The Haunted Podcast

Tuesday, October 31st

It's the Haunted Podcast!!!! Dave and Hannah stayed at a Haunted hotel over night, and boy did some crazy stuff happen. In this episode, Dave and Hannah talk to spirits, chat about the best horror movies, tell ghost stories, and of course give a recipe for the best artichoke dip ever!!!!


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Hello welcome to another episode additionally Dade it's a whole attitude episode. And move on your post. Dave and of course I am joined Obama go friend Hannah. And we are here at shakers cigar bar Milwaukee staying in the hunt the penthouse. Kagan is experience. And as might be just a little of the vibe of Powell known as places in law because on are on a drive over here are lift driver it. The best. Driver all do they all get a going to shape it is that places haunted lots traded on is that gone on there he gave us like a brief history. Like the best part of Milwaukee yet and Ph.D. and. Some sort of meta physical and edit physics study does something crazy. Well. Our job it is done dialing Brad spinach artichoke dip and Heredia we made it in this relevant and just finished an Alley got higher food. For that day and I often toward that just ran upstairs forest full service at this place yes it isn't fun. Facts about this place you are early after aggregators and fun facts tell us they have a good time that he definitely he's been here before he's heard experience behind the bar and in the basement inside. So ha who don't Alka pollen was. All your lucky we can't make this hey owner of this building so busy building. It was built an 1894. And die in 1924. The Capone family. Bought the building and turned into a brothel happened it was a brothel. Happen. Perhaps that was a soda shop and then secretly mean it's easy easy as well so and. Upstairs in the room we are right now it's via the eight girls penthouse where mile east is one of the spirits who were actually you know hopefully talked to tonight while we're here. On this podcast that you guys. And I. It's funny because at the time Molly was making two dollars to get people BJ's. And 250 per full sex so no fifteen this note to fifty dollars and two seasons and not let you set it is. No it is crazy only to these as more global think. Our take that the but I'll probably talk to Molly throughout the night and her. Lover in quotation marks slash neutered very. Patrick who. And that murdering Molly because one of Molly's clients was Patrick's dad well. And Patrick in my childhood friends so. Those are the two who live in this apartment in our hope we gonna be here with us and we got these things called the biting us. Which job. Yes it's nice to some sticks made of copper copper copper rods that. You pull up and you ask questions and end. You CIA. Yes or no question for the most part and the rods will cross the answer is yes. And they won't move if you know or you could fairly point to where you are. And the point to where they are so on the craziness like videos up. Actually see it we're gonna go through that. Bomb so look at all the lights just flickered. I don't know there not happy that are using like electronics. Bow and a well we'll check back again gotten a little bit RA so we're gonna aren't tons offers clients will be back. Okay. So we're back. It's now all midnight. And we just. Mr. Ferrell is gone on the go expect I'm staying. We did some research on this place and actually turn the other cheek is. Is the fifth most haunted bar in America. And there's fourteen paranormal residents who are here. And we'll learn about O'Connor who normally lives down in the basement who is a bouncer. He hasn't come up here yet to the room but we're hoping he will get up here I'm hoping that apparently he likes girls but he said. So hilly by enemy I think yes all day in January. And definitely in some some chills being ghetto you Hannity can definitely feel some sort of like dives. As president Ali comfortable. Here late. Everybody really nice that didn't really nice to seem to match and I don't feel like. Threatening colleges feeling I'm feeling like seriously peering in us now. We're definitely making ourselves and yeah it quit thinking. Not over here and you know settled in for the night what better to talk about lawyer and a haunted hotel then. Scary movie what are the best scary movies to you Joaquin. You're a big lake harmony and I love normally that I love. Thrills and a love scene is but not the supernatural. Olive monster movies I'm not as much of a man and I am like. Really Ryder slasher serial killer or movies because I don't want to let that happen in real lab. And that's a really scared definitely one of my favorite horror movies is the strangers Liv Tyler it's that's been in. Because there's literally just a couple getting terrorize but three people in masks and that can happen any but that can happen and it does happen to people and that's what scared me so much about that movie. That reminds me another great car turn you're next to member Alan my gosh that's pretty that Australian girl. All that movie's amazing it's just about it. This kind of the same thing is that it's a whole family being terrorized by people in like creepy and masks but that movie has awesome fight scenes or Denny is this a