don't turn this off that's not really depressing and I promise you. It. First article I have. Cents. The average American worker. Takes less vacation time than and the evil hasn't. Helped. Was Asian or middle of a thousand times so their wives are off a flight back in the church and everything's a working Sundays with illegal. You were not allowed to work. Real had to leave the house we're in recent. Well I would bet that it runs I would know if I was around now Norton. And then Senegal a lot of their jobs revolved around crops and when there's just when it's winter cold is no crops. How can you really work you know and now we're in the age of like technology where you always have your phone and you there's no excuse can't respond to an email. So you. Blitz of the article says that. People nowadays. Taking more vacation well vacation time. The act like in the article this medication time in the hasn't times though like I know because mostly I was around but yeah. They I mean but they also there was lots of like mandated. Parties and festivals to keep up more out I was reading that to like a lot of alienated party mattered and adds. I don't know you know you're not. Did you get drew and so. Because you're on vacation yeah. Education that they yes they force people to go on vacation and it wears like nowadays you're lucky if you get like a weekend vacation. That is the. I believe I wish I lived it hasn't fat and it's set up an. It happened here prop up to half a year so what what years are peasant does this lady all times a year probably like. The game early rounds times twelfth century. And. Yes they did application shaking your head chopped off twelve saw its figure out I mean I don't again at a press thing that's. All that's not the pressing because well because I thought I wouldn't trade. Like exactly you don't want you won a modern day that I can write operas like you have to live in the times a year on you know part of this from eagle campaign about looking good against them and that's tough night. I cannot overrule I don't think use. After yeah that the public which I've read an article. Not alone so well and don't feel alone that they've done here for you I never felt alone and just. Never been able to. It's feared could. So I did for another moral lesson learned. Medieval times you can rage because you were forced to know of the moral of that story is as what are we do being quietly ticketing or vacation days per year yes back then. Excellent you and other island you updated on it I want you idiot doesn't violate your articles and TV or another Damir and other on. Past I write how many inland and the union. Person. Breaks been brought to you by. Green green onions. Just green onions but they're green green onions two shades of green. No shades of light delicious and every sensible. IRA my next my next article it wasn't really articles on those lake. FaceBook India's economic craftsman is crying over and they have the subtitles on it I don't actually exactly contest that's an idea just like the list or watch it on now I am I'm having Hillary is pounded out sound now is so much sense in this if there's doesn't know what am Africans up no way that no way no matter what don't sweat. No matter what. The headline has no quit quit. Don't know why but this article. It was about or this video I guess I should say it was about three hot everywhere is like in banning plastic straps yet including where I work most of the places invade you I feel like it before I press B Corey and I and us. I'll say it out on the strike user I apologize. But I just enjoy drinking drinks out of this drama and it depends on what the drink is that your drinking alcoholic beverages out of the straw that is so much more fun my with a grand days in the London and I straw and tiny little strap I. I think that this does not mr. But like. Every time you get a glass of latter her strike you need extra. We drink it definitely I mean but you don't need one and it and it's like it's the tradeoff is that you know save the unit that yeah I get chairman of the universe again. So what's going on that video so in this video. There's this girl her name Alli and she says that she feels that. No more mark places banning plastic straws is discrimination. Against. Those who have disabilities like her she has cerebral palsy. And she can not drink. Liquids without a straw that makes sense. Break that makes sense and like or if she station has to start choosing restaurants now based on whether or not they have perhaps not banned strives. I hate that I mean I agree with that I I think that and like the the medals. I mean she can't use for hot drinks so bills aren't always so practical many restaurants disintegrate as available to us that's a direct health. Issues related to her directly opposed to it in direct price stability don't just drop it into action getting to a fish yeah. And it's not I think your point of view it's not like she's like I'll multi just like she can act. Straight without so what. I mean I guess the situation and surely you know I don't know I guess it's a Sunni. Bad. That you pretty given parameters by your doctor about what you can't you can't use. Such rally. Maybe has their own tool yet on the straw which you can bring there ray that's what I was thinking rake. I want an island where I was pocket knife in my purse I was happy Hansen yeah I hear that. They're just things that you carry on with