Happy August! Lets Talk About Pizza

Thursday, August 2nd

Dave and Hannah are celebrating August by talking about and learning of all the holidays that take place during the month. We also try to figure out who ate Dave's Chili. Plus, imagine if your beautiful garden you worked so hard on got you sued, one woman in the UK is dealing with that. Did you know that some animals taste food with their feet? Find out what animal does plus learn how to make mozzarella cheese from scratch! 

Mozzarella Cheese Recipe
1/2 Gallon Milk
1/4 tablet rennet dissolved in 1/4 cup water
3/4 tsp citric acid dissolved in 1/4 cup water

Heat milk and citric acid to 90 degrees F. Take off heat and add rennet. Stir in and let sit covered for 5-10 minutes.
Uncover and there should be a silky tofu like texture. Take a knife and cut a grid pattern. 
Put back on the heat until 105 degrees F. Take off and Mix until curds separate(5 minutes) 
Transfer curd to bowl. Heat in microwave for 1 minute.
Start stretching until it gets elastic and smooth.

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Wish we could. Hello and welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I am your host game and of course and joined. But my cohost and my spot body for the day. Hanna was gone and I. I'm saying. Yeah we went to the spot no big deal hasn't patties. Just patties I don't know many petty partners because I love honestly I loved it might be touched them. There are a little massage and alumni and a tow along a little they do really Elizabeth the town Elizabeth from the morning Joseph we're gonna Elizabeth and radar she was telling me that. They like wrote a letter cap that's why I got really excited that they're gonna McCallum I'm waiting for that moment I don't like I didn't know there are gonna get us a little many but rather it was wonderful and you know most men I guess don't get college. When they get their nails did but what about. Well do you buy did. I got. Blue. I'm just my two big toes not just any blue. Sparkling blue sparkly blue it looks so it's O origin check it out it is so lick on mine is a brand and it producer Dave Henis those around there too I'd out like a ruby red slipper really isn't a plaza an island that our government as you can you can check out the live video Bosnian exposed did on the mix more hockey FaceBook page. Pretty exciting stuff over there. They've had a very adult dated because after he went and got his petty here yells I had to go to that Taylor's yep boy and a custom tailored. And anybody went up custom tailored it was a busy dad though this day all leg man ELN. When they're never met him before is it. And hours from but yeah it is surely easy and they use. Of the Russian Jewish descent. And yes you know it went in their last league never met in the Florida gun don't they can think egg in my suit shirt and a little bit. That's what I Lagos the rocket ship it this big get out of here at. As a really children although the federal the law of the show to them refuge. And so those done today and take only three days. And how my sue looks spit beat you on the leak with my blue nail back imagine my blue suit. Knowledge decide his election whereas. Orange tie with a blue undershirt or Oregon are sure with a blue or I got like a blue splattered. Undershirt. With. Bob purple do a fast shattered it kinda fashion show and on for some pictures Latin people vote yeah a struggle I wanna do they are. Choose. Who. Or. It's raining really hard right now yeah it peas Bruno. Clouded the Chandra p.s. Cloudy with a chance the meatballs great film just want to for the first time the other day. Gotta love that movie now I get so just didn't rule and terrorist cannot give doesn't affect us there. Yeah. Yeah. You know. Butterflies. Taste with their feet and. What's also surprised settle IA. What's that just getting. Yes they had taster sectors on their feet there's the big though not with their Powell all's well they're little so they have mouths and only time where they suck up salt sugar water. But they taste everything to their feet. So no matter can't they wasted before they eat it means they don't yet have they don't like some mean they don't need to waste the cards on all my. Imagine if we have a much bigger guy and some thing before we put an arm out imagine if we could do that if we can taste. What we're about to eat emulate. Is this worth it no I'm not gonna eat it doesn't taste that yeah McCain used to that I spitting it out. No because once you put any amount instantaneously son Mitt goes down you throw in your face summit. And he has literally in tears here's your one car and also imagine the player is the flavor doesn't stay in your toe the line to stay in your time. He knows what it already does that your toe and in the end. Slack off match that off you don't hostility knock off. Still the food on a frigid hope