The Great Taco Trek of 2017...of Milwaukee

Wednesday, October 4th

Producer Dave and his girlfriend Hannah go on The Great Taco Trek of MIlwaukee to find the best place to get tacos. After a long journey, the ratings are in. Did your favorite place make the list? 

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Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I'm your host Dave Stein and of course and joined with my girlfriend analysts up. Needing a in so head and our big food fans as you have learned previously from us end. Our favorite or one of our favorite foods has to be. Tacos. Feel like you can always be tackled at any give important day any day of the week we eat tacos every day of the week and I'll be happy. And that's what we didn't we went and tackles for about four days straight. And it was our tackle Trent it was actually the great taco track a 2017. A Milwaukee. And that's are gonna do we're gonna give you. On our favorite toppled littler raid of a scaled. To scale of five it's gonna be. But let's go on what the tackle was and the experience and so that I have ten total points out the points at the end it would aggregate the most points wins. So all Hannah want to read up a list of all the top places in Milwaukee that we win. Yet is just the blazes that we went you know obviously there's a billion more of the these are. The better parents are right so we got that aren't. We got clay he knows. That the work on ice tour de Klerk. Tucker it weighed on beast now which is a huge. Laughing to act now Gypsy tack oh and Bel Air of course camps type of attack doesn't marquis about talking about belly hacked. So you start. Let's just start wit. Gypsy taco. Jesse taco gaze up or booting Crockett which is the bar on JK in debut in Milwaukee. And it's a food truck that parked in the back of the bar soul lit up permanent. Statement there yet always part there you can always find it at the injured Chicago ahead four different those that had. And it. Steak. And pork individual tack though we we just got one of beach just went threat that we also got. Of course born in a cup I'd been told to get the corn and a cup so all yeah. At the corner cut and you take back inside me the patio is awful silly to the fact aren't stupid argument though isn't drinks drinks. It's very nice bar environment. And everything would rate the experience of being the overall experience. Will it see it with pacts on Sunday night's all it's pretty appetite 3.5 and go back again trap happy Al iron. The report about a father I agree with that. Forget rating protect those would get the tackles pretty attack goes. Yeah. I don't know I'd give them attack us we're tapping Hannity let's let's. Here yeah there really top heavy they where you get to tortilla and a little bit of cream in we each tortilla which is really nice little surprise that tackle but. I get to say there were a lot of top that he chuckled they're really they're trickling that. Which is cool but every tackle that rash on it. On. My badge I got sent out an app if you look at different tack. Like roasted vegetables and the one. But all it. I give it three I sent via. There are good there's that we're not bad not bad but none of these places I don't know it's not a bad place we got a bad places. And a lot of great tacos. She's the best of the best and yeah I'd give it three. So what's that what's the score of that element. Encourage seats. But that's pretty good part of the cup. There so remember that outside of the tacos. Pricing spectrum of this golf skills three. It's three it's the most expensive. The predicts that it but. The big tacos there. Yeah party yet that doesn't change. I don't know this doesn't. So what you wanna go to next ten. Move to. Attack well Gypsy taco laughing stock. And it was actual links to our friends. Sit down restaurant yes I just opened up and first street. In Milwaukee in the fifth ward area gained. That pork. Steak. And we got just to ground beef one as well and just again you have no idea of the food of the pork is roasted. Vertical spilling Euro and out pretty closely to see everything. Hand we tackled and here we got like 89 tackle between two of us. They're good they were good there are little. Corn tortillas. Too expensive there too it again. They're good at the medium expensive place. And the state their simple just electro onion. And meet the ground beef was just ground beef just like sloppy Joseph ultimately standard of three. But the top of ago they had good flavor on the head you know a good texture to that mistake it was and chew eat eat well. Reports out customers and forget out past. Abbott and tasty tasty. Definitely tasty taco give him again and a three. I agree that actually there again I don't end there again. They were the best but they were they're really good night and again the problem lies. We get. Tacos that we can literally see you just need to link shaved and meet up with it and to the tortillas and it's still. It took a long time when he meant it maybe god toggle. It I mean it was kidney and there it was crowded is also small planes. Yet there are a lot of people there. But not obliterate the experience there and I would rate the experience. I want I want to give it to. But I think Michigan to two and a half. I think another busy you know there's there's not a lot of variety in the attack is cutting it in Grand Prix at work. Their simple and that's good tackles keeps the prices low against. Merely good without go there again it wasn't you know for the wait time so. But pretty good place while the overall delegate and. IRA itself attack at a 3.5. Ian. Experience. For that adds up to six. Three point those two. I just three just. So it's so six. And 2.5. 