you because you know I wouldn't want to be caught out in public with Al. And I think that she. I mean she is. An exceptional person and she the many exceptions she probably has lots of things that she Zakaria public. Why not one of those recent house Strauss that relate. When those pointers you know that teacher yeah they really like it telescope issuing got to do anywhere else blonde yeah yeah you have wicked out. Flailing at that they're welcome to. And then it even has like a little squeegee that comes with its easily and it because I hate that's the thing about plastic reusable plastic top of their so hard to clean. And using open oh it in the cup that we don't yet like I hate you used yet like you get Gugliotta and only be a brother out so the development right and I never use them again because there's compliments on May yet. The squeegee cleaner that's fascinating actually I mean. Straws really the bigot but issue all I ever appoint viewer I don't think stressed that it ever have been. Nothing yes we're all like. I'll take my strong as he should never happen in the first place. When you don't need but clearly luxury clearly some people need them to drink. And insulation have been made like just for those people who need maybe the thriller you know like the first draw was made maybe. There's a place there's one we are talking 'cause. At the place where Austria we don't use struck except for in bloody marys that is the only drink that would put extra. And I just a restaurant I don't think it then. He and but they're the stakes are hollow and so you it'd be sticking to your money's and that's your straw and you're snack that figure that lets get real. We all those trophies become liquor. How many times that you as fat how many times have used that black rain out and just know all up yeah. Adult and now. You get liquor engineer like here's your drop in little snack. You get invited down like that with sprite who didn't actually hit it out with that and you don't even if you don't like liquid yeah that it'll biodegradable in days. Wow yeah cholesterol. Which is obvious salt. Content you're welcome to turtle you're welcome. You got to Nazi animals. Yeah those two articles and welcome back unity in your chaotic. I know more words and a members that aren't so I got a couple of articles to. And my first on his food related because obviously with hootie has because game that's fascinating fascinating article it's. From food beast. And it said that the study reveals. Which popular chip brands have the best chip. Empty air. Ratio. And the air re let you know legal by the agent from the storage Ali all like puppy yeah that area up to this an agent you know open and tips that -- and the bottom quarter of the bad but you know why they like there's a reason errors and you want to Aaron that. Why text it cushion your Chet snug in his little aggregate aren't. Each other. If you crush the bad. Which that can that's what happens during transport as they get crashed. You want to air in there that are finally making balloon while news educated so much there yet I always go for the bad that feels more. Fluffy. So you know I thought there bag meant in you know lesson yeah. Yeah I'm hopeful but it was actually work. They thought they did for the study. What it took fourteen different chip brands all pretty well known you know. Frito companies you know she goes ruffles. To read those three note to Steve goes. How funny that all chips and it goes she owes an essay. And she doesn't mean for bats pretty well because also well they have very few tips. Well let's. I ask you what what do you think out of fourteen. I'll tell you right now that bent to them and ask your aunt and asking the most in the east. They're not like brands that you would and they're they're chips yeah it now Natalie you know some men and cattle and cattle sheep for Kate had. From last loss Angel east's sole chip brand like to bring a select or do you think has the highest percentage of air. Per bag of chips. Little and then and. So name. Apparently just like race. Lathe is not the most percent of airfield the latest on the list laser is 41%. Than what chip brand do you think. It is. The least there field. All the chips it well probably pretty. Well. Close of the secondly how is it pretty active so it's 48% air. It's. Labels 41%. Vote beast filled airline's results in 19% air and I think. And access to good for the title is a little bit yeah hollered to grateful. And it good to enhance the freed has barbecue twists and they're actually on the pictures that you achievements. But I don't think that matters. Job I don't think I on the guess at what the most one of the most airlines. And it's she goes which you thought is still the miles which actually is the most here. So they got jets do they count the air inside the chip to look at that little the little picture it just look at the picture of how much air. In the bag compared to how much of the day all chip that not pops. Notes just you know I'll I always forget that. She does this fifteen I don't care he does I'll is upon us but they they don't air your bags and ugliness that is good for it. And you're not getting less champion for getting this and I chipped it is getting. Chip there and that's this website says that the best bang for your buck. You're gonna go did. Chips. Are free those Pringles and toasty Ito's scoops. Escapes. And west and other chip is on sale and