Home design secrets - revealed!

Thursday, April 26th

Your biggest interior design questions - answered! What piece should you invest in? Is wallpaper making a comeback? How do you design and decorate on a budget? Elizabeth Kay is joined with return guest, Libby Castro (owner of LP/w Design Studio) to answer your questions!

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I would go into somebody's home and say. You know what do you hate about this based on the fast you know and then that's good question ask yourself what do you hate yes because it hits the floor is you can't stand the floors. Proven you're gonna happen time and money into that first rate. That's Libya Castro one of the owners of LVW design studios and she's a very talented and successful interior designer. She's here to help you get the home of your dreams let's get started. Your listening to the fifty shades of paint podcast with host Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are gang. But not always saying. This is fifty shades of K. Thanks for being here lady thank you Elizabeth so over those of you that don't remember lady let me refresh your memory she was not fifty shades of K to talk about. A woman's reach reach she started in Italy. How amazed scene does that sound but she's also one of the owners of Al PW design studios and she's a very talented and successful interior designer. I put this up on my FaceBook page Libya and I emailed you before the interview. I kind of throughout there are some of my FaceBook friends you could ask an interior designer anything. What would you ask and I could not keep up with the question that are coming. Coming forward because a lot of people so shall we DI YHGTVF. Pincher is to kill these ideas but you don't awareness starts June 1 at all. You mentioned something in the email that you wanna clarify what the difference is between an interior designer. An interior decorator. Rain what is that difference because maybe that can help people narrow down who they should hire first time to act absolutely so. An interior designer is going to be someone who is trains you know has decree whether it's an interior design. Or it's in architecture and play my degree is in architecture and then I have done interiors of the last ten years. It's someone you kin. Who can understand different facets of our project and also understands. You know the order thanks so if you are essentially doing new construction or if you're doing if you're remodeling in space. They would know the sequence of events in which you. Do you firsts and and follow through with so if you know. We we had will call the electrical contractor first. And then we have the drywall put in and then we have the painters come in and then that makes total sense you out so it dollar all of that can think. Now I decorator whidbey. Somebody who carted. You know if if all you're really lacking is confidence of you know maybe. What to replace or what whites. Area around to get what lambs would accessory is you know what furniture may be. That would be a place for you would hire a decorator because they are typically. People who do not have a degree necessarily. In design. But to have an eye for editor and knack for it and ability to put a space together that seems very different and if you're re doing in a bathroom or something like it's its enemy Beckham. Completely change the space you would definitely want an interior designer over decorator because. You're trying to pick faucets and light fixtures and orient and all of and that's kind of what you do Albright. There's a big difference in price between and designer and it decorator so that is something and somebody passed away as well do you want somebody to take care and it. Or in and take care of everything and somewhat leave you out of the decision making process and present TU ideas and everything that would be more designer. Or do you want someone who's lake a best friends second opinion and another guy. Somebody who'll go shopping with you say yeah I think you know that's the right way to go. That's more to decorate and there's a huge difference yeah I don't I decorators going to be about a third of what I would charge per hour and that's actually what's camp. One of the questions on FaceBook how much does it cost to use an interior designer. Is that a broad question does it really depend ultimately depends on what it with the project is our illness is an hour is right thing. This case. Aches and it can be an hourly thing it just depends on how much involvement he need that person team take if he needs it if you ages snide. Sure how to do a few different things and you are just hiring them for a few different things and mimic charge hourly. I do a project fees so that I can some things are gonna just take longer and others are not gonna take a flying in less easy of the research. Let's be specific cure let's say because one day I will be Regina master bath I can't wait for that day. Let's they re doing a master bath which is probably. The size of the rumor and right now would you say is the size six by eight or so okay gathered about the size of our master bathroom. But the Tommy can all stay where it is but I want and get tile Florian. I wanna get sort of a glass shower with some tile in America just throwing that kind of out there may be some marble counter tops. What are we talking about a feat