that guy I have. Managed to let food. I'm. They took it did tell me. They clearly look there's so we may place in Chile last night by accident on the main first time. Editors like slow cooked three hours this thing's on us so maybe two. Mates and how can you had a crown bred to go with it it was delicious so good so David Bratz sunburn his coworkers today yes I better Tupperware fault and I. Hold political radar that hey the the top or fully chilly in the red leather and red are the only ones who know that is a so there's a tub or all of Chile in the fridge. Pour yourself some bulls but make sure you save some for Jill pilgrim brings on from a traitor Joseph to go work out. So you know we go to our show whatever I go in the kitchen in dividends from one authored by senators and occasionally don't regulations. You're dressed in my Chile. You picture so we go to the fridge and open the chilly and to my surprise that is no longer a full Tupperware of Chile. There is a perfect portion just scooped out. Like. Clearly they took us Boone scooped out preventable. 88. And how they don't give a dirty track some thing now of well I have whatever Elizabeth they're adamant that that's an okay. So he tasted sorry that while it really did but that's beside the point. So I don't talk to Elizabeth and random act Haiti after the chilly at an unknown on on I guess when I get there. On the that's weird because sun hasn't tried that show me so I've done some research. That first loss and now it's flat sent out an obvious why email. Just asking did I mean we if we get cameras that works like he got checked candidate I want I don't care that. That much that is one annulled because they're all available Lavinia love sharing my food obviously we share our recipe that you I want. More than anything for people to taste the food and and I make. I just wanted to all those good or not stealing had a effort they're asking us rack on it is not always an outside my email I is that okay. To one another and took a bullet Joseph out of the fridge I'm not upset I'm surely curious did you enjoy it I wanna know politics to. Nolan responded back on the debt neighbor about the cameras maybe we will we did discover though that. There's an investigative work that there was a bull. 1 point this morning sitting on the kitchen so keen looking like it may have had beef remnants in it. And it was no longer indicated no one ever does their own dishes that work OK they are just go to the dishwasher. And need evidence that the etiquette so I think like every good crime show we need to establish a timeline. When a chilly arrived when other people arrived in the office. When the Chile when it when somebody said we had all the bowl in the same guy do footsteps analysis and see who walked in and out of the kitchen. This morning. Scoop analysis maybe watch how people who yeah that's my idea let's market like a month long process I'll try to TV at an and a special becoming so don't put them all the story is you'd feel if you put something somewhere. Clearly it's not your flick. Don't tell you that I needed to put my name on it label like me because I didn't need to have you read it to where Null so don't touch it. It does someone's house. Scene in Xbox seat there and be let all. We boxes this it's going well and it apart I think at this hour and being like until it's in a parking lot with everybody else's stuff just don't take. I chili okay just don't take my cheerleader and if they did RB. Yeah you and tell us if you wanted to be like oh yeah please if you're gonna listen you know not just sent me an email did you get used to tell me if you liked it. Blake went through I really liked in the court red eye popping up on red was. The glitch yes. I say specifically went out to get a how opinion from this court read because we didn't have one we thought ended and I thought I did and I was lake at. I had a debater myself and I think it can't have covered this talking you know and it's true it's just like. She is just look at you and they are the taste the food first you got to weigh out the options you already taste and obviously you are too late night after knows what that to go draft damages they could be you know helping to isolate. You just stick your toe how can you real quick militant. Should the driving get this all got going to. Just went about flat. Stanley could be out. I'll leave them makes nonsense I yell game president plays and yeah. RA Canada game address its net. They're so happy August 1 happy August there's as the day record in this podcast by the way yet and guess what what. It's national girlfriends today. Happy Diego friends and each had fewer than not and it is my girlfriend Ankiel I just had to say as a have you think because I wouldn't be a girlfriend without you know. Right so true okay because so much more than just ago friend. I celebrating every