great thrill there great death scenes that's. Any horror movie has had great death scenes like evil dead. Even though that the remake. Ray yeah I mean that is different from the the comedy on the eve of the it's hard to make or forms needs because everything to sucks a fake. Bright but in the evil dead remake isn't really really solid remake when she it just shows certainly ripped up it's clear that chains it's like serenade and it's the dad do evil that it. At the beginning and then ultimately get a hold of that movie. And kind of just fire not horribly inaccurate now give you a little bit of what to watch in this haunted episode. Dish with Dave so would you say that's your favor or on the strangers. I think this drink is definitely one of my past real horror films honestly I haven't I didn't we we can't talk about horror movies without talking about it. Natalie original but now the new remake that just came out because honestly. I think he knew it. Was pretty close to being a perfect movie yeah. It hit like every mart you know it is illegal it's funny it's definitely. Are trying Dallas glory and had really like it had a good story good thriller. Aspect to it. Then acting acting is great the script was great honestly like I went of that movie. Now I'm a big fan of it I loved watching the original the kid and is scaring the (%expletive) out of myself. Like we me and after the re watched the scene of eight digging up the grave. And then kind of link. And resolve run upstairs off port under this new one was. I mean just. Bill star guard the first time he sees them he's just like drooling builds cars guard as the guy who played on any rise in the first inning into the sewer everyone knows iconic George Mason were seen if he's just like drool it and there's drool driven Donna's lip hacked and Georgie. That's did you sink as I I've never seen that original I didn't really know anything about it so I went into it quiet and still really enjoy today now. Blakey said like. They they kind of put Arlington new twists and it you know everybody knows everybody knows the sewers seeming everybody knows it lives in the sewers they still made it like. New and fresh and interesting from people who like maybe never seen before the break. And and there's going to be a second one that's gonna because the original in movie you know. Was flashing back and forth between childhood and adulthood of these kids from dairy. And now the new remakes of the there was going to be all adults watch until we learn that there might be the kids still in it. In more supernatural things to think there's still more supernatural in it that had earlier this. Look like alternate dimensions and stuff it's crazy outlets Stephen King fan I love color. Honestly. Yet it was about as close to a perfect movie I think that it Xena really long time as you're ever gonna get. And I think just our ask. The spirit here censor you know. Here I'll ask the question of these divining rods hanky. Rather here so these divine what you do it's. You can't seem media and obviously others. Podcast if you wanna see it check out job. My FaceBook page at producing data on these color. David Stein you look at either of those ones oddly you pull these two copper rods. Well like chest tight. Boot height is actually what are awesome to react to this bu I. And I asked you answered questions. In unity to only want high runners on I've been asking them. To cross the rods is the answers yes. So all I wanted to ask right now if Molly one of the spears in the futures on him Ollie are you in the room right now if you are deeply crossed the rounds. And the customer anyway it all in today's practice crossed key on cross the roughly please. And there on projects. What kind of salute you gentlemen I ask that banality of Molly I want to ask you. Are you happy. In his apartment or not you are you cross arrives. It now has and I'm happy they are happy Maliki and yes I hope we're not like disturbing. Idea Molly I think I should ask you this is we are recording you right now is that are right on record you for my podcaster and I'll that is you trust the routes. OK okay we have her consent. Molly give its consent and important these days. Patrick is also in the room of us at least that he was there really Democrats and Patrick are you in the room with us that you are you cross the routes to see Simpson is chaired. Patrick can you point to where you are the room. Fool. You think he is in their other point here is black chair in the bedroom. It kind of looks like negative person isn't there right now but there's no land area Patrick sitting in there and Patrick. Actually. Like I said earlier this murder. Molly because. Not one of my clients with his father and harass Meier right now is your Molly. Column. Did Patrick. Strangle you to death and if so he crossed the routes. Yeah she says the proof is in the put it right there Shuster I. Think you've ever done that. I understood your mind are you and Patrick still friends can you draw the right thing you're still friends. Need whole hour. Did she is not new rods are not moving enough and after him and ask you this MIA. Are you all right with leading in this same space as Patrick if you are you cross the rods. Okay. So all the right across there sheet. So she's she's happy to