for something like that just a small bathrooms Spain's like how would how do you charge that an iMac and hold you to this one day and say a living you set up my podcast. Just a rough a rough ballpark share rough fast estimate he said the Tony pictures ousting. The median like we're not moving a sinker from one side to the other side getting a new sync yes so it will be new selections and things like that so. What I tend to do is I a way to kind of about how an many hours I think it's gonna take. And then a charge. The not to exceed fee of the minimum amount of hours I think you. All got it up and and for people that are interested I mean. I'm sure they think oh gosh it's gonna cost a lot of money but I also sort of feel like. This is a space for example a master bath the you're going to use every single day rate you wanna love it's how you start your day tubby and today yet so I feel like. Can you live at a price yeah the break and it's also Eddie I've heard you say that. Actually on marinate I think that's really true and I I also think that. Yet there are millions of even if you go to a place like Home Depot there are millions of different ways you can take a space. The other thing that is really great about working with the decorator or designer is that they know how to narrow down the millions of options. And say here's three I think you know pick from these three which is. What would be appropriate and that's what some people need sometimes they just need people to lay it out and keep it simple all the light the project can get really overwhelming. That's a great way to answer that question so Lisa also put up on FaceBook what are some simple ways to decorate a small apartment. On Littleton no money I think the simplest thing to do is to reuse what hearings have and maybe just freshening Napoli painted or use it in different ways. In small spaces I think what's really important is that you can use things in multiple ways so you're on a man. Is maybe storage for blankets and pillows or. You know something like that or your item in is a soft and could she ought to min. Date somebody could sit and or you can put a tray on top of it and then it becomes a coffee table you know Smart because they don't have the space for coffee table but he still needs CD eighty storage yeah that's a great solution for that yeah that's a great great answer. I'm Alyssa has a question when you start updating your home. Do you typically start with. Color of the walls T start with furniture do you start with Florian. And then mark off of that that's also say it's specific I would going to somebody's home and say. You know what do you hate about the space the most you know and then you say that's a good question I ask yourself what do you hate. Yes because it fits the floors and you can't stand the floors. All that and you've got the time and money into that first that rate is a really good way to think about it may seem kind of negative but I get it it's like what you want out of here GAAP. And does drive you crazy because it doesn't match you know what you have from an ever and how much spend do you love. The piece of furniture that you have that is going over the slurred that he hates. Oh lord is at the other way around is is the flora OK it just doesn't go with my knee furniture at all demands. Which do you translate more you know do I like my furniture. Can they deal with ditching the furniture and getting something else and it's not a hard question answer have you asked any homeowner they can and let's stop right away what they just can't stand abolish the kitchen and or the living room or what ever in the house that's a really simple way to solve that problem death care could what you hate first and go from there. Plus Susan's question. Is wallpaper coming back it is it an absolutely is I mean to a certain extent I don't think it ever. Really lasted just changed style it became such a penal I feel like for people that wanted to take it off once they got sick event but have they gotten better with that. I just remember my grandma and my mom. Spending so much time. At houses and apartments peeling wallpaper and I'd still there's a kid thinking I narrow wanna do this in my house yeah it looks great when it stopped. Yet and you know I'm late for me M on the fence with missing things I have. Mid century modern home and so I don't it's an and they actually had wallpaper like an ams racing surface. That was so the first thing that we did we just skinned bill grove what you hate yeah we created. In a way though I think that that was in 08 good for us because I think a lot of other people couldn't see past. The hideous wallpaper that was on every single surface and so David walked in and walk out and her ankle this house is horrible you know. And I can see past that I knew with without. Wallpaper on the walls you know it was going to be awesome space and I think it really is great space now. So I'm always hesitant for myself personally to Pope wallpaper and because. Because they do. Seen it it can. You can get sick and then it's and then you either have to you remove it at some point or you have to you wallpaper over it. But something else. Only know really wallpaper on top of wallpaper Leah. I feel bad for who ever has to have that home one day and take that off that happened so we Ed we have several layers like all in cash. Speaking of