day I Wear many hats chase. Shin guards. I can. Go out this letter aim is like I guess I guess the day. Like you know. Every race this is national reference to an ominous say what it's like national holiday I have what they have on it and I I'll get your hands night and and that now and yeah I mean there's really there's literally you have every single day in office is something gay and and then some like some Blake. Some days have multiple high. OK so this kind of easy answers easy artist eighth you know like this one. Is world. Way bigamy and yeah I am not gonna say that was the real debate is world blank day. I'm gonna give you it and Latin. For EC is cassis. Cat bird bird cat that. Out of state as well cat an. Hey every cat the innovator there's obvious example. Dale and yes August 8 going to be a big day and that's how much gas I'm not gonna be here. You is that when people Skype percent yeah I next OK next August 15. Is alone am. Which is a column a holiday celebrating the race harvest in which religion alone. The rice harvest in. Hindu. Right after a tip the my guy who did that. Buddhism yet Ina as the yeah I'll raise pay a gay the next day I insist sixteenth is national went buying bank. Just blind date where we celebrate our own words one where we celebrate. This liquor. Which. It developed from sugar cane. Whiskey. Rob and I guess again I'll get another hit. Let's it's. It's from the Caribbean. Rahm career ahead is that going to be a good day for me too I love my ram and Hilton in and irate. Back next week acts artist twenty seconds is national. Blank blank today. Celebrating this magical creature who break source pleading and visit their children. Hosts and can be Santa lesson wintertime the Tooth Fairy. Yeah hey. They are seen rising guardians could be an issue very one of the best in the middle federated that I that is surely that is at the Tooth Fairy does. They strained and surprise your kids your money trades can't. August of others my last one. August 30 is national this day. And I'm just gonna give you famous ones and you have to name and they knew in my name of the app and wait a haven. New Jersey. Rain yes fi genre. Harry Potter. National accrediting now. High note coney polite and national co signing date all of these things are famous on the salts whistled play. Island. Panama City. Capitals of. Yeah these kids. I. Can't ever every bit. Coming out. How they headed the ball is going. I don't think either the national bee today. Have you did pretty get pretty good thanks those and keep up the holiday is. How is this one month yes you rated sombre. Before I move on I'd like to make a breaking news announcement. From last week. Seoul as you know last month. Was national hot dog month denied introduced today it's hot dog of the week. But because this podcast is biweekly. I did announce that it really gonna podcast so you may not hurt. What the final hot dog of the week was. It was a desert dog in it was hot dog wouldn't tell. Strawberry jam. And bananas on it. And before he's stable the most disgusting thing you've ever heard of it wasn't that bad. They tell it warmed up on the hot dog and Gator like a really creamy this priest another bite of the hot dog and a smooth like banana flavor of that the funny thing is as a person who suggested it didn't think you're gonna put yes she message here urgently BA Ellis to put on a banana I was. Let's talk about the bananas beans hot dog with new talent strawberry and I'm like all that big a deal but those national dog week so yes there are dug in so they're participating in danger give me years suggestion though really really fun I'll definitely keep on May get hot dogs and even when it's not national hot dog month Marty do you like we actually thought at first yeah. I think your party into today. Well Caprio. Carrying movie invasion time and memory but don't talk about food. We're gonna talk about it on our favorite foods. Is. From another putt had. Kia Rondo pizza. On this awesome article on food beast that explained how much. One dollar. Can get you in pizza yeah around the the world. So what do you think would be like if you can name any. Country. Who has the cheapest pizza. Well if you pay one dollar who'd give you the most pizza Mexico. He's not Mexico blink one American dollar area and how does one dollar. And doesn't need to pay one dollar. Yeah I would say it may be like. Yeah. It's in yeah. No it is. Egypt. Well I was close to point one slices. Wow well in the interesting pizza from Egypt. Is a seafood lovers pizza error. I I can't imagine that I thought it. The rule. That I seafood and cheese. Doesn't go to other ethnic unedited exchanges in there early and see Andrew and love laughter Mac and cheese and everyone loves lake. Putting cheese crab cakes are like putting Stella that piece that's like. It's a different type dark deed that to me I