Harvey Weinstein Speaks

Thursday, October 12th

Elizabeth & Radar give the latest on the Weinstein situation.


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99 point one the next live from the Kessler's diamond center studios with Elizabeth and radar adult conversation. Because there's a veneer top news reporter talking about Harvey. Weinstein. The latest on that whole side and it's like hourly news people are coming for me accusations against this. Former huge producer and how big time yet and up Africa's actually apologizing now this morning because. He had worked at Harvey Weinstein and he went publicly and that I don't condone his behavior this is terrible and I mean yes he's been accused of of rape and sexual. A source tells me it's really bad stuff. And then there is a woman came forward that was on TRL back in the day the MTV show that set up Ben Affleck you grabbed me on television. So you want to talk. That Africa is now apologizing for that situation. Clearly he had tail you forgot about it and then all of a sudden now Hillary Burton a bigger name is I'll listen reminded him all but sorry. Yes so. Harvey Weinstein was also confronted by the paparazzi in front of his daughter's house yesterday. And they are rolling tape and we have audio it's a little hard to listen to what they caught up to him he basically says look writing to myself. Got itself. Yeah we all the states back yeah. Quickly say what people do the whole I'm not perfect we all make mistakes yes that's correct. It. It's not hard to be decent human between your bank accused of of rape I mean that's terrible. Terrible terrible sup would be like. All I'm not perfect and Elvis and easing and a perfect and make mistakes and sari when you see that like after the first time right. How many times does it take for us to realize this exactly and then. He ticket jab at some of the Hollywood eight ministers who have been. As he thinks I'm under the bus. I'll let go. That last part of you can hear it he said. I have been that good guy. I know you're not in the category of a good guy no not at all not at all his wife is now leaving after ten years. She released a statement to People Magazine and said her heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because these are forgive forget the actions. Have chosen to leave my husband. Carefully young children is my first priority and I asked the media for privacy at this time. And Harvey Weinstein asking I hope that I can get a second chance. I don't think that's possible if he's past his second chance that he's a chance like number yeah a lot numbers though and Graham and the whole innocent until proven guilty he's right if we say I need help I made mistakes and was pressed into doing all of this Syria as it sounds like it. This isn't going away anytime soon have more people are coming for me what is the total up to now is it. It's like thirty plus you know over thirty which is why why failed to click in well mill and celebrity's role as list I just wonder. I just wonder how many people. We knew that this was going on that are sitting there right now seen these headlines shaking their heads saying all my dash because. Then like to break about things. And the lesson in Hollywood I'd share it do you mean it's only eat and talk to anybody about this that that there's. And I mean to those people that. Today I mean this thing happen to them they gonna get in trouble I don't think they'll really terrible right now that they knew this is going on and just turn a blind side did seeing what was the whole story that Matt Damon knew and and I'll listen he's an owner I don't know man I am I didn't know. And that's OK he's that she's right. Diddy or did any now them but again I like about Africa now to apologize. If this thing be read a lot of other people and not just Harvey why Christine. So that's the latest on that you can read more about it FaceBook dot com slash makes Milwaukee.