Have You Ever Seen This At a Concert?

Friday, October 20th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about the Kesha concert in Milwaukee last night.


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I not viola and the knicks live from the Kessler's diamond center studios it's Elizabeth integrate our savior operate now in Europe the cash show last night apparently asking yourself. Why did it it was a good idea to go to concerts like to get up for work the next day. That it does it right I'm right there with you but the show was awesome sold out show last night at the raid. And that through radars friend who does security I got woody woody he seemed a little spot right there and states laughed for my best friend and I to can I get up really close to the fronted whatever comes of the rave I never really up at the front Kelly on the back of the crowd locker by the balcony. An access to the barn and after rove and I don't mind being further back the barn that and that's an important to yeah I got you back to the bar bathroom. So when I was up there by the stage. I had never seen this before. The it between an opening act in cash out. The security guards. Were pouring water in people's miles that were in the front row. Insurers water. And pop okay water ice on an open up the water have you ever seen before that I have never seen before I don't know Betsy stay hydrated detective techniques that they're doing but I I am I'm gonna have to ask my guy woody what what's that all about. There's a security and right I don't know this doesn't VIP think that yes it was security. And that's why my best friend Misha who grew up here but has lived all over the world she hasn't been back since college now she was not Boston. She's like man. Mrs. midwestern hospitality should westerns are so nice if that's what's your are just. Giving water to people but I know what was the I don't know what the deal with that night is normally a general election show it's like. Case is that your spot you eat this that's kind of painful the crowd at those types of and you had to dig into this and find out what this is all about pouring water into people. Mouth in the front Earl yeah. Open your mouth and that watching it again if that Jeremy. And if Josh all right there had his lips. Touch that and then he has a lot of allies say thanks but no thanks mrs. Earl. It's like news and a Catholic Church when you do write the blood of Christ in the line Jerry Rice at noted that years ago links you know how many germs or just on an airplane the Swine Flu probably that did that dia Freddy boom with her dentures is right in front of me take a glass of you know in cash. Don't cry east. Air quotes slot and and there are backlash. So interesting if you're at the raid in the front buckets of water. Pretty cool midwest asked Alan let's try that.