live with them but they're not friends anymore it's understandable is our house this yes hard to be friendly with your murderer. Granted I don't know that I'll. As the years you've been super nice Patrick you've been super an excuse me so far he didn't hear you now listen Hanna as well. And less yes because of them later. Well right now all caught our eyes you can have you ever had any like. Supernatural. Scary experiences it and I'll let you have one. We will be moved into our new place that she. With in her closet and every time you sign involves the. It. Yeah that was weird yeah it is my recording has stopped. That's I guess you weren't happy that's changing the topic yes I don't let guys change. Subject to really feeling it. They enacted this story about that will be moved it handwritten so readily moved in. OK let me see this and get mystery itself. We have this little closet opt for a living room where we keep you know some excellent or vacuum cleaner Hannity there kitty litter boxes are in there. And one day Agilent ads didn't kitty litter box and I noticed that some wallpaper that's older house to. Some of the wallpaper that was on the side. It looked like someone had scratched into the wallpaper. HE. And then the beginning the letter L wedge. I'm injured or does that mean like sometimes the hull you know. And probably like a day later I go back in the clouds against decay litter. And it's just all scratched out. Like just all budget has not lobbied for like maybe they cats did which I'm thinking they can't sit at that somebody else made that might actually make them scrap iron right there you know. So that's pretty freaky. But it got put out there also Italians this and that since that first three gallantly here we've been drinking pretty heavily dependent. Get over that yeah retreating back revels. I have to stay out all night on. This who gets a little bit now. Column are her attack you it happening like this are real close supernatural. Experiences in your life honestly. I haven't really had any link. Supernatural experiences. It's. I want you cannot hope to you I'm really excited to be here and shakers. I really like consumer interest in like the paranormal experience in it if they really are I don't catch something I can Americas to me. That's like the biggest proof if we get Atlanta picked like somebody's picture in there like and the background of us are something that happened before when I was a kid my mom took a picture. And there was like a little Butler in the side that looked like maybe like legs like running away. And it really not that's just your energy that I had an app I can't remember specifically. We don't like we accept major you know it is becoming president doctor Redding in the background by. Mean it looked like apparent legs like Randy and it's it would mean it's in our house you know it's not like it prevents somebody she stopped. So that's pretty freaky remember another time it's on the Yankees from the early Saturday remembering when your kid thing when I was really little. And I hadn't I have younger brother lives several bullet went in my younger Brothers he probably was. 34 years old at the time. And we are walking back to our camps eight. Through another camp saying and you know the play metal. Up by ear pits you know they have the metal ring around them to keep the player. You know contained he tripped over it. And it's mask smashed his head on the side that I knew which is metal and sharp. And he walked away with a slight. I looked three of his time he just had a time Oprah's. And for the rest of the night he kept saying he was like don't hear them singing and hear that beautiful singing. And we so maybe that's like. Maybe that is your billing and guardian Angel or something like watching over him trying to you know protect them for damage. But those are like some entries. Have more fun and just like couple top I have. I guess I don't have any I'm sure at some point you know there's been some sort of spiritual. Of one of my closet really freaked out Auburn yeah you call me that and you told. Don't miss that a little bit after we had moved in I don't know about that help humans that we had been leading and I remember sitting on the couch let alone when you look at. He sees a bit of other things and. And as glowing. Eyes. And its chest. That's a reflection of crazy things. I am so here. I don't know what it is crazy here like. We went in the basement down here as well and to get too down there and it is safe that kind of moves around in the basement flat out I'm super happy let's say the EU you can't move. And actually that was telling us that like. People down there. They haven't a freezer down and paper products like the bar. You know to restock and a good down there and like turn around to grab something and when they turn backed up the stairs the sync will be like in their way why you'll. Like you know like a 700 Powell lately heavy iron safe. She's like it was one of the servers first job and you know it is she's just quit that night because Google Larry announcement on her and it needs it and also another interest dean goes we learned about it here is not downstairs in the woman's bathroom there's a little girls supposedly died in that spot. Under a tree or something like that yes a