what. Exactly is. This. Scoops usually. The price a year chaps and stick with those 21. Yeah I would argue that the dying and that's sort of. It's pretty fun I love food says that in the end about other article again for you is so low I don't know of paper and act guys. But our favorite toy store Toys 'R' Us is forever and Britain are. Which I thought these closed one it's not allowed under the impression Toys 'R' Us had close. So. Anyways. Geoffrey the giraffe. Is not dead yet. I don't you saw that there is this by roll picture of a Geoffrey the giraffe. Standing in an anti Toys 'R' Us waving goodbye Alley fading into. Existence yet. And that's that picture is as sparked it sparked. Some life into the San Antonio zoo. Because the San Antonio zoo on the dash have been there. Really Iceland sent my gash. And in the Texas would have that is an avenue with paradoxes. Brad men went in so much about it. While while this has been reported by CNN many. Bet the San Antonio as the would like to offer Jeff for the draft a new job. As the ambassador for direct Africans. Consider. Com or H exactly as ambassador overdraft conservation and open that Toys 'R' Us. Who would be willing to donate the rights to the character Jeffers the draft. Cool outlook Toys 'R' Us does that he would die forever because. I mean when you think address you think of Jeff in the draft. That's honest that's but I thought my whole life I've got to get for the draft towards us is the coolest. I don't know I think they can't they don't need at point stores after actually meet people content deal. I think it's fun campaign might think it's it's more so for the fun and that's gonna get people interested. When you can put out a Google headline. Toys 'R' Us mascot now. Ambassador for San Antonio zoo that's that's the clip where the Atlanta there do you just say San Antonio zoo wanted your rap. Conservation ambassador. It's just not it's 69. That's right so that's it's exciting. Is very excellent actually. I think is very excited because if you think you go to San Antonio that maybe get some of the Toys 'R' Us toys to play with the animals. How would be nice. In the San Antonio zoo. It was a restless like Atlanta advertise yeah that the long distance out. Equal. Soul what it's like every the characters you know like liked. Tony the Tiger when they're done make and so late frosted flakes and mascots cat they always get like retired to resume and that way like. No he's real legal business of the Milwaukee's two. Because like these are currently eighth when you're kidding he grew up with these mascots at flake. Now they are like a representation and matter are that animal you know apparently. They're like two canned spam could not about two hands except for two again Sam wouldn't about Africa and development the lucky. And then retire somewhere and got some energy and a. Bill question in this all the two camps in moderation. Chester cheetah it sounds like to chip Reid that you brat. Left in the Philippines gently with a magazine yet Jeff geometry. CEO. To all for an edge offering talk for not strawberry but she offering IG and Jenkins Milwaukee Brewers it. So that would you want retired to the Milwaukee and that's that we right now. He's been. I don't know probably me. There and I think it speaks. Altman's. See it all you know I want the penguins from kid cuisine. Look like nice yeah I had. That's yet again the corporal Kevin and me yes they kick the penguins the man that's why I want I don't know his name the kid cuisine when you're done. You got a spot in the Milwaukee zoo. Offered by Dave not buy that you offered. Because the locking it doesn't agree. Great grand am alone accident yet and I thought that I couldn't be a penguin from animals studying college. Says that I did at turtle. And it could. I get this time. It's time to learn what hot dog one. Hot dog of the week for producing Dave's. Hot done case teams. July. The breakfast not. And just thinner. Honey on my instinct Graham. No suggested. Ash as the bond going to be a waffle Y axis of the person who suggested it she said it that. Maybe I should wrap the hot dog in. Pancake the rule. Those Kayla Marie Canterbury 826 thanks for the suggestion. She's and make it breakfast hot and what's great analytic and bacon which is what I'm gonna do. And that she said rapid and pancake my seven year old thinks that she invented her own breakfast with scrambled eggs at a piece of hot dogs. So I think that this is gonna be a great I can't promise there's going to be a pancake wrap around lift up a week we see that picture you gotta like maple syrup on. Who maybe fresh chives on type I love maple syrup angst Kayla Marie thanks for the suggestion. I'm gonna take it one there's going to be a video posted a meat taste it a year ago this. And our back door and goes Tug of war so undertaking just. And step today I have Fuller us a beer. I don't it doesn't taste it. It's dot fish head. Sequence AL dogs fish head it says session sour. Think it's perfect present dock fishing and that's the prairie. And knowing the berries for them I interesting diversion so what what they're gonna taste like Delaware that's were in the room is warming up the glass they have. That critically sounds in the background our children the real upside down Phineas are roaming around Dell's playing in his cat. They'll get so big you check out pictures a man's Rampage. That mix producer Dave always good videos