Grilled Cheese: Mayo or Butter? - Part 2

Wednesday, June 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk with callers about what they use on the outside of their grilled cheese. 

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Big question of the day do you use mail instead of butter find your grilled cheese is it a thing is that really a thing. I'm not an apple I want to mix us Elizabeth and radar I'm producer David in for Elizabeth as you know vacation and you my girlfriend and her mom told me that. You don't butter pounders use mail on the outside of your group she's because it makes the way better Sam is delicious and I am. Pretty conventional line to me I'm sitting here thinking the same thing this is this cannot be anything real heavy users male and males on the inside is a tree right on the outside that you put on the incentives and it's not on the outside so we turn it over to you at 4147991099. What do you do that he is may argue stick with the buyer can you use mail tell me what you think. I would use mail it's an accident and we could get high heat melt off you never paid the man open. Better crossed around the group. Move I like crust and I guess that doesn't make sense to us that are clearly it is just. Egg and oil that's a male risen. Exactly I don't brown. Out. Connecticut yes I think then it's tough and Cuba mail on everything even the serial. Sunny and then there thanks in. I'm like you Ben what do you think DD use my mail or use the butter making abilities. Did you do you think it tastes better than butter. Ideal we actually bridge over I ran into a situation area out of water. We went over good and I'll never go back at it now. Like hey we're out of butter let's just saw this on their absolutely it all right good deal and thanks bad days of the fall. Deanna and seal letter to try this media Chelsea how about you may or butter when you make a grilled cheese. It though. I'm that you called. It. Both together on the outside a little bit and it but it really. Hey Anthony have our feeling is I'm here. I mean yeah it really rather. That won't now entirely made in Paris I. One out that used to put Mayo on the inside the sandwich. Are. Seeded username allies like at the grilling surface OK that's very interesting this is good stuff I gotta write this down and try to stop and maybe try to butter as well together mix. Think Chelsea. Yeah Tuesday letter it's like numbered Mike here are at Mike's a young male or butter guy on the outside. That they grilled cheese. I was used to be a border guy and now it's a mailman. It is. Think about groups in the world but if you want more or else I'd chicken breasts with a little bit of front companies to have other beat faster every right. Madison this is like a Mayo coated chicken breast. They helped if you look at the rest of Fiat mail where we're so you actually have that recipe got Eric. It's phenomenal I'm just thought I would I would and I'd fail at everything. But I like the group sees that way it's still it's good. Obviously this isn't there that I die here at dot atlas and got fallacy yourself like Al yeah but I girlfriends mom was like well. This is valid and we are in net food had to write I'm gonna like get your Real Madrid. And grilled cheese resolutely. Might make you read that mouth watering it discussion but. You gotta do that well. I guess we're gonna try this out radars on does seems like males the way to go. That's true and if you didn't get through at 4147 in 1999. You can always go to FaceBook dot com slash knicks who want to join join the conversation.