105 and a half left in tobacco. And. I move onto the next one as ago where if Bellinger. Well known place. In the Milwaukee area that pop up everywhere elect the first. Cool. California tonight apple place here in south targeted Californians that. Bad but not the best. Unless there right now and people who know me know that saw Eli I go there. I have friends go to you know I know people go there and change and sometimes and sometimes and act like go out annihilated. There's just so many other it's wants tackles there's so many other places you can take him before I take it as a lot of. Options you know there's a. Options and tacos and burritos to write these menu. And they got deals into it and there's says yeah but besides that deals it's pricey. Eats its. It's kinda like 35 dollars for that price it's. And honestly like I get the state of there like it and elect a part of their. You get chips and sells them via that the thing but I don't particularly like chips themselves. Well there's also either like super spicy or just like bland. I guess that variety. They have a bunch of tacos about a variety I mean I get them probably do it at 3 o'clock and they're good. Again we're really really critical people slow. And then over our experience. It's cool place and I patio. Friendly service is like young people there. Experience three out of five. I do that. It's deadly place to go to you definitely go there and take people that app here on it and enjoy the food I mean it's getting to corn or flour tortillas you know it's. It's got a lot of options. Go to 66 out of ten success and where to go the next ten let's go out to. The other kind of similar instrument to Ballard bad guy and Italy Beckham now a little crazier for tacos but you know it's it's a sit down restaurant downtown Milwaukee. Yeah it's. Average wider street and got another idea that it downtown it's. Really really good its core audience is like paper lanterns everywhere. Sex tapes for your napkin holder yeah records everywhere so it just looks cycled like a little shack and only really cool. Nobody really cool vibe there they got an outdoor section two. And then it a lot of variety and tacos and a lot of lately. Interesting ones it was a wraps or chicken to acknowledge islands late brag chick and rob. Of those long. My favorite is the port their day I get these all they want public comments on there. You love the speak tack an Argentinian stakes a grade one to gain if you really wanna go all out into the dock one yeah that doesn't mean. And really get honest it's really really got audio oranges and love fruit through adding fruit agree and add anything. So attack us. Three and a half get the three and a half. An and the experience in other Ali have been deals like. Like two dollars tacos yet they get done and yet every day they got on a that she is true all gathered she's scared I am what I laser right never would have thought it gets in Wisconsin amazing that dipping science. That he's geared debit titles out of ago that XP. I think I'm. Sort of item. And it also you get chips and salsa and isn't good chips salsa their experience also is so. What do. I think we should add. A half point again about it after we got to the scores yet how appointments if you had just it's also because sit down restaurants and chips and salsa now. So honestly the food trucks sold them sit down restaurants and laughing tackle. Was remarkable them honestly mission matches. But you can tell lot about a place by the Richardson's so low Gillis seven. Sent an it's pretty good about athlete. And girls Wear it to the next can't wait to moderate and I'm down to calm tone it down to coney totally. Connie he does is the Milwaukee staple Dejan that you that are out of Milwaukee and all you local people after you know about it. Go to Carnegie deli because well it's such a funny place like. Dining room. It's great. Paper plates everything coming up Internet and everything it's Sochi asked the cheapest this is the cheap it's not like everything and so delicious thing. Yet for bees stay tackles for like four act like it's like tackle. But it is our a lot of. And that I got into an attack on an educated doesn't like what makes eagle on late inning a lot about a rational and other good food to the Margarita pitchers and I speak get the picture our eggs for. Not blinded by. Delicious but an alpha chips themselves got to pay a little bit -- everything really keep yourself I'm gonna get up plus by the end apparently about us but I'll make money dough that is can't say enough about it that such a fun place and everybody caught he Dolan after baseball game knows limo and the lawless. Want to go to tonic go to the paper plates. Place and I. Introduce the candidate company he doesn't degrade experienced and is now from Milwaukee realities though this is like the staple. Stable and less than on like new places and marquis. For tact but this is the one that's like. An around since Dave yeah it definitely go to Carty he doesn't Milwaukee I give it what do you think for the the taco act if for. Yeah I give it between Africa for like S and ten attackers that you really I. You have to or and I like bridge a lot of so we're keeping an apple or any evidence for an experience outside given floor. Cool that. Now he'd go out like it's it's it's again plays just like different. Cheat you know and Germany. Yeah I got an app and sort of 30008. Eight for Cody heat of bets. Give us a good place ago that the pricing now well. Well let's go to. It's like got silver bullet food truck bets placed in one place at the heart and saying trailer right. It's the airport area all unlucky and their tacos are. Pretty good again of that idea to go to beef not Andrea Day again pot roast dom. Super moist super tender. States though that came with dean in the taco yeah interesting had a big game guy. An outrage at a Mexican food and I like it that I. Beat it means so it was great steak is delicious and we also got via passed out bust which is gonna keep it fresh. Which are new and I'll start the mixes so diminish. An apple again fruit on populate villages these third and yet they were hurt in Portland later. 