and pictures that d'antoni is now look at that look implore. Good look downpour out and it. It sounds like beer. Beers beer sales that looks like a light kind of looks like champagne at apple is sparkly. Years. I doesn't it figure doll Cary Fowler yet taste like if you drink you let us play a sour fruit punch or some open. But out Groupon flare of act like that kind of like the Scott city or. Consistency though here's everything it says is out there blissfully brewed with lime juice lime peel. Black lions yeah I mean and cease all it does taste like everything you get in the Margarita. Minus the tequila. Attitude that just a very citrus at the regular red ashes yeah. Alec I believe beer. This is really good well nothing goes better with beer then bacon great so. Todd again the recipe for head as a Brit homemade. Baking in. GM. They can JAJ Burton. They can jam like you can eat at ease with crackers by it's obviously a lot of guys chart could reward you with cheese. Goat cheeses chatter primo pitched with some part there on the power Portland up eight. So it's actually really easy it's not a lot of ingredients just takes time because termite onions and you lift looks. Flavors meld together well Chris I get like five or six president. Expel I think examined. It's like bacon and caramelized onions cut down a ticket it's like a jam but savory so it's a little sweep with a canonized onions in the brown sugar. Athlete that's salty peaking units you can put on grilled cheese and cheese burgers. There sandwiches hot dogs like me just clear they can play an omelet it's great with so many things get creative when it. Or like it's just plain crackers. Or. Phil yeah fighters at places that they can chop them up into slices and then Brian out. In Japan. Get all the thinking juice out of that little bacon candidly it's like the bacon bits. I'll take those outer pan once or upright and then you'll have probably. You'll have a lot of oil or bacon grease left in the hands dump some out if you need to deal until you have around. I would say like. The tables and in tables and a half agree slept in the and it gets ready onions which you have sliced very thing and just wait onion to have a thin line in large white onion. Yes like that they and. I use my Mandel know red onions in this either now already they lead in this way it turns. Yeah yeah I use your mandolin is wrong that you're in red onions and continue that can you really need to do that plays that were ultimately. But I like him. No I think I think corrupt red onions kind of says yeah I get that. Upset coming after them of all the story white onions. Yes always or like the sweet yellow onions are also did say gonna throw those in your pot cook and down low and slow for a good. And go for hours sometimes and you don't need to be starring in the whole time just get him like going in and then you can finally get up instrument really give us the it is leave. Yes and it'll make your whole house now good for a long time. And then so once you're onions I cut down and brown and sweet and light to the point where you can eat one just like melts in your mouth but your bacon back can't. Put it about. Tables there and 22 tablespoons of Apple's amateur. It depends on how late shark you want it you are gonna cut it out to some extent but it it's a lot that your mess and then about a fourth a cup of brown sugar. Dark brown sugar. Makes all that together we'll salt pepper to taste and then just click it so that the and vinegar isn't so look at me you know maybe another. 510 minutes you know on a little mini and then boom it should be equally easy and glossy and sticky and sweet. Stated I have this like every flavor of lake goodness that you did expect the get does it take after the cruncher did you get it I added that the un in Africa the most important part. I usually in my onions I throw in like a little bit of repair or ask yes like you slice that upper lip and some sort of hard for it because the there's packed and that's gonna come out as a correct and that's what's in Jelena headaches jelly to Latin and that helped hold you jammed together so. The apple or pear is crucial. As a resident posted. In the link to this podcast also at with all the deets. Slow. Trot out honestly anything doesn't go win everything and that he is listed your fridge in you know you can. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and warming up at you like yeah old. We still had a dinner for it honestly yeah. It'll last for probably proud of month I was in your fridge maybe three weeks this stuff. Really good stuff. Let's go we got here today. Fun stuff July this year like July but the real. Started summer again because the best ones that are because my birthday we're just as close to twenty teams are closer to point. When he. To start at eighteen. Amazing stuff. Thanks for listening to the podcast that really appreciated battery and follow me in to grant that experience today it. Twitter addict producer Dave. FaceBook there's been dot com slash. Producer Dave radio. I think or David Stein or even discover our house hey Alan dale Davis and you wanna. With a fellow. You we got an episode I hope you enjoy it if you did enjoy it. You could go subscribe. To dish with David's really go to your podcast app search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at least a mile a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in the current C next time.