that wallpaper in the bathrooms. Is wallpaper batter when used in smaller spaces that feel like now when I see it. I see it in some like formal dining rooms and or idols see it's in a bathroom although my sister as I'm speaking here her house that she bought she put wallpaper on this one. Accent wall that sort of breaks the living room from the kitchen and and has a little like cut out at the top says he's big vaulted ceilings. And it ship lap wallpaper. Cook it super cool when I want dinner and like when the hell would you put ship black spot it's not as wallpaper. With while they are best used in simple smaller spaces. I innings I think he can be really impact fall and then it is not as much of a commitment you know but it's it's just a small bathroom or just outlaw yeah okay I think surveyed you know the other thing that's really the hot right now is murals tape out of things say they just stick one law and today it was very popular in the seventies. You know to have like a wooded scene there's something like after the wake of landscape for something as a big bomb mural. And that is sort of coming back not necessarily in the same scenery in the same type of photography than it was was there before but that's not a full grown just may be a lot of that yeah. Okay this is a good question from Michelle talked about walls wood paneling and then she did you painted yeah I mean it's. You have to see it you know you have to see what it is is we have a lot of wood paneling in our house to you but it way it's real way at first non. And it is very authentic from the time of the house that the house is built and it matches the wood beams that we have passed and everything to. So I tend silly kits then we've. Wood paneling in our bedroom that and that makes thrilled about. It IA. I didn't heed to it you have the tenets in other people paints it before and it looks fantastic it looks you know it looks really nice and trash so it's kind of yes it's really EE EF deceive the Truman's Hewitt they wanna do it then what the furnishings aren't what's the style and everything right yeah. High eighties question and a they are remodeling their whole house. What are our latest color trends biggest do's and don'ts. Heidi elaborated on this and says she's worried. That they're going to maybe do something that's too trendy. But yet when they wanna sell their home in about ten years is going to be outdated. And I can appreciate what Heidi sane because I'm always worried about that as well and that I want a house to. Look Meyer. Not to mater and that and you'd just scourge yourself on the route I think paints. For instances pretty cheap Sosa makes you happy and it's you know a color that you want and maybe fewest Kenya and I say go for it anyway as you can always. Repaint you know before you sound if that's what you're gaullist. But it's. Nine design aesthetic. Tends to be pretty neutral anyway so I like to layer whites and then linked to keep things break and you know someone neutral. Wearing ad pops of color and stuff like that I think senator. Inexpensive so I mean and that goes for all different translate if there is a certain trend. I think you sit I get there and tanner tops our what is planned it's that type of stone and it. Looks flake descending. Shapes of stone you know lake that you again it's in the side of the mountain or something cool at all. But it instead of doing an on a whole kitchen countertop or something like that I would do that inside peoples or coffee table something that. Is inexpensive. To change our beaches you know it might be lake the seventies. Would coffee tables that word you know the lives adage. How. Yeah detailed it really has gone out now it's come reconciled but it's come reconciled with that same topic of very different type of base. So you can never really counts and things like that that are trendy and win put him in big pieces slick kitchen counter some rights of kitchen counter are like a certain type of back splash or something like that. Because as a really big commitment and acting completely out date rate is not planning. On there and idling. In five years you know of his that's about how line. Some of those trends usually last you're right though that you can definitely incorporate pieces like. An end table or. A sort of a bar stool or something like that that can really make it not earn. And trendy but not break the bank if and five years you look at this and say this is not a. Hang anymore yeah. How often does someone like you do you update pieces like that. Well yeah you know in in commercials aren't used to stimulate or even like in your home late in the summer like you earn and tables are. Pillows and throws how often do you do that I mean he someone that doesn't seasonally. Now not end tables with pillows and throws yes I would and you know I would like to say idea it more often an idea about I have this self is putting him that I love it's actually older than me it was my parents. Why almost every pollster. They had every poster I've been meaning to get it re upholstered but it. Even for me at my praise saying you know I kind of fabric for free half the time it's still expensive and it does have been gone for a as a family heirloom that you still have that and what what are Bible college but what I do know is I put throws over to areas that are fun. As a senator Russ Yates is one of those