Ghost Stories - Part 2

Friday, July 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk with callers who have ghost stories. 

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You have a ghost in your house because Jenny McCarthy thought she did. Just turned out to be eager. Google home that's the noise that it plays when it starts up or read the it's still well the fact that she thought there was a gaullist and thought the so you did at Augusta and act exactly. Is different it's a radar producer Dave who loves freaky and yeah it goes I talk. I have a scary can I have in my entire life I don't like the scary movies I don't like to jump out at me I don't like that scary stop and so I hear these stories about gold some people's houses it makes you wonder. It's are we. Are we not alone in here. Ads or someone else and he beside the three of us well again it to I don't even scholars is tackled and here let me turn homeland some discussion about now the the EC has been turned up the four. From when we felt the coldness or maybe it's because we're talking about ghost. So we fund to finance from you we want ghost stories on this Friday 414799. 1099. Sam get ghost your house I get lots you don't sound afraid. All because our coach they're really really nice. Here's the story. We are all out late one night at action on hair out and all the sudden problem as. Did anyone now blueberry. And all of a sudden the entire living or just filled up with the knowledge blueberry muffin. What you guys got that now rank you well we had a line. Where more TV and doing nothing else is like yeah okay he helped those blueberry muffins now comes up. And my roommate goes what are eager now. In like a heart attack and normally it happened in his room and they. And I'm like why didn't you think a big noise do you ever making not as much more. Ole. Christie. Issued a week the woman but very very nice now. And I'm blueberry muffin and a wonderful. They do might as well miss miss goes to whoever she is liking actually make them off that like to wake up and have some fresh muffins must ghostly blueberry right the only ones. Right okay well we we now know that blueberry muffin smell could mean there's a ghost in the room. Thank you for sharing your story with us this morning in. ICM are actually show what kind of ghost story do you have. Well they aren't that I I'm from bought and all and and then the am who are how it end here and there. I act he typing out I mean they take. Lately I. Maybe. Yeah I could take cast any sort. He would take your singing just. Let me yeah yeah UK and I. And movie I wait and some things we never I don't. Did you ever seen in light appeared before you or anything like that. Might I'm betting he. Might not like you. Steer you. Oh that really hit eight. But he never heard anybody. He has he wanted to play when I. I I'm probably the door and get I didn't even start eating. I bullet. And now it's no cigar can now yeah truly going to definitely earn an. Big game and it always. Five police just. Not only. And Iowa Marko here at Laurie with ghost stories Lori McKenna goes thirty adverse in your house. It was in my house when I was about ultimate say in happy you're telling Daria and might or might not play and I had a lot of bad and I. How about that and I felt that our man and I look up my arm I'll be back. No I was talking to my grandma and give I'm sorry and that. Explain Eric yeah I where we wish you actually the union. And I thought you heard the term migrating out. And I on any story that Rick hadn't done that up and drama and he has quit and I older and gently chatting you're kidding right. I'm like no I'm not at all. And home now. No no and no no OK I doubt I doubt like I'm 18100 girl I see this thing in this our Laurie. Those are real people Lori confirmed dead thanks for Syrian Imus freaky Friday's game. Thank you greatly and you'd see you're dying.