Have you tried the Keto diet? Does it work?

Thursday, August 30th

Wanna lose weight, want more energy? Maybe the Keto diet is for you! My friend Alley Faith has been doing this diet for a few weeks, but does it really work? Listen to her story and maybe this is your day to get started.

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The information on the podcast is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Diagnosis or treatment all content is for general information purposes only. Not CO diets have you heard of it are you doing it maybe when your friends are on the keynote Janet diet. But what is it. What looked it up and according to a diet doctor dot com it's a very low carb diets which turns the body into a fat burning machine. It as many proven benefits for weight loss health and performance. As millions of people have experienced already so in today's podcast. We're going to talk to my good friend Alan faith from 102 point seven kiss FMR return guest to fifty shades of K she's on the Keogh diet. And girl is losing weight facts. And maybe this'll work freely. Keep listening to find out more. Your listening to the fifty shades of pink podcast with host Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlightened and entertained with perspective that most women are. Gang but not only saying this is fifty shades of K. Let's talk CEO. How wound because my different Alley faith from 12 point seven kiss FM told me in morning show boot camp. Backed out title are going out to eat. And out year at a pizza joints like. Can I just did a salad of some chicken. And I was pretty sure looked overnight so what in the hell. Why are you eat that which that's great man he told me yeah are. I'd call a big key hang out you know I mean he's knows is right even as we speak which I just learned about the past few not because European Aniston I'm being artistic everyday which is something you do when you do to keep your diet again did not tell I started. But I. 27 pounds since July a eight so I give you a lot of credit is you're very disciplined in Chicago public that if you get out of key toast says that you have to start almost that's the thing about cheating and does it doesn't do anything for you its star because that invites sheet let's say had a piece of pizza that night. It's interesting because if you. Right yeah don't you what you have to do is yet to reset. So why AD that pizza I wouldn't reset in the next eight eating nothing but meat and cheese basically for a few days until I was backseat in Quito a system where I basically train my body to go back to burning my fat and not there's no carb to burn announced he would of sang what are you. I eat a lot of chicken fish ramp. Meatballs. I get vegetables I eat salads. I have usually two before nationals today and I have I wanna say like twelve grams of you now chicken or fish and I can hack and I need to have both like chicken AM ground beef I can't just the lean staff I have to have the facts so I have to eat. Ground beef meat balls that have a lot of fat and I'm like it's part of you know the key terrorists and only you're working with. And so I started doing the diet with them and I dot how I can just look on the Internet for things I need to now and then I realized quickly that doesn't work because nothing's can't act essentially. And self. I you know figured out how what I was doing to is I'm still learning as I ago. And then they introduce me to shift Kayla Marie and she is in receipt of Mount Pleasant I wanna say and she started actually bend her place and are seen by. She started because. Her sister worked to bear. And was doing Nikita diet and she had been a culinary school they said can you cook a couple you know so she did the chicken fried rice with cauliflower rice right. It's amazing so because she's this financial package itself so I sir I was as you saw her so I was like oh my crash site order food from every week it's my food. But it's awesome to thank you just grab I'd literally grabbed me on you I get peaks I get the ticket she's based cross she can make pizza. He really hasn't you wanna eat cheese. Well not talk I don't care if I'm careful with the dairy. But it's bad you need to you want to add back can Arafat to the fats are good you want that fact it's like it's like high fat moderate protein low car now and excel it's does the accent and yeah you're walking proof that it's worked it's crazy can tell it's boring the fat and I can tell you. This sounds like a sales pitch it's not you honestly have more energy out big time Alley there used fine so much more alert in executing your I want my god everything and they say I mean I don't I'm not a doctor earned her respect supposedly. That a lot of people need to keep doses can help your brain can help with depression and it's and it's going to be energy thing or something we have. The first week I did. They talk about the Quito flu which is like a couple days where you're just withdrawing from car and you feel sick. I I never felt sick and what do the hole and exhaust. I'm tired of that one day and then my body kicked back it started burning fat it. It was like looking for the carves anymore why now yeah truly weird thing is I wanna drink beer vodka line I cannot drink vodka I don't drink beer so adapter for food and so okay so they. They say no caffeine but we Omaha Alli works but you can have like it's I can have a Diet Coke. Because there's no calories in a car I could not have a regular Coke going to be crazy by Lenin look I'm doing select idol and I drink a ton of water a day because that's one of the really important things to keep you Inky doses the water food has to flush the fat out again. I'm not the audacity to die. That charter an Alley but I played as this is just water whipped a crystal light and just like five cal to give you a high. It seems and it's like announced the U sweet tooth well I got someone I loved miracle I love chocolate I love. Ice cream and I alone that we that's where chef Kayla came and because she makes desserts and I even asked her what is your biggest seller. And she said that desserts because baking Quito is like so hard to do because it now how do you bake sugar furry things you can actually eat better they taste. So I had peanut butter cupcakes every week I get dessert server I have on red velvet cupcakes he's