that people in the world so question about this Egypt pizza is it like Pizza Hut. Egypt or is it lake. You know I think let it get you where to go to any they can't. I think that's all and all any else. So yeah I don't think the you have to go gives a one dollar figure he's a pizza big 82 point one so yeah he's gonna get like a holes play a whole pizza from Pizza Hut for like. Three dollars yeah. Yeah right to none too blue ones six point threes. So for now okay they read a map out to eight point they are all I learned sort my hardest hit by the easy simple math members who are 512. I don't care of yourself. Egypt give you the most piece of me a dollar rebate gives you. America. Is not America but we do on the game you I'm an X six slices for a dollar and. That's a pathetic pizza should be a dollar's place out. It should just be a dollar's place in my mind has proved Clinton any good I might. How does other countries do and I mean we just look Margarita pizza for six bucks. An Alice from high sense from a top chef. She went into it as women can't third K Americans third attack jet and she's on pizza for six bucks climate pizza delicious with player than a talented and most is probably going to be like a Scandinavian country moved up an a plus. Denmark. Mean no Finland yeah. Everything is expensive and simply Henry's slice that you get from one dollar. I. Didn't matter how much for a full pizza math man. Went three times he. Sends. Oh 24 ya know to. Eight that's isn't me get a it's like yeah yeah I think the national monument to it is formula that all the. To be fair here you can buy pizzas for Tony put out there still right there are simply I would never but tomorrow this story is little. Pete says she has literally. Dole is flour yeast water and sugar and sometimes it doesn't even had yeast in it. And not only might cost of ingredients as dirt cheap labor labor it doesn't it's not hard to make pizza. Like I just you just it just takes time that. When you're doing other things who cares how much time and. We had one bad pizza experience airborne and get into it. Just like thirty minutes to get one pizza from a would buy a pizza places foes take no time not gonna mention the name they're not worth it. But don't I mean that seriously peace is great and it should be shared on bright. Idea. Molina. Is another funny thing. So into gardening lately we've got a nice look garden going outside our patio on our battery. I mean premium play every tomato we got days old. I'm sure Ellen made to nine minutes not really growing now it is though is getting taller at Portland and to keep so we've been given the gardening. But could imagine. If someone tried suing you because there like a garden. So yeah that's happening to one woman just like HLA problem noses in the UK well. Which also does not not like a blob webs and the UK called mums net. Which is hilarious I love that called mums dads because I gotta get out of this ballot and you and as any team because no mom I know but as I. I was so late they said mom because like I thought that the accent you know I like and it. It mildly had to spend a moment it's not mom is mom in the U and is a completely different way disease so this is what's gone. A woman in the UK she's got a garden. And a new neighbor who just moved in. Is threatening to Sue Bird in not trying to sooner because she is. Causing damages to quote the enjoyment of her property is impacted. Well not a real thing right and this neighbor just moved in so she chose to move into this helps. Having already seen the guardian of her soon to be neighbor next door. How far how garden hurt your enjoyment that's what a garden is just there to enhance like nature's beauty and life. More so than that how can you be offended by plants how an attorney. Say yes I would take this case I would be your lawyer and we're gonna assume this list regarded it does she probably yeah she's suing her. Maybe she's her own player. I'll I think it out even if she sent like. Yeah our panel they're getting on my line that might have played you can Mimi has the foundation there but despite saying oh it's. I don't like looking at it. They don't have it ruins the enjoyment. But I act. And it was like yeah I it is defending my black and my property. I think gag out movie that you're right deadline ends when you could degrade roses or lack lacks or bon. Force documents somebody threw a dandy line at me when I was a kid now I can't look at them. But you gonna say I like others flowers negative. Yet to that it was national flower today. Which is that not just know that every day to me this really has absolutely no case. The why waste your time also well. How it must be nice to have nothing better to do and lengthened to do is go around suing people from zero reason at all right. You must be nice stuff makes this week you're gonna do what I drink beer