tree a little bit username and she hated on the baton and she's a prankster good guy to your laughing will be people would look underneath the stall and see her little patent leather shoes. That's. Think king and terrorists. And kids it's like the freaking pissed yeah PG never dare they tend to be pranksters. Is another board. Don't have anything better to deal. So yes that is. There's a lot of things going on here you definitely can feel the vibes. You know we've been talking a Molly Patrick. And they seem to be happy with us and we're happy to have them in. We've been very court rule so far tonight the other nights just beginning but I. It. Still love it happened again it just got the recording. In and I decided to restart the computer. And it's now actually to end because when it's on the computer Beckham we decided to watch young Frankenstein. 'cause we've kind of been out of Mel Brooks take lately you know what's scary movie Design Conference. Horror movie red. I mean there's some scary stuff and it's scary parity. You know Jeep while they're in Milwaukee native and he. Absolutely wrong would you bother you can't go wrong with a young Frankenstein Peter Boyle Marty Feldman yes and young men knowingly Natalie can't. Of course people out there you actually a big fan of my night creatures. My paycheck. I can play here all the good thing preacher because now. There are relating to another and let the funniest. Thing it captain has ever seen and treated as. Is it to and end really good. Us with a load attacked it that's the role you are born to like it. I saw it live on Broadway. Did Broadway version of the show about guys who knows unbelievable. And I met shoe and the after the show who played the creature. You got a lot of good stuff I didn't did. Asked for an end but you don't go to loved it. But school. We just finished young Frankenstein. It's 2 AM. We're sitting here and unfortunately. For us some sad news I cat. Will Smith. Had a heart attack. Last weekend. And it's unfortunately died. And we've we've been taking it very hired its cues you know we have another cat Phineas and either taking it pretty hard to. But while we're here with these spirits. We figured might not trying to see you talk what will it playing now that's. They're usually we can literally get this error are full body because he was just hanging out with a us it was Janet. I never expected it was so sudden there was no warning. Cast only myth that minute nine years until his birthday actually is today Halloween. I'm 1110 when the candidates though. We'll try to talk to them and see what we can do. We're not sure of pressure he's and grads and you know where yeah we don't know Molly. Yeah communicate with them madame channel with only that let's see if this is my senators and ask me it's and knowledge through the room he crossed the robs. And she's stunning how those stay awake before asking well I'll ask you where you just watching young Frankenstein of those if you work you draw the drugs. Could pool and are you a fan of Mel Brooks movie is. Well. But no. So do you enjoy watching young Frankenstein with a at least. And not gee I guess she's not in a person's probably Patrick what about Q are you had to know which movie is. Italian comedy guy out yet on the so Molly Patrick. You were listening to a people who are talking about our capitalist Mitt. Who unfortunately passed away and I were wondering if maybe you could communicate with him yet and you ask 'cause you know have you. Party scene where on eighteen cents to close doesn't work like Panama also well if you get a sense of all he crossed the arrives. Hole. Will is. Keon from Rodney please thank you wells meant. Can we communicate with Will Smith. With these rotten right now if we can't keep crossing routes. All the motor cross that acts are well. Thank you for let us be and will. I hope that you. Do that already do NRA wherever you are not yet crossed the route resolutely. That's that's a good sign this is strong process. On profit rather neatly willing. Thank you posted solid lead aren't enough. Tell you how much we love you. In you know Phineas is paying out and my last question when I ask you welcome Roy hang out worrying about. Rick Jensen is yeah. I mean it's got to be a personal question story but are you. Are you at least hanging out lake with other keys right now are you ain't no more cat so Larry King mean. I mean I didn't room. All all great guys in the room with this well. Can you point the run that way on the room and her. He's not here yeah. This kind of let the killing at the backpack he loves that fact that yeah. Oh my god that is about it I think will Peta then yeah one or two times passes backpack that's great will bomb unless he gets the hang out there. And we we hey you got along well. That's pretty cool this kind of oh wanted to try out here so I'm glad he did. Feel you steered around us and you know. Glad you hate out of my backpacks. Love and love life boats and yes this. Has been pretty crazy stay at its money's rat so far you know community and shot. Indeed mean. Home but. We're gonna kind of misty may be likely turn off all the lakes and maybe in trying on that a little bit as the new stuff is gonna happen around here. I say open. All into anything yet so we'll check and you