Happy Thanksgiving! Oh And By The Way...

Tuesday, November 21st

Elizabeth & Radar talk with a listener who has big news to drop on Thanksgiving.


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99 point one and it's it's Elizabeth and radar July holiday secrets but Thanksgiving bombing or drive on the family this week. Call it pretty well for one source of 99 at 1099 I was just talking about friends of mine that are finally getting to see her husband's. Inside the belly of Norris and a tell all that that the price today. Happy day holiday secret. But what else is going on your life Lindsay what is the big bomb you're gonna drop on the Sam linked. I have made. He asked asked. As my family that she has her name and Morales you've been coming your family holidays which means slower here he has tasting her handling the lives in another state worry at least. We are alleged. Aaron and I know that I can just. It is time and just how learn to Italy this trend there aren't we are loud and she's getting she's come the holidays because we're going to be idiotic crap. Wait wait wait a drop this on things getting different everybody. And I'm letting me. Doesn't tell me you tears are coming out we've been doing his first start the year I'm tired of pretending. Lindsay why even keep this quiet for seven years of Chile now a days in 2017 that means. What's the big deal. Go to our relations are very religious but I feel like it just flying. My Amway they really really like her and I feel like we made it this are urged. Bad if they can love her and the person they can tell her like her. Pretty you know wait until at least after desert until everything's I just ask at what point did. For the church right Scarborough now he had a weighty and get a full belly first at least get your fill and then do it right. I don't know how to get it out there and it kicks out after Lee catalogs. Is anyone stamina your most worried about telling comment you know you might add is okay. He's just such a traditional guy all eyes and I feel like there's. It maybe get an order partnerships gingerly into what future looks going to be. Well you sound like you're a really good. Place now only do you just write what we say hello what are you wouldn't know what you're gonna tell us he seems like year. Ready did you say you're optimistic and he got he got that energy to do it good luck. I hadn't been talking to myself and hear over and over making my shopping center published in the I heard it asked. This site yourself what you're gonna be signed had a few drinks Simeon did not keep us posted at happy days. And I hope she goes back I really don't see Jesus in the loop. Didn't end lets us know exactly what happened. Tell us promised jobs to have somebody to share and deacons tennis masters faceoff dot com slash mix Milwaukee.