Grilled Cheese: Mayo or Butter? - Part 1

Wednesday, June 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk about whether or not they use Mayo or Butter on the outside of their grilled cheese. 

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Nine and that while in the mix is Elizabeth generate Elizabeth is on vacation and I producer Dave and here and yeah irate and this is Mary interest dean thing because. Pam my governor Matt are trying to make real Jesus the other day a half and we had no blood and our house which are radius in the fact that nobody in my house so we didn't make any good cheeses. And we want we took their mom the next day really Hayward trying to make group uses the lead and manage all my god she should use Mayo. Really yelling on the inside we don't have any butter for the outside she said no thank you put mail and the society of sandwich in it's amazing. And I guess they easily. Because this. That's what that I don't think OJ and him are. I just can't imagine that putting male got in May on the outside you Brad has got he's better than butter because young Goodmail inside like if you make an appeal to your regular economy is yet. But you can actually she puts a none on the outside and then groves she's I think she's she told me. That this'll be the best thing out of reach is that I'm gonna change my group she is forever and they think about it now realistically. Like Mayo is you know just day in a whale but that's all male ways and a half if you fry those are able gonna brown pretty nicely so I guess. Why wouldn't it brown your bread. I've never heard of putting me on the outside of the bred to go ahead and grill it. I just consider easing but I feel it you know you heard about four played really greasy ethic that extra oil in the mail would come well. But I guess you look at it end. Do you need you need soft butter despray on the outside your bread right so yeah he's he's like the margarine spread right some Mayo is easier I guess and that's the essence mail's always credible never heard of using mail well I don't know it just still wanted to try I would nail this is really different and them I never seen it if you use mail on a grilled cheese this is a simple thing for you to think about today. 4147991099. Columnist now that does that really work is this ordeal is this like. This got a joke right now I'm in this the real thing or you like a solely butter person undergo geez I guess because mailed. I guess it could change and the use mail on a group to the kids are home from school now summer break they're looking for sandwiches during the day rallies happening grilled cheese together honey don't and deed of the butter on the outside or do the mail and then growing.