okay it was doing it. Oh. So the beer we have today is. Called starter is there for read about house and I got it for two reasons first bomb the Canucks really really cute. Thank you are and Hulu. And it's a German. Shorts beer which just mean play. Dark beard sharks chartered air its German so that's I was like Jackson and of course our house means. But ballot builder led mouse. Think the nun's island yet they agent about under Korean German beer so there's a dark beard does Derek I think it's going to be an even says like how bitter it is it's. If you're interested it's twenty he called guy should. Ideas lawyers and out of hundred. I think so. So it's not that the international bitterness units 28 I B use irate so we got acute or casing glasses Rakers color. All that is a dark and Americans tonight good amount ahead. Head pilot and I mean that's. Is slowly yeast is just the latest from nineteen go. Smells like yeah like dark red lake we'd had had a smelly of bread are right. Cheers cheers. Unix. It there yeah now it is like instantly gives me. Goose bumps on my back. So bad bristle like. It's harsh it gives you and its harsh. It's not. A lot of flavor other than just like bettered us it's not a bad beer wouldn't have like a multi room students it's just. It's not very carbonated I think it's a little. And now I'm out doesn't just take me like a good. Hour and a half to finish this is probably a better when your beard made it with lakes who would you be I mean the likes them out of barbecue. Are you saw us image Abraham Ichiro. That's another chilly that remain. I mean that I would I would recommend is beer if you are a fan yeah I have be much more experience of heavy legs dark. Hit you pundit Beers. Yeah punch in the face it too dark for me. Well thanks for thanks to this one enough but I know the other day suggestions. Through your suggestions are way wasn't nearly haven't really tried. I don't know his animation. Site. Are you fruity Beers we taste. The light Beers taste. Dark Beers we teased. Because we taste apple does IP is they kind of just like that super coffee thing next. Well thanks then it was delicious. So retro somebody in. Knew from now on was or give you guys recipes at the end of the episodes because. Besides making food we love watching in movies and TV. And I kind of fun stuff we actually tying it in your payment. You are actually in a call it attainment it's entertainment as a we talked about before the podcast of the Sony. Threats on my tell you feel a recipe for mozzarella cheese homemade. Don't get scared is very easy and only took me about thirty minutes any debt by himself error and talk about one of my new favorite shows on T here and now. Who is America on Showtime's Sasha baron come on brilliant so does that she's had anything to do with. The shelves now well maybe their current cheesy. No of the show's not cheesy at all so here's the deal Maas Brothers and all you need you need milk. Citric acid and ran it in what rather is just like I don't know. What it actually is the way it does is it makes cheese basically from milk to help the help that and yet it helps to separate the Kurds in the way. Minnesota we have tablet juveniles are there of powder form I'm pretty sure or liquid form. And all as you look fourth of the tiny tablet that we had. So my recipe is half gallon of milk whole milk. A fourth. Tablet Iran and that need to be dissolved in a fourth cup of water. And then. Three fours teaspoons. Of citric acid also dissolved in a fourth couple water so I have couple utter total. But in two separate fourth cup can't mix them together yeah. So what you do yes and you can find pretty much anyway these days yeah I just like how our our ethics our flavoring we had a huge target for electric ice and what you do is you. Put the milk on the stove with your sister acid mixture. Heat that all you need a thermometer as well. You keep that all up I am to ninety degrees. And once that gets in ninety degrees you take it off the heat and right. Yes we're in America. What freedom degrees cash that it plans for an so you take up the heat. And then you put the red mixture and while it's up the heat and makes that for five minutes. And you let it sit and focus on the mile simple enough evidence. Brought an audio mix actually for five minutes just mixes so it's an extension to recommend it. But let it sit for like 510 minutes. And you'll see you gotta cover it. And you'll see when you take the cover off. It'll start looking like tofu on the top almost lately they've heard all out like this silken texture and so what you got to do it yet taken knife and go. The route to the bottom of the pan and Cutler and rid okay. So once you cut and a grid you put it back on the stove. And you re heated to 105. Degrees. You start seeing more. Separation. And public curtain wagered and my start turning like yellow