expenses that I'm like oh you know. Family vacation or her recover make outside famine vacation and the way to deal pillows. So I done isn't yet but his gives us to get a dollar something we and we'll take things like pillows. Because I'm so that we have a pillow and are living room I'm just a good mom so pillows things like that that's as easy to replace Jack you can keep the inserts you know just getting new moon covers and so I think yeah you golf. What do you do with the room that you know he won't use. Like a formal living room a formal dining room spaces like that they need to aster only what do you suggest to someone that has something like that. Well what way do they use you know what would they use and make that room in to something that they would use an idea like a work out Rome but it ties general math libraries people do. For months ending insist play rooms for the actions you know and that's round the toll is go and everything so. Yes I mean just think about what you would use and would it be easy enough to you. Tick down a wall between one space and another and make him a larger room and which use him more and then if that's a great idea yeah I think about what you reduce the space for Megan's. Question what to core items are better too and Baston. Or which ones are better to look for deals when it comes to furniture. Area rugs. You Arafat talking before we record this podcast you can go to our home goods more of your whining get really great pieces that don't break the bank but is it make more sense to go more high and for a college or Rogge. Yeah you know it that's a weird thing about it. Furniture and accessories is there is a huge disparity between you know some of that down less expensive retailers like. Targets and world market and pier one and and then there's a really high and stuff going to Design Within Reach our roast the vibe or is some of those other larger retailers. My I am like. Pottery barn yeah. Worried about NIC mentioned I got even Noble's ones yeah I wanna check them out of show my husband Wally tales. So there is a big difference and I would say again you have to think about how often you'd wind team chains. Something so I think that commitment and you're going to be dropping quite 80000 dollars on a table ray you wanna love that table yeah. It isn't really more. Is it more durable it's more expensive is it better quality typically sometimes yeah. Usually it is you know but even at that price think about it especially here in Wisconsin exit so many great craftsman. And women. The Islamic custom cabinets the furniture to yes absolutely and so think about investing in and really nice you know name brands dining room table. You can actually probably most likely get it. Built and custom built for us. So and that's always better quality then Ian something you can buy at a retailer that's another great to have been living that's really good advice. Russell this question our final question comes from my body Julio he and his wife are expecting twins. Crazy. There is super excited about it but they are designed to vaginal for twins and a space that is small. So Julio and his wife won an all aesthetically and functionally. Can you put a changing tables slash Strasser in front of a window can you do that. And then he also wanted to know cribs next to each other verse cribs apart in what's better. Depending on how you hide a window is reload the windows you can certainly play at any kind of table or changing table in front if a window. As line as the backside of it is meant to be seen. And if it's going to be seen from you know the backyard or whatever. So you pin you can certainly do that and I Inman and we always had are changing tables on top of the girls dressers as wild siamese disconnected two for one. With that and then when he put cribs together apart eight. That unfortunately is gonna depend a little bit and the girls you know aren't blanket the media had a babies if they're gonna want to be close together certainly. You know my sister. Made two older sisters there a year apart and my mom couldn't figure out how all that he youngest one got into the eldest son's crib every day. And she heard the snow is and she went to the door and she signed my sister. Skating her way across the the room in her crib and she pick her little sister up. That are in the cred and then skates to trim all the way back to that. And it really should you know that is a really cute visual Kia yet who know these babies may now wanna be by each other or they may wanna be sleeping by each other. I guess yes that might just depend on what happens as the babies are here yet dissuade him aesthetically yeah I don't think about because I've never been pregnant with twins look at where do you put the crypt. Julio got a lot to think about it these babies that are coming in. I know that's that's a great answer wolf thinks he's so much Libby for taking the time to answer these questions from these FaceBook friends of mine. To get inside the mine of interior designer and if you want to reach out to Libya or connect did sell VW studios don't come perfect. And we will links that all up at 99 won the mixed dot com. Exhibit B that got Livni dating Q. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth say if you enjoy this episode sheriff with a friend made sure to subscribe I sands and lead the review thanks for listening.