Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? - Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talk with callers to try and find the answer. Is a hot dog a sandwich?


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West L Isabel is on the next west on vacation producer Dave here and producer Dave brings to the table a debate. A debate that's blowing up FaceBook right now. One for the ages because viewing your buddy we're talking about this season for twenty minutes yeah it was good heated conversation. Is a hot dog a sandwich. Yes for now and without skipping a beat I said. Yeah technically. It is a sandwich and I think bread on both sides of meat that's a sandwich this absolutely false how tight is not a sandwich is this a one piece of bread and. With some undecided and less year bond splits in the dust collecting your current best accidental. So important for 79910. NE nine. Yes or no do you think a hot dog is a sand wedged. And why. I'm on peanut butter. He pulled it a right nasty and Brett. Boasting a butter and jelly on Brad that's not a sandwich is only wanna be the Brad. Hey. I used to eat. Butter on bread and pulled it over and a lot of voters amateur now as a kid but then I realized that I grew up there that's his bread and butter. You know what maybe we dizzy day to grow up a little bit more mixture. And I realize hot dog is a sandwich they keeper Colleen. And I. Try to mix web site you Liza hot dog is Stanley shares are now. No all we thank you oh why do you say that. I thought I thought a hamburger thing ever but it would still be authority to Turkey camps peanut butter and jelly. Clearly different. What I can get a Turkey burger. That a certain murder. Last sliced Turkey. So we're still split here yes or no thank you for the call Iraq by. Hi the man so we debate the big issue is is a hot dot considered a sandwich Yasser Nell where you stand. Would no no I agree with you I love it and why. 11. Let people wouldn't even consider hot dog actually meet but. And all that data makes this different of babes are different shell. Right most people consider a sale it's being too light of the bread with some sort of cold cuts or something. Although it'll usually you can go to a restaurant. And the manual if they don't know how all sorts of things I mean that it or people would not technically literate. You're right if they do a different categories are you go to a restaurant you asked damages you have salad dips soups you have burgers. Right right now obviously people don't really use you referred and burger it'll XP you think of like I am more some sort of other. Late meat item and to exploit the bread and. You are very intellectual man you've made me actually slightly turn to the dark side in writing that hot dog is not a stand much. But you know I wanna Google by definition what a sandwich is NN dot. I got average level on the other question what is technically a sandwich and what's not and we're gonna Google it and find out exactly what it is maybe that will be done the ultimate that will decide if it is Yasser now thank you for calling in. Producer Dave. I have a right here on Google and what's the what's the truth a sandwich. Illinois seat that is linked. So Wisconsin a sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more types of food. Such as vegetables. Sliced bread or eight placed I between slices of bread. Or more generally any dish where into more pieces of bread served as a container or wrapper for some other food. Do you tool or more pieces of bread. The answer right there but you know what they do say here on the Internet there is a link other people have asked is a hot dog the sandwich. And Miriam Webster settle the debate. And they call. A hot dog a Sam Alex what's. That doesn't even fit the definition but given that the definition of sandwich is to a more slices of bread or split roll having a filling in between. There's no sensible way around it. Well as we learned the Internet never lies she's right.