The Great Cookie Debate!

Monday, April 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave debate the best kind of cookies: Soft and Chewy or Hard and Crispy.


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We have another dumb debate going on here in the state. It's Elizabeth and radar on a snowy Monday morning to easy out there today yes absolutely those drones are Celine while Tony called an earlier with a little bit of a situation if you missed it to be here it is and. How much do you like here. Like art and you think you're. And they were debating now they are baking yesterday snowed and it ranks at a dial up the soft. I saw Julie but you would've thought that we said some controversial Lanier because producer Dave zinni here and gotten the blaze that all worked up. He settled down pal I see your perspective but crispy cookies sometimes have a more flavor in our way easier Kiki and I don't get them in the milk may get a soft they're pretty good choice. You can have a Christie cookie if you want but if you want to be soft. Just throw that in the milk it softens up real little bit especially the ones from trader G elderly just straight cookies. Cookie sticks. There's no she'd let it on the Mac favorite thing in the world well but this is my beloved cookie well that's what does cookie dough ice cream and cookie dough is just of a snack in general the only. I have the softness of the Dell does stand that B also got to understand that sometimes he had his get back creditors to chew on they get those good those chocolate chip on guess. As I don't understand why you take a crunch UN did Dane in milk as an arms and it's something that might have. I did you Allen questions and read our maybe maybe I want to be hired and Christie for the begin though my eating into the end of the in the cookie and click OK I want to be soft snow blowers to deal it's better sometimes they have the warmest soft the cookie and then you drink the milk afterwards only to Don Gainey and I don't really drink milk that's the thing I'll leave you have to turn them out. They'll try to save it on the radio because of my. I just on his front right now annexed it pours the world's biggest glass you know first cookies and then he doesn't drink it because there's crumbs and the bottom and I like your style. He's the minority should do it who what I did as a kid is I had two glasses and a one for dunking in my upper draw down our. I do my problem this is why it's called Dahmer didn't appear to actually have a phone calls it one quick call and that's just what you wanna say about it. I laid on top of course what I wanted to do there's that girl goodie we airplane or. The perfect relationship with her boyfriend likes the credit that you didn't do it stops from the river. Search your grade point you know what that's summer in a wrap this up you are right that that is. There's a match made cookie haven't Arianna aren't. Thank you calling him this morning and yeah what are.