Wednesday, July 11th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about voting for our own Jesus Aguilar for the All Star Game.

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Cast can't we believe in Hays this do you know we're talking about brewers player he's his regular yes he needs your help brewers fans get into the all star game is Elizabeth and radar with producer David don't forget to academics anywhere with a free radio dot com and download it now. Every year both leagues though the National League and American League always leave one roster spot open for fans to do an online vote to get that last player on the all star roster. And this year it happens to be. He sues regular who's actually leading Reynosa brewers fans are turning out but. Augusta 3 o'clock today C never know what could happen C wanna get out and vote a war and in online and they'll run out big and getting out didn't go to Miller Park right now they got to the line. There's like outlines of people at Miller Park when you can just do it it's exciting to get out Miller is right. Park computers have some sort of not a then Nina you push pages here and there where he has doubled and I hope that doesn't offend anyone was up. But when I was onto what are the other day and I saw hash take both for his news in my head I read it as well for Jesus. An ally and that's what I thought. And that might we went back and I clicked on a much like this about our tour I mean. Can you look at took some Spanish when I was growing up and write my dad's longtime girlfriend is Peruvians are she's her first languages the Spanish. But that's a person that I thought I might well what we voted for Jesus for he zoos everyone don't don't be like me the polish German one in the room. And then they showed on the news this morning the big sign the big billboard up there in front of Miller Park. Also set. Hawk for hazy it was and I thought. Honk for Jesus but I can explain why half I think seven hot for Jesus why is this because when I was a kid so my dad my dad Tony who's. This might want to be deep again I mean he still prayed the rosary very religious very Catholic. Christmas time whenever we would drive by house but it being. Christmas light display. He'd creeping. Honk for Jesus eat beef they let Jesus eat beef because they had a big light displays its Christmas as a disease birthdays so hot for Jesus I thought. Toni Oliver from babe you already said that years ago guys but no it's actually honk. For reasons I CR I resident of the Jewish person in the studio producer Davis is laughing along SIA's a key piece I have to Atlantis is Jesus away. All of this. Com.