losing weight so obviously there were. Yeah I have an apple tart she makes and the base is just like me out of eggs and how they make the Brad. When you're not eating Karzai asked me again asked the shaft is Susan lifestyle you can keep up with is as realistic means it basically means that you are you someone that's like. Bull team to get to a certain size and weight now. Stopped he toast now it's funny because I knew I had two dollars away and I was like I knew I could do at times ready to rally lose. And so when I was like you know why I was interested in the key thing because I had worked identical car before. And so I understood that it works and I understood that I I not a big sweets person like you are you on my lovely leaflets essays on the eat a chocolate protein. Before this interview as I can I eat is a nine iron out and and she said I know you can't now I love a state. And I love vegetables like I mistaken vegetables you know a mind of your eye candy bar yeah. I like I seem weird I know I'm a meat and potatoes kind of and I can't have the two hours. But you know dessert has never been the number one. Problem for me that's I'll let you know it's portion sizes and things like yeah yeah so that's what's nice and I still do watch my portions and right away. But when sharing key toast us you know you feel free and you are now iron and now that you're seen these results yeah they are your hooked on Jeff because I feel better my energy is like batter right energy with the big motor grader I guess that's what I was gonna get that and then when I started feeling better I got past the deal flew as a kind Shaquille flew. Are you had that firing the and it just didn't you yeah I pitchers and they're sitting now with studies all this is the other interesting thing I was gonna tell you Elizabeth. Was that one of the things we're finding now is that you know that diary that pyramid of food. Where that it's all callebs at the bottom yet and the top is a small fat thing. And then the middle like vegetables and fruits so that the cream and eighties there was saying now like we are we don't that was so wrong we are every bit obesity kicked up in the 80s90s. And everybody's starting times herbs because the food pyramid said we get some Arabs right. Sure and so they're kind of realizing. Almost full lipped that's key guys key flit the pyramid dig about. That's the cards go to the top and the fact because of the bottom it's a combat opposite I love that visual that I cannot crazy yes he's got. And that or wrong may be about what we should be eating and what's hurting us and what's not. Because it's. They take my blood work they do everything there's an unhealthy. I was gonna ask you that they did you know this is the right way to do all nurses they're all nurses so like I'd had my blood work taken may do my blood pressure anyway yesterday the people medical weight loss amount so I go in every week that's a good question it when every week and then on Thursdays and that's highway and ask any questions I have and eight you know basically do a little check to make sure that I'd still healthy and nothing's off and a schoolteacher. Yeah there's Oregon right to wonder does your pregnant. Wait. This to say that. About peanut of his life when you take your ovulation testament to your pregnancy does president Asean's six runs right even when I've lost even more weight and you know work in the town that that's your guy. This is Jen and Brad and you wanna go keyed on you know what it could itself. I'm proud have you and I an observer of you are watching you and you stuck by it I got down there hasn't and it's hard to bell hasn't been hard to actually make that sweats I try not to think about it I just moved like if I think about food to match a little crazy what is your why why you do an. Not energy was the first line. Because it is such as energy for myself it's for my kids yeah like I never been on those people it's like it's all about what you like like obviously people care about that but I'm still the same person. You know I mean yeah bigger at all like it doesn't I'm still me you know she's still allowed not Alley this. Cool yeah what I would do a better so of course I wanna keep telling yes I think it is good feedback from people to do you think that makes a difference also it was time it was time to get the weight under control be healthier and yell I'm renting it to be ready. When I'm ready I nicer restrict tell people I don't irony when you have got to forget too little kids I. Have. I don't feel that what I am ready and what is what is the web say to that place around the web site is MW. Al W. Dash ink dot cops so it's medical weight loss and wellness I want an Oak Creek as wanna receive now. There's just Kayla Marie has their own website and FaceBook page 20 really shift Kayla Marie got count we're gonna get them on the podcast we need to talk to them actually get the experts in here because actively consuming more questions that I wanna have answered per share that know a lot more about it fantastic I need to ask Kelly about where I go in and you can ask chef Q about how to make the food and what we can and can't do that and how she does it. She's got wizards could for her cakes for key could AG has now she and that's a lot of people let's start businesses become successful these heat. They see an opportunity he sees something that the market doesn't have yeah that's what they come out with their product to their idea and boom out to have may get money out of food it's just such a good real ripping takes so much time off work so we are tracking in our house and we are personal trainers are telling us to eat this percentage of protein and fat and cards and things like that it takes a lot of work Jack. The online and get recipes and that's exactly right and I just buy them from someone Shannon don't grab when out of the project idyllic ice feed my kids I am. I don't have to go what am I gonna eat anymore Kazaa have I know I have some meals and time is money that's exactly right and I want to. Love it thank you Alley thinks about it and redolent of all of those web sites at 99 on the NASDAQ comp. This is Ben the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth say if you enjoyed this episode share and make sure to subscribe my nightstand and leave a revealed. Thanks for listening.