Ghost Stories - Part 1

Friday, July 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about ghost stories. 

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We seeking to say she's a ghost and she's on fire has do you have ghosts. Or how did it again it's not the other stuff yeah. Stretch you always have music tart talking about the bill Voss is why the. The yeah yeah Latinos because there's a celebrity that thinks. She has a goes to Kingston and lets us go stuff really does freaked me out on the ice odd dollars. I'd pass out. I'd better I'd vomit or pass you don't mind do that because then the ghost gonna get you might get up and run you wanna pass out because then the coast of France Avi here but Jenny McCarthy. But she had a go to her house and turn and hubby Donnie Wahlberg. They have cameras in their house catching now anything that goes on including ghosts got. Why did you do beg. You to know what. You know and you thought it easier to plead not read it and you. A what did you what happened here is Yahoo! sitting here boob but this is playing as apparently this is what do you think her record at a. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Oh I don't know. At all. Right away like a typical husband flew what might happen yeah it's not here's a thing it turns out the tone that she heard is that Google home. Starting up again or rebooting itself. But at the time. She sides. The piano is playing because of ago can you match up violence by the region to the Google home. There called I think he has guns because you actually have to physically rebooting riots league. And your husband are you want people to call it ghost story I Apatow says Hussein as I say I imagine if it was a ghost did look and. What's wrong of them lose at this hour an hour and hers. Yeah music freaks me out I really I this president scary cat and I was a kid when my. When my cousins maybe watch that will be Iraq phobia he accidentally yes but the question I nightmares weeks and weeks I could now and then an issue status Donna we watched William Shatner rescue nine I'm one. And I couldn't go on a pool because I was freaked out of my heritage stuck in the event what did happen a girl and I felt that way about John that I can't water and I think Theo the OK but yes. That's stuff I can kinda get over ghosts I just am scared goes you don't know where they are anytime we talk about somebody who's passed in the studio. Something we'll follow the law always holidays on it actually just got real high rattles here in the studio it is scaring me here. Do you feel we want to talk about you being scared of everything I have goose bumps right now. So we wanted to and yes lectured on two years. 147991099. Tell us your ghost stories. This is always fun exam Friday night on cost the mix.