know in a few hours again and let you know how does the rest of the stay has been gone. But that's been an exciting time here. Mine magic have been great hosts for us. And you know when it turn off the lights and see what happens that all all the real people who weren't care I think most yeah. Everybody here's your shot out to Michelle Michelle and again so yeah we'll check in Lou later lights are all gone off well. See you. It is clear that guys. But it's 3 o'clock now. Automatically into the due to minor again. And if you look voice like. Stammering right now and I'm talking because it's British man I just does not my pop up. Died in 2011. And it's not dead at the year and I try to copy him amendment of the talk and rely on a pack two of them as hell. Analysts. End. And I didn't view this as your podcasting in Iowa in June and happen but I didn't tell you this because. This is this crazy Alley and ask him questions about everything about it was gonna rely. I asked him if you know he's been listening to me on the radio. Say yes you know I asked him if he if he approves of my girlfriend Hannah can he never got to meter. Say yes. He should prove eased to be lawyers and an active fewest practicing off wherever he is he's not know. And then they said so are you just relax and have a good time patterns and drink. Yes yeah. And that's that he drinking is the lack of Martinis and accents instantly crossed. A similar lie about her Red Bull no way let's look are just you and are incredible still plain pink products though. Kind of a wild experience there. And I thought I wanna. They get to know that but not gonna go back cutting all the tennis and leave a little bit I don't I don't. We think I don't know being here in my voice and like I kindly generator and don't do this group. It's crazy but I'm that I had talked to him. All right so it is now 7:30. AM and you guys. Yeah they had in the night for the past the art is certainly in bed. What the lights out we did in the late. Candidate goes live in now and no spears came to really message thoughts yeah it was comfortable that that is very comfortable. Somalia on gaming goodness me that that pressure when you bring an opera. Command to use it in this past two broke that that is so. Yeah up in conclusion of this whole overall journey. Pretty pretty crazy stuff pretty fun stop stop and think what was gonna happen honestly like. Talking to pop up I'm talking of these spirits. Com. You know keeps wait quite experienced limited limited room apartment I guess with spirits and it is the name. Weaving in and yes I mean I didn't really know what to expect but it and definitely felt. I mean I didn't feel alone but I felt welcome you know right I didn't feel like threaten or anything like that so. Help either of I there it's nothing or we just have some it really friendly ghosts around yeah. Hands on mean. We also wanna give the other recipe for use on these days with Dave episodes bomb and I think maybe part of the reason why he felt so welcome here was because. Of artichoke dip hand. There's lots of garlic and that garlic the shift the shies away what vampires got just our planners have boldly used it in hole so. To this. Haunted department with an earlier we had our artichoke dip that we made in the super Evan downstairs and then. Front and appears in its super simple recipe that it's like it's a family asking yes actually it original I'm. I'm mayday and then we just kind of we changed some things here and there and the classic residue of my mom's is just 12121. Proportions of one cup mozzarella cheese one cup Harvard and she's. One government at all man is that he you know and then some. I can't hurt our purse and that lots of garlic obviously. Below we do. We Cheney look a little bit off on this one we use aluminum. Greek yogurt yeah I was Arabic retailer just cut the mail because sometimes it near really really oily right greasy and that's just goes. And then we also like to add a little bit cited spinach in there. You know chalked it up. Well site tea at squeeze it out because otherwise all that a lot and you squeeze out that what he's gonna go on to your debt instead. And then just give it quickly chop and throw it in there and it just makes it just brings it's been excellent to good color in their submits. Kooky and you get that hot Otellini color yeah and you can never have too much spinach because there's no whittled down so much regular little bag of spinach though and it. And it didn't look like nothing exactly. So throw that in there from. With you know we're on the same measurements of one to one wine but you know. Is that it only email Louise grease you know and mail is that a mosque on parent counties. Mozzarella. Parmesan. Probe alone you know he's an Italian land as well Jesse is when I English islands like street chatter no chatter in this any one actually is bad QE mounting cheeses and the North Korea Korea. So. They have let this who has the haunted podcast to shake your cigars are Milwaukee king live hear the tiredness in my ways yes. Quite the experience. All the guys had a happy happy Halloween. And gas them mind joy out of business in did you date with a that the earrings hanging it will. You know those. Violent they don't know there's though. What we'll see you next time.