ish kind of and that's what it's supposed to look like. I want to get the 105 degrees you take it off again. Mix it mix it mix it mix it is gonna keep on rising the temperature in Niger makes it for a little bit and you're gonna just keep on seeing it all kind of form into one. Like Kurd and one giant you know like. Of just wait liquid. In the current has been good clear he got the scoop out occurred. And put that on the ball together. Squeeze the real lake talked the other you know so it can get the juices out of it and then what I. Is you'd get to a certain temperature so it's like pliable he stretched them out throw your hands. So I microwave it for a minute. I don't know the exact manager of that that that when I was done with the thermometer like communicated throughout an economic stake into the mozzarella. But I if you don't want and you just don't like pulling elegant finally Silly Putty. And it happy yeah like tap the and it starts late. Stretching out he needed over it's over stretch it. And ultimately yields are the only link you know get some firmness and shiny yes and I formed into a ball and squeezed off the bottom and I made too little mozzarella balls. And that we use them on. Citizens can make cheddar cheese to probably. Yes the attitude that I also sprinkled salt in about stretching it out to get a little error. But yet I mean that's sick literally to the thirty minutes and and that it sounds crazy but let's just go on talking to you but if you were to read this on paper it's. What's the recipe is posted in this description of the podcast it's not hard on Clinton got peninsula a lot of people 'cause everybody can kind of like kind of attack there and a and I think we did watch who is America while we eat the pizza with as much about that she's on it so that's how we tied together. So who is America is the new Sacha Baron Cohen Joseph and such Americana is known for Ali G show and doing more odd Rudolph Giuliani's crazy characters which he led. Really pretends to be somebody and that people he's. You know pretending to are not in on it at all since he's actually threw it right now and real interviews quote unquote real energy is crazy crazy. And this various characters and bore rotten all that back cause controversy now over ten years ago I started this is causing a lot of controversy now because he's got like. Sarah Palin he interviewed who eat supposedly duped. Quote unquote Roy Moore are Ted Koppel of their Bernie Sanders. Some rappers Selanne you know he's he's got every once and congressmen. He's basically just asking questions and we voted again to waste our look at you can be whatever political party want that's what ever but what Sacha Baron Cohen is doing is he's putting people enough. Comfortable situation so I think so though speak their mind freely and he asks these lake open ended question that he never there ever put anything in their mouth Mayo asked an open question and a person will respond in the way that an area through will let one guy it. Because Sacha Baron Cohen told them that this is a way to get rid of terrorists. Pulled his pants down a little his ranch south of Bangkok with the pants off him and how we can America and it's like. You could have chosen not to do that yes but clearly somewhere in your heart you thought well. OK I should do this and to me just so fascinating because it is is eye opening until what would people feel like they're comfortable. They're gonna say was truly on their mind. And it it. If Sasha Mary Kohn doesn't agree with the committees is he duping them no because. Some people got up out of the interview Roy Moore Ted Koppel they got out and said this and I use this is a whack I'm getting up and leaving. People joke not to do that and I feel like that's why Sacha Baron Cohen is a brilliant. Yeah look bad because you did you and damage you. But he just gets people up platform but it just you know they think like oh he really wants to hear what I wanna say Greg Aiello. And a good I think and then they started or people who are of power. You know so these are these are people that we as citizens of America Clinton race. So just a really fast today show watch it if you want don't watch it we don't want to make the mozzarella if you want don't make it if you don't want. Keep on listening to our podcast I hope you wanna do that we want. And thanks to stop and I regard Toronto this weekend for my cousin's wedding Matt Matt. And Siri not met series brother the Mets series seemed to be husband. Congratulations. Can't wait to see yet is not be an awesome wedding can't wait. Thanks for listening guys back to you. I hope you enjoy it if you didn't enjoy it. You can go subscribe. To dish with Davis really go to your podcast. Search dish with gay. Click on my beautiful thing it's push subscribe. A lot bill and I would really like the valuable in the next time.