250 in the medium management team race really I mean you know you know bigger. Outside it was really nice day in the windows one of the really hot days here. In the fall for some odd days. And pilot. It got busy you know is at its people purposely. Done to bring great sign about it places busy every time. All these places that we go to constantly yet there's always people coming and so that's always a a really good sign about. The food place and honestly I enjoyed the tacos. I really did maps as fast. Again they were my favorite. More on the just a launch on onions and they just seem a little expanse nearly a while trying to go out but it you know some taco apparently. Just here and and then sometimes people try to get me and put a lot of stuff on top of it and sometimes it works sometimes it does it work here I would agree. But it wasn't like. That's why it's not like I'm gonna make our night what are they get into the numbers are. The top three. Threes in the mile. I mean it did a martyr on the ad. The experience. That it was fast. I you know the good to attract a puppet that would say half three and a half and half outside so that's what six and a half six and a half. Let me yeah. Mean dark on the fifth word delicious so badly thus what more would replace the final slaves how Korea went he's. Don't food truck gaga so they have their own standalone restaurant but they have a food drug caballos and debut. And it's we when discovered it it was just like mine mine Skype carted out. Our talk blue and we just you know. Danger yet read on the street from us. Very very cheap very very affordable married cheat everything's cheap like they have. Sometimes and I'm not gonna for taco. Well that's. Get picky and yet it's five dollars it's huge. It's like two meals he would etc. any of their meets the burritos are also agree every mayor I've. Their top honestly I think I think that my favorite taco and I'll. Now we've got every tackle there separately the tong got. Tong and Triton. That's too much Andrea too much but I'm sure it's fine I'll bust or diligent. That the state Mike Davis my bit excellence. Art the total tortilla get a double that corn tortillas they just ran at lunch and Oreo. They're they're soft as they always give you conscious so yeah a lot that's also going to do little container does all the but the like to Italy. And we'll vote when they ask you and they're just steam it in there and so packed to the top yes the latch on yet. Argus sour cream and nine. Yet they don't skimp on me. It's so affordable it's. So convenient experience is always so there were all either always been so many. On its. It's really really good that I mean I had to get black and funny we're so lucky that he found it plays I think had actually given up a four point five. For the talk of labor. I may be given a perfect color thinks I think sound. I mean I think that would outside there's not they would change in the Iranian President that's. Late we've got so many times in the food is always perfect noses are Communists say their food as perfect. I grid I arrive. The experience was say is a war just because. Outside the food truck there's no word latest sit out that it's got to bring it home yet most part. Which is a proud because they're so close but. If if they had a little seating area via that'd be a perfect ten. But that's nine Dockery aborted you stuff and I don't I mean that's that's easy nine like. It's. It could be ten but. And knowledge. It's not it's RA and it's delicious so deadly check out of they have multiple food trucks I guess I just learned that I think. The book that actual restaurant and Los analyst here again so inventive. Yeah that's that's led to get signed to. Sold. All them. I don't I mean I think one is that then had a lot of nine it but go there all the scores in the old school. It's. Wit. It's seven cats and but they have to it's it's also also after that in half hides. And it's and I'm not gonna get wind it could this. Heat to us. David it. And you get the chance. Yet to paint but it really achieved. 08 point 58 points and who who is close it again. It is six point five. As I mean as good. Tucker it in of these. It would be surprised and not as. Laughing. I'd point and it's. They just things to work on them isn't it plays it's definitely a worthwhile place to go to you'll go back and like a month yeah CC. Changed Gypsy tact so six point about it and go there again pressure. Make sure you get decline in the company go there definitely. And what else we got it last but at least spell there which gag six at ten except remember we don't like their chips fall. But you still get themselves we'll give it to six and a half race it's no accident and so the winner. Ms. Dockery at one of these up and and then you know close call he goes when he toes. So old moral of the story is taco the Milwaukee definitely a good thing to you can't go around. Just go to tackled a Milwaukee hoping go to trial all these places from. And before we go I wanna give you Brantley a recipe this episode good Mexican food tackle especially as it recipe is do we want. But definitely and three toppled. Re hot go trick us yet we wanna give you. Odd number one smaller tortillas I love Smart card as I think it's easier had to beat the top oh yeah double him up to abuse in Ireland's fine need more substance. Yet. Smaller tortillas definitely a good tip tip number two marinated meat. It's gonna may occur well. Aunts that. Attack in at least three. Is not a minute but he'd been so good you are in the top of the salon joked. And that's it so yes Smart dirt he has made me. Let's top teams that are out hope he has enjoyed it's obvious that some good. Knowledge from and great tackle trek but 2017. In Milwaukee. At. T shirts given to banks are listening to the episode a dish with Dave I have a great day. Hope to see here.